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1983 Nissan 720 Pickup - Time Warp

Puttin' the Cool in Old School

Mike Alexander
Nov 1, 2009
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/9   |   1983 Nissan 720 Pickup dragging
I don't know if it's just me, but anything with Ronal R9's is cool in my book. Leave it to the Japanese to build the sickest hardcore old-school mini in some time. Koji Ishigake of Fussa City, Tokyo, is owner and operator of Tintshop in Fussa. If you read our previous write-ups in our worldwide special, then you will recognize Tintshop's name. They're synonymous with the hardcore mini-truck culture in Japan and are as respected as they come.
Photo 3/9   |   1983 Nissan 720 Pickup side Angle
When Koji decided that the Nissan 720 would be his platform, ideas of a slammed stance and crazy graphics were in mind, but when one of his buddies called with the info that a set of Ronal R9's were for sale, Koji's vision would change. Having wanted some now rare and expensive R9's to pimp since he was young, these wheels were cause enough to change his whole vision. What was on the plate now? A big order of old school. The 720 would now be home to splash graphics and a host of vintage '80s garb.
Photo 4/9   |   1983 Nissan 720 Pickup sunroof
Tracking down some of the out-of-production pieces wouldn't be easy. Koji tried to find a Supershell to outfit his ride but was unsuccessful, so he was forced to order a Sprint shell. On a trip to the U.S. to find cars and parts, Koji would come across a 720 pimping a Supershell with polished trim. Koji knew what he had to do and bought the truck. So now he had an extra 720 and a brand new Sprint shell, which his buddies happily relieved him of.
How far did Koji go on the rest of the old-school theme? Let's just say that those are OG Orion subs that have yet to die. Airbags weren't used in the '80s, so hydraulics were the name of the game. All of Koji's rides have been topless, so why should it change now? A Targa top was installed so Koji's hair can blow in the fresh Fussa air. We think Koji has showed us that old school still is cool. We're waiting for similar rides to start showing up stateside to let us know that the '80s are still alive. Show us what you've got!
Photo 5/9   |   1983 Nissan 720 Pickup wheels
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 15x7-inch Ronal R9
Backspace: +25mm
Tires: Pirelli 195/45R15

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: hydraulics
Cylinder type and size: Front: 8-inch skinnies Rear: 10-inch fats
Frame mods: notch
Spindles/springs: drop spindles
Shocks: Toxic
Pump: one pump with eight dumps
Hydro line: #6 hose
Gas tank: Pro Street poly fuel cell
Brakes: Infiniti G35 four-piston caliper in front, and two-piston in the rear
Detail work: calipers painted red
Performed by: Tintshop City/state: Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan

Photo 6/9   |   1983 Nissan 720 Pickup rear Angle
Body Modifications
Body dropped: 2 inches
Front end: Nissan Maxima headlights
Taillights: genuine U.S. taillamps (We know you're impressed.)
Exterior bolt-ons: Supershell with polished window frame
Misc: Ratical top, cab, and bed swapped from a U.S. model, which is longer than the
Japanese model; all the panels had to be removed in order to add the U.S.'s fatter post.
Performed by: Tintshop City/state: Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan

Brand and colors: House of Kolor solid red, with Hot Pink Pearl, Tangelo Pearl, Lemon Yellow, Neon Green, and white graphics.
Style: mid-to-late '80s old-school
Misc: hand-drawn Garfield on the left side of the bed
Performed by: Muneki Nishinosono of Sign Effect City/state: Kawasaki City, Yokohoma, Japan
Photo 7/9   |   1983 Nissan 720 Pickup seats Subwoofers
Seats: Recaro
Dash: rare black dash
Door panels: custom made
Gauges: white Auto Meters in stock locations
Misc: Formuling streering wheel
Performed by: Tintshop City/state: Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan

Photo 8/9   |   1983 Nissan 720 Pickup suspension Amplifiers
Head unit: Alpine
Mids & highs: Orion
Amplifier for mids & highs: Orion 4110
Subwoofers: two Orions
Amplifier for subwoofers: Orion 4110
Wiring/accessories: Orion SVF network
Performed by: Tintshop City/state: Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan
Photo 9/9   |   1983 Nissan 720 Pickup engine
Displacement: 2.4l Model/year: '87 Z24 # of Cylinders: 4
Transmission: five-speed
Rearend type: Nissan Cedric (similar to stock but with disc brakes)
Intake: two Mikuni Solex side draft 40mm
Header/exhaust: A.T.S. headers
Inner fenders: removed
Detail work: painted engine bay, graphics on firewall, painted radiator, engine block and brake booster, Earl's fuel delivery hoses, hidden wiring harness
Performed by: Tintshop City/state: Fussa City, Tokyo, Japan

Special Thanks
His daughter Konatsu, son Minami, wife Noriko, and his mechanics (employees)


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