Could it be? Did the "World's Leading Truck Publication" manage to get a first glimpse of the new GM truck offerings? You bet we did, but it wasn't from some leaky insider slipping us photos out the back door in a dimly lit alley. We recruited several talented artists to create the first fully customized '07 Chevy trucks. First off, we have what could very well be a darn close interpretation of the upcoming 2007 Silverado line. With the swoopy new sheet metal up front and the laid-back rake of the windshield, this looks to be one of the best-looking trucks GM has put out. But on the other hand, what would the Silverado look like flattened to the doors on some crazy big wheels? As you can see, we managed to get that aspect covered as well. Surprisingly, we don't have any real photos or info to offer up, but it will definitely be a race to be the first one to own a fully customized Silverado. Will it be you? Special thanks go to Stephen Frames and for the Photoshop work on both images. When the story breaks on the all-new truck redesign, you can bet that Truckin' will be leading the race.