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Readers' Rides - April 2006

Kevin Aguilar
Nov 24, 2006
Photo 2/7   |   1985 Chevrolet C10 front Passengers Side View
Who: A.R. Collins
Where: Amarillo, Texas
What: '85 Chevy C10
Sportin' a flat paintjob and old-school styling, this retro C10 comes direct from the Lonestar state. Austin Collins is a 25-year-old native of Amarillo, Texas, and he knows how to customize. His truck comes complete with a decked-out Chevy 350 that could leave you with a fat lip after it punches you in the face. Its large and in-charge square body has been shaved, smoothed, and painted to a satin-suede finish. As for the interior, it uses a combination of red and black to fit the retro look. But, don't be fooled into thinking this is grandpa's Saturday night special, because the stance has been updated to scrape asphalt. It has the ability to put down over a set of 20- and 22-inch Boyd Coddington Intrigues, wrapped by Nitto rubber. Just remember: Don't mess with Texas, and don't funk with the Retro-rillo.
Photo 3/7   |   1992 Dodge Dakota Sport front Drivers Side View
MS. Phantom
Who: Justin Mayne
What: '92 Dodge Dakota Sport
Where: Harrisville, Pennsylvania
Justin Mayne has caught the disease-the custom truck disease, that is. His infection affects whatever he owns. If it is a beater truck or not, it can't be spared from the likes of Justin. This Dakota Sport was originally purchased as a workhorse for the winter haul, while his S-10 was saved from the harsh cold weather. The interior was brought up to par with the addition of bucket seats, a center console that has a wood finish to it, and a bumpin' sound system. Up front sits a Magnum 3.9 that hides under a cowl-induction hood and behind the Durango lower air dam. Equipped with some Eagle Alloys and Mastercraft Avenger tires, this bad boy is ready to rip one lose on you.
Photo 4/7   |   2003 Chevrolet S10 Xtreme front Drivers Side View
Extreme Flames
Who: Salvatore Faillace
What: '03 Chevy Xtreme
Where: Brooklyn, New York
Long-time reader, first-time Readers' Rides feature, Salvatore brings out this Xtreme. Coming from Brooklyn, he has acquired a few rides but none as hot as this one. The airbrushed traditional-over-tribal flames set the coolness factor up a couple of notches. To mix things up, a set of clear taillights and corners were placed on with strobe light kit to get the other cats jazzed up about this truck. The stock 16-inch rims didn't cut it, and they were replaced with some 18-inch Zinik Shogun Rims. Ripping tunes is an Alpine system powering two Kicker L7s and 6.5-inch speakers. For an additional bump from that bass, two SAS Bazooka Tubes were mounted in the bed. With the tunes and paint hooked up, this Xtreme is ready to rock the streets of New York.
Photo 5/7   |   2003 Chevrolet Tahoe rear Drivers Side View
It's a Boy
Who: Toby Robinson
What: '03 Chevy Tahoe
Where: Speedway, Indiana
From what we have been told, Toby's Tahoe is male. Maybe he just got that idea from the custom baby blue paint that covers the majority of the exterior. We'll let you decide on that one. Either way, this Tahoe is on deck with customization reaching inside and out. It rolls with the use of some 20-inch Lorenzo wheels and Goodyear Eagle GT2 tires. The custom grille and Euro taillights look good, as the Flowmaster dual exhaust provides show and go. Internally, it is themed in nothing else but navy and baby blue from the headliner and dash to the seats. Entertainment consists of three monitors, four subs, a DVD player, a PS2, and above all, a VCR. Wired up with neon lighting, this bad boy will make you scream, "Hell yeah!"
Photo 6/7   |   2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 front Drivers Side View
Who: Don Casey
What: '02 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4
Where: St. Cloud, Florida
We're not really sure why there would be shame about a Ram, but this was Shameless. Now, Don says that it isn't shameless anymore-which means that it has shame now. We're a bit confused, but we're clear about the details. It was raised 4 inches with the use of a Superlift suspension system over Mickey Thompson 17x10-inch Classic II wheels with TrXus 35-inch rubber over them. Inside, he upgraded the stock head unit with an Eclipse DVD player, an eight-disc changer, and two monitors. Also, he added a 1,000-watt Crossfire amp and a 500-watt Earthquake amp to power up the 6x9-inch speakers and four 10-inch subs under the seat. Under the hood, a K&N air filter lets the engine inhale better airflow, while on the other end a Flowmaster dual exhaust lets it exhale gases faster. Up front, a working cowl-induction hood sits, and at the rear, a Rhinolined bed is covered with a hard tonneau cover, plus a sweet fin. Custom Ramalicious airbrush work was done by Don himself to give the Dodge an "I'm gonna eat you up" look. With all this, we still can't figure out why it's a shame. If anything, it's a shame we haven't seen this Dodge sooner.
Photo 7/7   |   1987 Mazda B2000 Extra Cab Plus front Passengers Side View
B.J.'s Lo-Rider
Who: Bryan "B.J." Asbury
What: '87 Mazda B2000 Extra Cab Plus
Where: Princeton, West Virginia
Life is precious, especially if you recover from a close call, like B.J. When he was 15 years old, he was in an almost-fatal accident. But, with the moral support from his family, B.J. is on his way to full recovery from serious brain trauma. His father went the distance to see that B.J.'s dreams would come true in the meantime, by working on the Mazda that his son took pride in. Bryan Asbury, Sr. spent every spare minute to tear the truck down and rebuild it to show worthiness. To start off, the body was cleaned up and repainted with the tailgate shaved. Next, it waslowered 3 inches with torsion bars up front and blocks in the rear. The stance was finished off with the addition of the 14-inch polished progressive wheels, covered in Goodyear grips. The upholstery was redone in purple and gray with the addition of a Black Grant GT steering wheel. The audio system is composed of a Panasonic flip-out face head unit, a 1,000-watt Concept amp, and 12-inch Lightning Audio subs. With many more things to do on the list, we hope that B.J. will continue with his project.


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