Custom 1999 Toyota Tacoma Truck - U Likes?

Don't Be Hatin' on Jimmy's Tacoma

Kevin Aguilar
Nov 24, 2006
Photographers: Calin Head, Kevin Wilson
It's a damn shame that there are people out there who can't appreciate trucks such as this Toyota Tacoma. Some fools just have too much jealousy to appreciate a marvelous-looking vehicle. But, here at Sport Truck, we are such true enthusiasts that we envy those who have awesome rides and we praise them for owning them.
Photo 5/12   |   "I've had lots of bad luck with my truck. It has been egged, keyed, and the stereo has been stolen twice." -Jimmy Johnston
This is Jimmy Johnston's truck, and it is a perfect example of how a clean truck can make you sit back and value another man's work. Low stance, cleaned body lines, and a nice top coating of shiny paint, it's a custom that's tailored to the likes of Jimmy, but anyone who is into trucks can see that this would be a sweet truck to just go cruising in and let people stare.
The Taco and Jimmy have been through a lot together. It was originally picked up by him while he was in high school, and he took it from there to mess around with and to get it looking better. In a way, it has helped him learn how to customize trucks. So, he takes a great amount of pride in this mini because he has done some work on it.
Photo 6/12   |   1999 Toyota Tacoma passenger Side View
But, there are people out there who just can't handle the heat of only being able to stare at a clean show truck, people who have been so jealous of Jimmy that they have resorted to egging and even keying the paint. On top of that, the stereo has been stolen out of this ride, twice. But, you just have to pick up the pieces and move on.
There may be haters and naysayers, but what counts is the devotion to keep your truck in a good state. When it comes down to it, there may be many ways that a vehicle can be wrecked or altered. Although these issues are setbacks, they happen and it gives more reason to get even crazier with our customizing. That is just one of the reasons this Toyota has been taken so far.
The 411
Owner/hometown: Jimmy Johnston / Chandler, Arizona
Year/make/model: '99 Toyota Tacoma
Engine/drivetrain: 2.3L four-cylinder / manual transmission
Wheels/tires: Enkei 18x7-inch / Pirelli Supersport 225/40ZR18
Suspension: (Front) DJM shocks / AIM A-arms / Firestone airbags / (Rear) Monoleaf springs / Firestone airbags
Fabricator: D.I. Customz, of Mesa, Arizona
Body Mods: Trenz billet grille / molded Sir Michael's roll pan / shaved door handles, corner lights, antenna, and hood squirters / 35x35-inch ragtop / Gaylord's tonneau cover
Bodywork: Master Street Images
Custom Paint: DuPont silver and blue, sprayed by Master Street Images
Interior: All plastics painted to match the exterior / seats and door panels covered in tweed
Audio/video: Panasonic head unit / Boston Acoustic 6.5-inch speakers / JL Audio W3 12-inch subwoofers / Alpine five-channel 600-watt amp / tweeter pods out of an '00 4Runner
Installer: Mobil Audio, of Chandler, Arizona
Club Affiliation: Negative Camber
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Toyota Tacoma

Fair Market Price
Editors' Overall Rating
Basic Specifications
MSRP: $23,660
Mileage: 19 / 23
Engine: 2.7L I4
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