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Custom 1989 Mazda B2200 - Rotisserized

Mt. Fuji Ain't Got Nothin' On This

Chad Lucas
Jan 1, 2010
Photographers: Mike Alexander
For Shoji Matsumura of Fuchuu, Tokyo, his dream was always to have an American-only issued rotary Mazda pickup that was built in the '70s. This truck was rare and hard to come by, so this dream never came true. With this vision still very much intact, there was only one thing to do: find a rotary motor and swap it into a more current Mazda.
Photo 5/8   |   1989 Mazda B2200 custom Door
Shoji had seen this done by an American company called Racing Beat, and being that he was a Mazda mechanic, the installation seemed simple enough. It was easier than he anticipated, but the trickiest part was to find a good donor motor. After that was done, the correct motor mounts had to be found. Narrower is better, so the motor mounts of choice ended up being the right-side motor mounts for the original RX-7. The build started with junk RX-7s. We wish we had the option of collecting junk RX-7s-not in the US.
The idea behind Rotisserized was to be quiet and fast. To aid in this, an automatic tranny and a silent muffler were added. Shoji wanted nothing more than to fly by onlookers unnoticed on the freeway. The hardest part of building the Mazda was to adapt the RX-7 wiring to his B-series. Before he had even purchased his Mazda, he laid out the wiring situation on his desk. To simulate what type of work would be involved to adapt his components seamlessly, he made wiring diagrams. After the busy work had been accomplished, an '89 RX-7 junker was purchased. The rear section was utilized first. The B2200 was then purchased. The motor swap was executed, and then it was test-driven for six months, which would set the stage for a reliable custom to body-drop and paint.
It was Shoji's goal to build a sicker mini than Racing Beat, which we believe he accomplished. It was Shoji's dream to be featured in Mini Truckin'. This is one dream that is now a reality. Bow down to the Rising Sun and Shoji if you can read this! Mad props to you and the rotary gods.
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels, front: Mazda RX-7 17x8-inch
Wheels, rear: Mazda RX-7 17x8.5-inch
Backspace: 50mm
Tires, front: Pirelli P7000 215/40ZR17
Tires, rear: Pirelli P7000 235/40ZR17
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: air
Airbag type and size - Front: Firestone 255c
Rear: Firestone 224c
Shocks: Nutech
Air valves: Ingersoll Rand
Air tank: 3-gallon tank
Frame mods: Mazda Luce (929) IRS rear section
Gas tank: Mazda Carol (micro car)
Brakes: RX-7 up front; Mazda Luce (929 in the states) on the rear
Misc: Strut bar in the rear
Performed by: Tintshop City/state: Fussa City, Tokyo
Body Modifications
Shaved: door handles, tailgate handle, gas door, antenna, rear bumper holes
Front end: Truxarossa air dam
Back end: side-swing tailgate
Taillights: painted in red and clear
Suicide doors: driver-side only to match tailgate
Exterior bolt-ons: imported UK corner lamps, Mazda Demio aero mirror, clear turn signals
Misc: Ford Escort headlights, flamed tint
Performed by: Tintshop City/state: Fussa City, Tokyo
Brand and colors: custom-made green
Style: accent graphics
Performed by: Tintshop and Sign Effect
City/state: Tokyo
Seats: Mazda Protg
Dash: custom made by owner
Gauges: RX-7 late model
Misc: Mazda MX-5 Roadstar (NARDI) steering wheel, starter switch from Mazda RX-8, power window switch from MX-5 Roadstar
Model/year: Rotary 12B-turbo with 205hp stock from an '89 Mazda RX-7
Transmission: electronically controlled auto tranny with power hold system
Rear end type: Mazda 929 4.100 gear
Intake: K&N air cleaner
Ignition: Mazda speed plug wire
Misc: color-matched alternator and fan
Performed by: engine install by Tintshop wiring by owner
Special Thanks
Tintshop, Sign Effect, Sonic Boom (turbo car club), Joe Takekawa (his homie out of Hawaii), Hamayan and Tak (friends at the Mazda dealership)



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