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Hell Taco - Custom JDM 1998 Toyota Tacoma

And Still Going

Chad Lucas
May 1, 2006
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/9   |   0605 01z 1998 Toyota Tacoma Front Side View
Even though Chihiro Horinouchi of Kagoshima, Japan, doesn't feel his Taco project (Hell Taco) is done, we couldn't resist the urge to waste memory card space anyway. Trips to Japan aren't exactly growing in Mike's fertile backyard, if you know what I mean. Tacos may be Mexican, but we're going to show you that the Japanese can throw down just as well as any taco stand in TJ. Chihiro's loves are frames, skulls, reopard skins, rock music, and bitches.
Photo 3/9   |   0605 02z 1998 Toyota Tacoma Rear Right View
With Chihiro's previous Toyota falling victim to three accidents and more custom paint jobs than season one of Overhaulin', another mini would be the last thing on most enthusiasts' minds. So with the luck of no Irish on his side, a '98 Tacoma would be his next victim. With the love of American-style mini-trucks on his brain, crazy and colorful would be the style of choice. In Japan the American flavor can be a little too crazy, but Chihiro knew that his gamble would pay off.
Photo 4/9   |   0605 03z 1998 Toyota Tacoma Hood View
Starting out, Chihiro needed a good platform for his canvas, so low was the order of the day. Bags and a body drop were a good start to make the hibernating HOK paint shiver. All of the lines were cleaned up by throwing away such junkyard parts as door handles, corner markers, and the gas door, not to mention a few other pieces of plastic destined for the Tokyo landfill. All of this just to be the first in Japan to cover his mini in crazy graphics from head to toe.
Photo 5/9   |   0605 04z 1998 Toyota Tacoma Side View
To add the finish to his dream Chihiro enlisted Kolor Kreation of Kagoshima City to get down with the insane theme. Using upwards of sixteen colors to put any rainbow to shame, the cleaning of the spray gun must have been a task in itself. The blue metallic would be the major standout, as it was sprayed for the base. Ghost skulls and numerous other fillers are crammed into the graphics to add more complexity to the already busy scheme.
We would say that Chihiro brought Hell Taco to life--or death--and accomplished his goal of building a true American-style mini-truck. If the Japanese don't dig it, then they're crazy and have drunk too much sake. We'll take a shot for you and hope that your graphics don't distract any drivers to the point of ruining this ride, too.
Photo 9/9   |   Owner: Chihiro HorninouchiRide:'98 Toyota TacomaHometown: Kagoshima, Japan
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: Lexani
Firestar 18x7.5
Backspace: +42mm
Tires: 215/35R18
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: air
Rear suspension: custom four-link by S/S Run
Airbag/cylinder type and size - Front: Firestone 255c Rear: Firestone 255c
Shocks: Toxic up front, and Rancho in the back
Valves: 3/8-inch two-way fast valves on each corner
Compressors: two Thomas compressors
Air/hydro accessories: 5-gallon air tank, custom 7-switch box
Frame mods: c-notch
Gas tank: 8-gallon aluminum tank
Detail work: paint
Performed by: Kar Kustom City/state: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan
Body Modifications

Shaved: door handles, corner marker, tailgate handle, antenna, gas door, windshield squirters
Body dropped: 3-1/2 inches
Front end: '04 4WD bumper
Back end: custom roll pan
Taillights: clears
Exterior bolt-ons: billet grille, crystal headlights
Misc: custom tonneau cover made from aluminum
Performed by: Kolor Kreation City/state: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan
Brand and colors: House of Kolor - seven colors total, including blue metallic base, pearl, and candy
Pinstriping: nine colors
Airbrushing: ghost skulls
Performed by: Okamoto, Kolor Kreation City/state: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan

Seats: Honda Today (micro car)
Material: faux animal fur
Dash: smoothed and painted, and faux animal fur
Door panels: faux animal fur
Center console: custom-made housing air switches and gauges
Flooring: animal fur
Misc: Billet Specialties rearview mirror
Performed by: Okamoto, Kolor Kreation City/state: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan

Head unit: Pioneer CD
Intake: custom made
Performed by: MRD
City/state: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima, Japan

Special Thanks
Nush Kustoms, Total Organize, S/S Run, Kolor Kreation, Kar Kustom, and MRD


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