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Custom 1995 Dodge Ram 1500 - One Low Ram

God Giveth And The DMV Taketh Away

Galen Armenta
Jul 1, 2006
Photographers: Galen Armenta
Photo 2/10   |   1995 Dodge Ram 1500 side View Model
Chance Favero is one of those types of guys who has always been interested in how things are put together and work. Since before his teens, his parents would find Chance taking something apart and trying to put it back to working status. This is something that went on for a few years, and the older Chance got, the bigger the objects got. It didn't matter what it was, whether it was his bike, ATV, or dad's lawnmower, he was going to find out how it worked. At the age of 16, he was running out of things to take apart, so he set his sights on the Wagon Queen Family Truckster, which the parental unit stopped with a quickness and bought him a Dodge Ram 1500.
Over the last six years, Chance has given his truck a couple different looks and morphed this truck into what you see now, with most of the work done by himself and a few friends from his club. To start off, he added the simple things such as lowering springs, a set of 18-inch rims, and your typical bolt-ons. But, the disease that we call customizing had taken hold, and there was no chance of remission. The next thing Chance knew, he was rolling his truck into the garage, where he introduced his Ram to Mr. Sawzall and friends. This is where most of the work was accomplished with a full custom 'bag job, back half, and he shaved just about everything and added a 4-1/4-inch body drop. The only aspect of this fully custom ride that Chance didn't do was the paint, which was laid down by Mike Salerno.
Photo 3/10   |   1995 Dodge Ram 1500 custom Interior
Since the truck has been finished, there have been a lot of good times, trophies, and recognition for building the Dodge himself. And Chance built this truck to drive around and show off what he did, but every silver cloud has a dark lining (or something like that), and this is where the injustice comes in. With any show truck, you are going to get your occasional ticket here and there. But, local law enforcement has what seems to be a vendetta against Chance for building an awesome show truck. Chance has received so many fix-it tickets that the state of Utah has revoked the registration on three separate occasions. So, needless to say, this bitchen truck now sits in a garage and has to be trailered to any show Chance attends. The only way for him to drive it without getting harassed is to take it out of state. If he gets pulled over anywhere in the state of Utah, the registration will be revoked for good.
Photo 4/10   |   1995 Dodge Ram 1500 custom Dashboard
Now that the Ram was no longer an option for transportation, he needed a truck big enough to tow it to shows, so he went out and bought a Ford 350 Power Stroke. Even though the Ford is his daily driver, he refused to leave it stock, so he installed a 14-inch lift kit with 40-inch tires. When we interviewed Chance, he told us that he got a fix-it ticket on the way home from work and now has five days in which to fix his new truck or his registration will be revoked on it, as well. With all these tickets that Chance has received, he's not going to let it stop him from building dope-ass trucks, but it has made him feel like a jelly donut.
THE 411

Owner/hometown: Chance Favero / Taylor, Utah

Year/make/model: '95 Dodge Ram 1500
Engine/drivetrain: 5.2L V-8 / four-speed automatic transmission / '94 FordF-150 rear axle / custom-made intake to accommodate body drop / Flowmaster exhaust / Catco catalytic converter / RCI 22 gallon fuel cell / Optima RedTop battery
Installers: Chance Favero
Wheels/tires: (Front) 20x9-inch Lexani Zelous with 255/35R20 Nitto 555 / (Rear) 22x9.5-inch Lexani Zelous with 285/35R22 Nitto 555
Suspension: Modified spring pockets, with 2500 Firestone air springs / cantilever setup with 2600 Firestone air springs / custom-made four-link / Doetsch shocks / 1/2-inch Parker air valves / 244 nitrogen bottle / 1/2-inch DOT air line / custom back half / step notch / switches custom-mounted into skull
Fabricator: Chance Favero, with help from his club members
Body Mods: Shaved door handles, stake pockets, taillights, antenna, gas door, tailgate, and bumper / FBI molded roll pan / 4-1/4 conventional body drop / '93 Cadillac taillights / clear front corner lights / '01 Dodge Sport front bumper / frenched license plate box / billet grilles / custom window tint to match graphics / Gemtop tonneau cover / Street Scene Cal-Vu mirrors / skinned bed floor
Bodywork: Chance Favero and club members
Custom Paint: PPG Quitzle Green with silver and purple tribal graphics pinstriped with green and yellow / skulls and ghosts airbrushed onto hood / Mike Salerno gets credit for layin' it down
Interior: Pontiac Sunfire bucket seats wrapped in gray tweed / dash was smoothed and painted Quitzle Green / black troll-hair headliner, center console and door panels with black tweed / Nu-Image Flame-series gauges / white-face A/C panel / BAD billet steering wheel / billet doorsills and rearview mirror / sub box wrapped in black tweed and black troll hair
Upholsterer: Chance Favero
Audio/video: Clarion DXZ735MP head unit in stock location / Planet Audio 4200 amplifier for mids and highs / Kenwood dual-mag components / Kenwood 4x6-inch components mounted in custom speaker pods above speaker box / Audiobahn A2300HCT 1 OHM stable amplifier mounted between seats / three Audiobahn 10-inch Q-Series subwoofers / custom-made fiberglass sub box / wiring is handled by Audiobahn
Installer: Chance Favero and club members
Club: Meticulous Details
Special Thanks: His parents, fellow club members, Tom Reinhold, Chris Crawford, Travis Funk, Dallas Hess, and Mike Salerno for painting the truck


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