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  • Custom 2000 Toyota Tacoma Mini Truck - Queen of the Hill

Custom 2000 Toyota Tacoma Mini Truck - Queen of the Hill

Aged to Perfection

Chad Lucas
Jun 1, 2006
Photographers: Chad Lucas
Photo 2/10   |   Owner: Vickie Hill Ride: '00 Toyota Tacoma Hometown: Huntington Beach, CAClub Affiliation: No Sympathy
This has to be one of the coolest stories that I've had the pleasure of being involved with. Vickie Hill isn't your average mini-trucker. Heck, she isn't your average mother. At fifty-one (yes, FIVE-ONE) Vickie has no signs of slowing down. You heard me right. Vickie Hill is one down chick.
Since age eleven Vickie has been engulfed in the custom scene through her dad and his love for cars. His enthusiasm for crystal-clean rides fueled her interests. A tomboy from the start, Vickie was more into jumping bikes and riding skateboards than playing with Barbies and Easy-Bake Ovens.
Photo 3/10   |   "My truck reflects my personal tastes and has brought me many hours of enjoyment."
Vickie's first ride was a '68 Camaro RS with a 350 with dual carbs. She was happy, but when a ride would come by and dump their hydraulics, her heart would jump. She was hooked. As Vickie's life would continue and mature through several custom vehicles and one husband, a new path would have to be taken. One day on the freeway she spotted the most unlikely of candidates: a Toyota Tacoma. Rolling down the freeway, lowered with huge chrome rollers, the Taco screamed out to Vickie and she knew her next custom path.

With her Paseo trembling, it was traded in for a '99 Tacoma. Now having a canvas for her custom ambitions, away she went. But unfortunately it didn't last long, as an accident would total her ride after only one short month. Don't worry. This wasn't going to slow down Vickie one bit. With an insurance check in one hand and a burning desire for Tacos in the other, Vickie picked up a '00 Tacoma. Vickie wanted to incorporate the old with the new in her design. The ghost flames and airbrushed side molding is a good contrast to all of the carbon-fiber accents throughout the truck.
Photo 4/10   |   custom 2000 Toyota Tacoma tailgate
What's next on Vickie's plate? Plenty, we're sure. This is just one of the ten vehicles that she mentioned in her tech sheet from over the years. The mini-truck bug bit Vickie hard. She has all of the similar symptoms the rest of us have, including the compulsion to keep redoing her keep making it lower and lower. How low can she go? Give her time; I think she'll surprise us.
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 19x7.5-inch Foose Lusso's
Tires: 235/35R19

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: air
Front suspension: custom front bag mounts
Rear suspension: Pete & Jake's modified reverse four-link
Airbag type and size: Firestone 2600lb
Control arms: DJM uppers
Shocks: Doetsch Tech in the rear
Valves: 1/2-inch 350 psi
Compressors: two Firestone 9210 on a custom rack
Air accessories: two Firestone 5-gallon, 1/2-inch ported tanks
Frame mods: boxed with 3/16-inch plate, RPM monster notch and brackets
Gas tank: custom fuel cell
Brakes: e-brake line clearanced through frame
Misc: modified radius arms
Performed by: Patrick Comfort
City/state: Garden Grove, CA

Body Modifications
Shaved: door handles, tailgate handle, gas door, hood squirters
Front end: JBM billet grille and air dam insert
Back end: molded Sir Michael's roll pan
Taillights: APC carbon fiber euro's tinted by Santini Paint Werks
Exterior bolt-ons: APC clear corners, crystal headlights, Shorty billet antenna painted Black Sand Pearl
Misc: Alston wheel tubs, custom-fabbed smooth wiper cowl, Webasto Hollandia electric sunroof
Performed by: Body Palace
City/state: Huntington Beach, CA

Brand and colors: Toyota Black Sand Pearl with extra metallic, HOK Kameleon
Style: ghost flames with metal moulding graphics
Pinstriping: purple and green by Bob Iverson
Misc: molding and ghost graphics by Bob Iverson
Performed by: Body Palace
City/state: Huntington Beach, CA

Seats: moved headrest
Material: gray Katskin leather with black and silver carbon fiber inserts
Dash: covered in silver carbon fiber cloth, with silver carbon fiber dash insert
Door panels: black and silver carbon fiber material
Center console: carbon fiber cloth and paint
Flooring: custom Mercedes black mats with silver carbon fiber edges
Headliner: silver carbon fiber cloth
Gauges: NR whiteface gauges
Misc: dual-gauge pod on A-pillar fabricated by Patrick Comfort, B.A.D Fusion billet steering wheel, Lecarra billet steering wheel with fabricated finish trim, billet pedals, seat levers, and A/C faceplate by Billet and Acrylic Fantasies
Performed by: Stitchcraft Interiors
City/state: Huntington Beach, CA

Head unit: Kenwood DDX7017 CD/DVD/MP3
Subwoofers: two JL Audio 10-inch subwoofers located in the bed
Custom fabrication: custom fiberglass speaker box in bed
Misc: additional battery post under the rear seat and a quick charge in the cigarette lighter
Performed by: Beach Autosound City/state: Huntington Beach, CA

Intake: Injen polished
Header/exhaust: Downey Ceramic and Magnaflow
Battery: Optima Blue Location: bed
Detail work: custom polished aluminum upper and lower radiator hoses, Hose Techniques vacuum hoses, powdercoating by Primo, and billet caps by Billet and Acrylic Fantasies
Misc: custom manifold, custom mounts for fuse block and evaporator canister
Performed by: UPFD of Westminster, CA, and Patrick Comfort of Garden Grove, CA

Special Thanks
Darren Dela Pina, Patrick Comfort, Revo, Butch La Bossiere, Tom Sweere, Tom Hingle, Matt and RJ Hunt, Adam Pitale, Chris Brandon and No Sympathy


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