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Custom 1984 Chevy S-10 V-8 - Sneaky Monsta

A Three Year Trip to Toon Town

Chad Lucas
Jun 1, 2006
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Photo 2/9   |   1984 Chevy S10 V8 side Angle
If you looked in the "Lowdown" section of this feature, then you would probably think that speed is important to Justin Cruise of Deatsville, AL. Believe it or not, slow and low is his motto on his insane '84 Chevy S-10 (dubbed Sneaky Monsta). We assume the small-block V-8 is just to keep at cruising speed while dragging. This is Justin's second mini but his first fully custom, no-holds-barred mini. At 23 years old, we're thinking there's a lot more left to be seen from Justin's talents.
Photo 3/9   |   1984 Chevy S10 V8 front Side
Originally, Justin was in the lowrider scene. Wire wheels, Continental kits, and murals were the important factors. A lot of his buddies were in the mini-truck scene and slowly but surely he was dragged into the mini-truck culture. Justin already had a pretty good start, as he has been working on circle track cars with his dad for years. Working on automobiles is just a normal thing to Justin and his family. Eventually Justin would get so engulfed in building rides that he and his buddy Jason would end up grabbing a shop for after-hours projects and titling it J&J Fabrications.
Photo 4/9   |   1984 Chevy S10 V8 rear
With Justin's new shop, getting the S-10 done should have been no problem, right? Even though Justin has the luxury of his own shop, he still had to wait three years to see his S-10 in finished form. Justin didn't want his S-10 to have the same feel as the thousands of other minis out there. This meant no metallic paint and to go with a cartoonish-type feel. Justin would order Pittman's Paint and Airbrush not to tape off any graphics. He wanted it all freehand and with no conceptual drawings. The S-10 would be the canvas so as not to spoil true art. With no hard lines on the paint, Sneaky Monsta is given that soft, almost surreal atmosphere.
Justin has built a ride that's sure to be noticed. The loud colors, low stance, sound of the small-block, and general presence of Sneaky Monsta are too much to be overlooked. Justin is still young and we're sure to see a lot more from him and J&J Fabrications in the future.
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 18x8-inch Boze Twisted Fatal 5s
Tires: Toyo 215/35R18

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: air
Rear suspension: custom two-link with bags mounted to the side of the frame
Airbag type and size: Front: Firestone 2500 Rear: Firestone 2600
Spindles: Belltech 2-inch drop spindles
Valves: 3/8-inch ARO
Compressor: engine driven
Frame mods: 6-inch notch
Gas tank: aluminum fuel cell
Detail work: frame painted green with flamed front frame horns
Performed by: owner
Body Modifications
Shaved: Front bumper, body line, roof seams, door handles, gas door, tailgate handle, taillights, cowl panel
Body dropped: 3 1/2 inches
Front end: Painted '93 S-10 grille shell and smoothed front bumper
Back end: Roll Pan
Taillights: Nada
Exterior bolt-ons: Fiberglass 6-inch cowl hood, SS mirrors, tonneau cover
Misc: sliding ragtop, gas filler under bed panels, molded lock cylinder in driver's door
Performed by: Owner
Brand and colors: U-tech and Auto Air colors - Sky Blue, Apple Green, Signal Orange, Royal Blue, and Dark Green
Style: Tribal with skulls
Airbrushing: Skulls and misc.
Performed by: Pittman's Paint and Airbrush City/state: Montgomery, AL
Head unit: Eclipse 3402
Mids & highs: 6-inch Sony three-way mounted in rear of the console
Performed by: Owner
Photo 8/9   |   1984 Chevy S10 V8 seat
Seats: Wal-Mart boat seats
Material: Heather Gray tweed with black suede centers
Dash: Fiberglassed and painted
Door panels: Fiberglass door panels with skulls and crossbones molded in
Center console: Fiberglass and painted
Flooring: Factory charcoal
Gauges: Auto Meter Vintage
Misc: B.A.D. 15-inch Toxic steering wheel
Performed by: Upholstery by Quincy; all the rest by the owner, David Hester, and Chris Tindall of D&C Customs City/state: Millbrook, AL
Photo 9/9   |   1984 Chevy S10 V8 engine
Displacement: 305 ci Model/year: '87 Chevy # of cylinders: 8
Distribution: Accel with 8mm Taylor plug wires
Transmission: TH350 with a mild shift kit from B&M
Exhaust: Flowmaster dual 2-1/2-inch, with Headman S-10 Shorty headers with heat wrap
Battery: Interstate
Location: Inside bed
Inner fenders: Trailer fenders
Detail work: Fully painted
Performed by: Owner

Special Thanks
Justin's mom and dad; his girlfriend, Cindy; Jason Hagler; and all the guys at the shop



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