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1998 Lincoln Navigator Custom - GatorRaid

Rollin' Big In H-Town

Dan Ward
Nov 23, 2006
Photographers: Dan Ward
Photo 2/21   |   1998 Lincoln Navigator Custom promo Spread
Building something different than the typical cookie-cutter Silverado or S-10, Julio Garcia set out to showcase what the talented shops in Houston could build with a unique starting point. Purchasing a '98 Lincoln Navigator brand new, the gloves quickly came off and Julio went full-bore with a build that left everyone just shaking their heads. Sticking with the gator theme, show competitors and general onlookers are not safe from a bite that leaves you suffering from jealousy.
Ekstensive Metal Works in Houston dropped the Lincoln to a respectable height by notching the front frame 2 inches, installing custom upper and lower control arms, and installing Firestone 'bags in between the custom-fabbed arms. Out back, a typical Ekstensive two-link was installed, along with a relocated fuel cell and another set of Firestone 'bags with 3/8-inch lines and valves, which helps raise the frame off the ground. Dumped low on 17s was exciting for about 5 minutes, and Julio decided to continue the go big or go home attitude while at the wheel-and-tire shop. Bolted onto each corner are Asanti Alligator wheels measuring a mine are bigger than yours 24x10 inches. Wrapping these rolling works of art are Cooper 295/35R24 tires. Laid out hard, Julio went one step further and had the crew at Chaotic Customs, in Tomball, Texas, modify a set of 2004 Navigator side skirts/running boards for the '98 to give the 'Gator the look of being body dropped. Now resting firmly on the Texas asphalt, Julio looked to bring the exterior to an acceptable and respectable appearance. To do so, he left the 'Gator with Chris at Chaotic and emptied his wallet.
Photo 3/21   |   Ground Zero truck club is proud to have the 'Gator representing the logo.
While in Chris's possession, the 'Gator lost several key body parts. No longer calling the Lincoln home are the door handles, roof rack, rear latch, and antenna. The fact that the SUV is really a '98 might have you confused; that's because the front end was swapped in favor of the ultra-classy '04 Navigator, complete with a JBM billet grille. Body mods complete, Chris set down the welder and picked up the paint gun where Candy Apple Red and Pearl White were applied to the Lincoln. Alligator graphics and flames break up the two-tone, with Chaotic also receiving credit for the graphics. Turning more heads than a real gator out of the water, Julio knew he only needed one more thing, a crazy interior with a gang of audio. For those needs, he turned to Car Toys and Arjona Upholstery.
While at Car Toys in Humble, Texas, Paul Brown went to work creating an interior that makes you gawk with envy. Paul pulled the dash, door panels, and rear hatch panels, and smoothed each piece. While Chaotic was painting the smoothed pieces, Paul went to work sculpting a 12-ft alligator that extends from the front seats to the rear hatch, ending with a huge sub box. Pat Maxwell applied his talent to the build by airbrushing each individual alligator skin to the center console. After Paul completed the huge alligator, he installed the Pioneer AVIC N-1 DVD player, JL Audio mids and highs, and the four JL Audio 12-inch subs. Powering all of this audio carnage is two JL Audio 1000-watt amps and one JL Audio 450.4.
Photo 4/21   |   1998 Lincoln Navigator Custom front Seats
With the audio bumpin', the Navigator was delivered to Arjona Upholstery in Pasadena, Texas, where the entire interior was gutted and prepped for a complete makeover. In went white Bentley carpet, white leather seats with rear alligator hides, red suede-wrapped pillars, and a full red suede headliner. With everything put back together the truck looked killer. Add to the other mods a huge paint-matched engine cover, hiding the intake and MagnaFlow exhaust, and the Navigator is one top-notch build.
Julio set out to build something unique that would stick with you after taking a look at it. Mission accomplished. By far the sweetest Navigator in the country, Julio knows how much work and how much money it took to pull off this ultra-baller ride. A special thanks goes out to Ekstensive, Xtreem wheels and audio, Arjona Upholstery, Paul Brown at Car Toys, Chris at Chaotic, Pat Maxwell, Big Arnold up in New Jersey, and of course, Ground Zero truck club, where the ground is the limit.



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