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1994 Custom Toyota Pickup - Kolorblind

Paint Colors? Too Many To List

Harley Camilleri
Dec 6, 2006
Photographers: Mark Halvorsen
Photo 2/12   |   1994 Custom Toyota Pickup front Angle
Simplicity and cleanliness are subtle ways to make a strong statement when it comes to painting your truck. Simplicity lends a classiness that draws an eye towards garnering attention for your creation. And when that fails, a myriad of colors and garish schemes will grab attention like a smack in the face. Either way, you can't lose.
Saying that Gregory King's Toyota is subtle is like saying that Sebastian Janikowski kicking you in the mouth with steel-toe boots would go unnoticed. Gregory's Toy got its start on the road to standoutsville with some suspension reanimation. Rolled into The Drop Shop in Pikeville, Kentucky, the mini was torn down and the rear frame just behind the cab was whacked clean off. The Drop Shop laid up a pair of drop spindles in the front and commenced to fabricate an entire tubular rear frame clip. Firestone 'bags ride in the front and a hand-built aluminum four-link is in place out yonder with another set of Firestones. Motegi 19x8-inch DPKs in chrome reside all the way around with Dunlop 215/35R19 rubber doing traction control. Completing the descent to the pavement is a 2-inch body drop.
Photo 3/12   |   Too many colors to count is definitely reality for this hot-hued rocker dragger.
With 19-inch wheels and tires and a body drop, the engine compartment is devoid of the inner fender panels, leaving plenty of viewing angles to the crusty 22RE. To remedy the old looks, several of the easily attainable parts, like the valve cover and intake manifold, got a trip through the chrome tank. A chrome Downey header and intake tube were tossed into the mix along with some steel braided hoses and blue colored split loom. Miscellaneous parts were painted blue for added distraction.
Jody Hall at The Drop Shop got silly from nose to back. 4x4 fenders were mated with a 4Runner grille and billet insert, headlights, and bumper/valance combination. The squirters, wipers, door handles, gas door, and tailgate handle were welded up and removed, and finalizing the custom work is a molded-in roll pan. Under the careful supervision of Action Engineering in Denver, North Carolina, Beezer got to work with the '94's body and smoothed out all the rough edges from years of use and Jody Hall's prior weld marathon. On the newly smoothed epidermis Tony Fea of Iron Station, North Carolina, went on a color rampage. Blue Dupont pigment and House of Kolor everything else gave way to swaths of color, striping, and dimension with Tony's masterful airbrush shading work. Once fully clear coated and color sanded to a sheen, it was back at the ranch where Gregory himself along with friend Matt McCall created the polished diamond-plate bed treatment.
Entering the home stretch towards being a custom truck rock god, Gregory left his Toyota's seats with the House of Style in Hickory, North Carolina, for some repair and colorization. While the front buckets were being re-foamed and stitched up, Chris Robbins of Nu Image got crazy with the rest of the interior space.
Photo 4/12   |   Ample audio from Ample Audio fills every corner.
In the extra cab went a subwoofer enclosure encased in gray tweed and blue Plexiglas, then stuffed with four Ample Audio 12-inch low frequency sound pounders. Chris made the door panels into a blue flame and gray tweed sandwich while smoothing the dash, adding tweed to the dash pad, and building a custom center console. Mid and high notes are reproduced through additional Ample Audio separates mounted in kick panels. A Sony headunit rocks the system, and a Sony Playstation 2 creates visionary fulfillment through three Ample Audio screens. Two monitors reside in the visors, and one is in the dash. A Grant steering wheel finishes things off inside the Toy.
All together, Gregory utilized some talented people in his home area. People that Gregory would like to thank include Matt McCall, Chris Robbins, Wayne Moore, Marv Action, Greg and Tony Fea, Beezer, The Wax Shop, Ample Audio, and Sandi King. Gregory built this truck to drive, and drive it he does. Rain or shine, he finds time to drag his way to a colorful commute from home and work and still manages to garner deserved attention with trophies consisting of Best Paint, Best Interior, and the coveted Best of Show. So forget what we said about subtle and classy and going unnoticed. Just head for the kind of attention that can only come from a kick in the mouth.



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