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Custom GMC Sierra - Spiro-Ling Out Of Control

This Was Never Intended To Happen

May 1, 2006
Photo 2/2   |   custom Gmc Sierra left Side View
An out of control project-who can relate? Most of us can in some way understand the relationship between just adding a couple things to a stock truck so it's nice and then having friends and shops talking about what it could be. At the end of the madness you hopefully end up with something that you can be proud of because your wallet has nothing left in it to move another inch. Spiro Zafiris is one such individual. Just wanting a cool cruiser turned into a year and a half of out of control modifications.
Up on the lift at Xtreme Unlimited in Oceano, California, a California Super Trucks 11-inch front suspension was installed to gain necessary clearance for the large tires. Included in the tall lift were driveshafts, steel braided brake lines, and 8-inch-lift rear springs. Details abound, as the lift components were removed by Joey's Tires in Santa Maria, California, to be painted and the fac-tory pieces, such as the control arms, steering links, and sway bar, were chromed. Aft of the cab, the suspension under the bed was augmented with chrome leaf springs atop a painted rear axle fit with a Mag Hytec diff cover. Sleeve-style Firestone airbags on a custom fabricated and chromed mount are in place to assist with carrying capacity. Fox 2.0 shocks (two per wheel) slow the action from the 38-inch Nitto Mud Grapplers bouncing off obstacles. Forged Weld Dagger wheels (sized 20x12 inches) fill the donut openings in the rubber. Helping the breathing capacity of the 6.6L Duramax diesel are an RBP 4-inch all stainless exhaust and a Volant cold-air intake.
Missing this truck rolling down the road is like missing a plane wreck that you are in. Santini Paint in Westminster, California, is responsible for the blue over blue over white over blue real-flame mix. Cleaning up the body lines, a roll pan was welded in place in the rear and the tailgate handle somehow disappeared with it. Cadillac taillights are filling in for the O.E. counterparts and finish off the rear view. Street Scene mirrors, along with Grippin' Billet door handles, flow with the sides of the Crew Cab better than stock. Before Pete got his gun prepped for color, a Top Deck tonneau was added, covering the bed area. Then it was off to the races with white, blue, and purple layering out one of the better realistic flame scenes to date. On the cleanup crew are Trenz billet grille inserts, Denali-style halo lights, and chrome factory tow hooks.
Just as eye-catching are the interior and what is stored under the tonneau. The Crew Cab features the full suede treatment almost everywhere. 714 Motorsports in Westminster, California, went two-tone silly with Spiro's truck. Everywhere you look, from the door panels to the seats, and the dash to the headliner, is done up in blue and gray suede. Atlas Customs of Santa Maria, California, didn't exactly slack in the audio/video department either. A Pioneer flip-face head unit sits where the factory one sat and controls output from three Memphis Audio amplifiers mounted in the rear wall of the cab. Mid and high notes are sourced from Infinity speakers filling the truck's interior and bed. Did we forget to mention that the truck has a fully done-up array in the bed, too? We'll get to that in a moment. Visualogic 9-inch monitors are fit in the headrests, while a 15-inch flip-down hangs from the ceiling. Front viewing pleasure is from Visualogic monitors in the sun visors. The source for all the video? A Pioneer DVD player. Four Kicker 12-inch L7 square subwoofers are mounted in the bed. Two fire in the bedsides, while the other two fire into the ports through the rear cab wall. Hitting the switch on the tonneau reveals the coup de grace, a 30-inch Visualogic plasma TV hanging from the lid in a custom fiberglass enclosure. Eat your heart out!
With the truck completed Spiro created a monster of a mistake, but it was completely worth it. The few shows the truck has attended have garnered it more attention than ever imagined. Sure, the budget was blown and the truck was never supposed to look this way, but in the end it's the fans that decide, and this truck has them all right now.
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