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Custom Mini Trucks - Ridin' Around - March 2006

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Chad Lucas
Mar 1, 2006
Photo 2/9   |   2000 Chevy S10 Stepside left Side View
20 Minute Penalty
Oscar and Michelle Saenz of Jourdanton, TX, bring you their sick '00 Chevy S-10 Stepside. It was bought in '03 with 40,000 miles, and it took only three months to get underway. Chassis Tech drop spindles and blocks were the first order of business to get the dime closer to the pavement. For the bling factor, 20-inch D.O.A. Penalty rollers with 35 series rubber were used to handle road gripping duties. It was cool, but they couldn't just keep it with the average S-10 rolling the streets on 20's, so an airbag setup was installed at their personal shop. Many plans are in waiting-in particular, 22-inch wheel's, a Roadgrater kit, a bed cover, and maybe even a body drop.
Photo 3/9   |   1998 Ford Ranger Right Side View
Stranger In The Ranger
Robert Hedge of Oshawa, Ontario, was wondering how he could get his '98 Ranger in our illustrious magazine. He has been working hard on it since January. We feel that deserves a little recognition. All you have to do is submit your pics with info and we'll do our best to get it in. The truck sports a carpeted bed, in dash 7-inch Blauplunkt Chicago DVD navigation, an X-Box mounted where the old air bag was, and racing seats where the killer factory lawn chairs were. 20-inch Boss Motorsports rims wrapped in Nexen rubber, custom paint with lots of gold flake, and a custom front bumper, which is a collaboration of Ranger and Envoy styling, hook up the outside. Clean all that up with a molded-in roll pan and some euro taillights and you have one killer custom.
Chris Carton of Warren, VT, hasn't let snow and bad weather dampen his spirits on building a badass mini. The four months a year he gets to drive his '96 Dodge Dakota SLT is worth the stares he gets when he does. Chris has managed to rack up several "best of show" awards, which is partly in thanks to running his own body shop. The 'Kota is bagged and supercharged with a 2300-watt a/v system. The motor is built to epic proportions, including Mopar heads, a Jet chip, and MSD equipment. To see more pics and info of Chris' wild custom, check out, which is his site dedicated to his four months of happiness. Chris would also like to give a shout-out to his club, Twizted Stylz.
Photo 6/9   |   1988 Chevy S10 rear Left View
Some Day
Tiffany wrote on behalf of her husband, Andy, and their truck. They're everyday mini-truckers' and have a project going. It has been hard, and the truck isn't painted, but that hasn't dampened their spirits. Having kids and a mortgage to pay for has taken its toll on their '88 Chevy S-10. Funny thing is, it was once a Pizza Hut delivery truck. They bought it about 5 years ago. Its original purpose was for that of work, but due to height constrictions with heavy equipment for "business' sake" it was lowered. It's also received a phantom billet grille, shaved doors, complete tweed interior courtesy of Tiffany, custom cali-combo tailskin with LED lights, shaved taillights, shaved emblems, shaved top body line, custom ram air hood, lexan rear window with custom plate, 17-inch wheels, 1/2-inch dual port bags, 1/2-inch Parker valves, monster notch, and a custom exhaust. The front sports stock wheels and tires at the moment because their 17's got jumped by some potholes in a dark alley. New 20-inch rollers are next on the list, along with some beautiful paintwork. Then no soccer mom in the country will want to step to this bad S-10.
Photo 7/9   |   1986 Chevy S10 Blazer left Side View
Jesse Matlock of Bartlesville, OK, got more than what he bargained for with his '86 Chevy S-10 Blazer. Originally he just picked it up to resell it, but then more and more changes were made, including a relocated and tilted tag, a roll pan, and a tilt hood with Street Scene mirrors. The paint is where the project took its sharpest turn, though. Jesse invited his good friend, airbrush artist Rob Holland of, to come up with some ideas. After 120 hours of painting and airbrushing to say "some ideas" would be holding back. The polished-off 350 with nitrous gives a little more to talk about, also.
Photo 8/9   |   1987 Chevy S10 left Side View
Totally 80's
Don Holt of Henry, TN, has put some time into his '87 Chevy S-10. He rolls with his club, Improved Images, on the streets of Henry. Don's ride rolls on 17-inch Ultra Impact wheels and sports a three-link suspension with AIM Phoenix airbags. The bags get their fuel from a DC5000 3/4 hp compressor and a motor-driven turbine compressor. The body is host to more fiberglass than your average Hot Boat feature. Future plans include a suicide hood and doors, hydraulic tilt bed, and diamond tuck interior.
Photo 9/9   |   2001 Gmc Sonoma right Side View
It's A Good Day
This slick '01 GMC Sonoma is pimped daily by Wayne Day of Marthasville, MO. A Bell Tech 5/6 drop gets Wayne's Sonoma closer to the ground. A Carriage Works billet grille, a Goodmark steel cowl hood, and removed reflectors help clean up the front end. The rear sports APC taillights, and a roll pan. Eagle Alloy 203 wheels help out on the bling factor, and at night blue neon and strobes take over. In the future, an Envoy bumper and some engine modifications will reside on Wayne's ride. Wayne would like to thank his wife, Amanda, for all of her cooperation and support, and his buddy Jack for all his help.


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