Ridin' Around - April 2006

Chad Lucas
Apr 1, 2006
Photo 2/5   |   2000 Gmc Sonoma drivers Side View
Heather Amick of Greensboro, North Carolina, likes it low with her '00 GMC Sonoma. Since she bought the truck she has tried to modify anything she can. Heather states: "It's hard to be a girl and into mini trucks. The boys always think it's your boyfriend's." The first thing she added was a 5-inch drop with spindles, springs, and drop shocks. After that she threw on a billet grille, clear headlights, and a cold air intake. Next, she added a rollpan, carbon fiber lights, sport mirrors, a billet shifter, racing pedals, and a load of audio equipment. In the future a shave job is in order, as is a new exhaust, 18-inch rollers, and some tinted windows.
Photo 3/5   |   2001 Gmc Sonoma Stepside drivers Side View
This clean '01 GMC Sonoma Stepside belongs to Tyler Roach of Augustine, Florida. He's seventeen years old and has had his truck for two years. The Sonoma has been lowered 4 inches using blocks, Bilstein lowering shocks, and springs. The body work was performed at his dad's shop, B&R Motorsports, before the truck was painted orange, pink, green, blue, and purple. The orange hue runs inside the cab, and the graphics run through the door jams. Tyler's ride rolls on 20-inch wheels and sports a diamond plate bed cover, custom made diamond plate pedals, and a catback exhaust with killer 2x8-inch rectangular tips exiting under the license plate. Future plans include a body drop and air bag set up. Tyler plans to lay frame by Blood Drag '06. Good luck, Tyler, and we'll see you at Blood Drag.
Photo 4/5   |   mazda Truck front View
Photo 5/5   |   mazda Truck rear Suspension
Despite the guy to girl ratio of 6:1 in Alaska, guys like James Anderson push on. Knowing that he has to put his pimp hand down strong to beat out the local male mob, James does just that with his Mazdawg. All of the work on his ride was performed by himself. Before the long winter hits he wanted to let us know what has all been done to date. James' ride features a c-notch and 4-link, two DNA compressors, hidden plumbing and tank, sheetmetaled bed, no front fender wells, shaved door handles, gas door, tailgate, suicide doors, a Lexan window, chrome grille and bumper, a rollpan, and 18-inch chrome Infinity wheels. James has just cut down his odds in the small city of Nikiski.


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