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Readers' Rides - May 2006

Kevin Aguilar
Nov 13, 2006
Photo 2/5   |   1994 Chevrolet S10 front Drivers Side View
Skeered of Heights
Who: Brandon Stambaugh
Where: New Windsor, Maryland
What: '94 Chevy S-10
Laid out and straight representing, this S-10 knows how to shine. And it ain't too shabby, coming from 19-year-old Brandon. He started it off back when he was 15, as his first vehicle, and he has been improving it over time. On the inside, a Rockford Fosgate stereo was added to bump the tunes. For performance, the 4.3L V-6 was treated to a Volant intake and a dual Flowmaster exhaust system. Complete with 18-inch chrome wheels, the truck hits pavement with the use of an Air Ride Technologies Road Grater kit. With plans of a full custom paintjob and the possibility of a V-8 going into this mini, we hope this is not the last time we see this truck.
Photo 3/5   |   1996 Chevrolet Silverado front Passengers Side View
Who: Frank Burns
Where: San Antonio, Texas
What: '96 Chevy Silverado
Frank's front-clipping step-siding fullsize will get you all geared up inside. Built for show and go, this Chevy is a daily grinder on weekdays and a trophy queen on the weekends. Making this Silverado super rad is its newfound slammed stance that is 4 inches in the front and 6 inches in the rear lower than factory height. The GM sheetmetal was shaved from the door handles to the tailgate and all taillights.
The rear got a Sir Michaels roll pan, while the front got an Escalade front clip. Then, the magic was done when the body was repainted with a classic two-tone paintjob. Using Orion Silver and Kandy Blue, mixed with purple pearl, the enamel was sprayed on, then additional flip-flopping pink and blue graphics set off the two-tone styling. To top it off, the audio system was replaced to boom out those extra sound waves. Frank's major plans are to 'bag the truck and make it convertible with a tilt bed. Pretty crazy plans-we hope he doesn't drive it in the rain after he saws off the top.
Photo 4/5   |   1978 Ford front Passengers Side View
Dixie Swamper
Who: Steve and Amy Sutton
Where: Plant City, Florida
What: '78 Ford
From what we were told, this Ford is a weekend driver and it doesn't get too much off-road use. That's a damn shame, when you take a look at the truck and notice that it was built for the rough terrain. The '78 Ford truck was bought new by the owner, and the cab was destroyed in the acid-dipping process. Now, it has a new cab and bed from a '77 truck. It's powered by a 315M V-8 with a host of performance parts, and it is connected to a C6 automatic tranny. Up on Goodyear 37-inch-tall tires and Eagle Alloys wheels, the truck uses a 12-inch Skyjacker lift kit that brings everything up to a higher level. A custom-built prerunner bar and roll bars were made to ensure that if the truck gets turned belly up, the driver and passengers will be safe. The custom tube works were powdercoated, and the whole body was cleaned and painted to a show finish. We are sure that Steve and Amy have invested way more money into the truck than originally planned, but that is no reason to not have fun with it. We hope, after seeing their truck here in this Readers' Rides, they start to get it dirty-really dirty.
Photo 5/5   |   2002 Dodge Dakota front Drivers Side View
Golden Age
Who: Joel Walker
Where: Milton, Florida
What: '02 Dodge Dakota
Even though Joel Walker is peaking his golden years, he still has a love for sport trucks. As an avid reader of this magazine, he enjoys all aspects of this book, and he especially enjoys the babes found only here. He is not only a reader, but a true enthusiast to boot. His Dakota is equipped with a Leer fiberglass tonneau cover and a set of Westin flush-mounted sport-side tubes. On the front end, he has cleaned up with the addition of the Street Scene speed grille and bumper inserts, along with the APC clear corners and Euro taillights. Giving the truck more growl is assisted by the addition of the K&N intake, JET Performance module, and a Flowmaster exhaust. A set of 18-inch chrome wheels with Hankook tires wrap up the truck, with the 1-inch lowering, to level off the height.


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