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Custom Mini Trucks - Ridin' Around - August 2006

Hometown - Cruisin' - Local - Customs

Chad Lucas
Aug 1, 2006
Family Values
Mike and Kelly of Lake Arrowhead, CA, purchased an '89 Toyota pre-runner truck for their two sons to work on as a family project. The truck is now complete, even though the boys are a few years away from being able to drive it. (Their ages are 13 and 10 years old.) They purchased the truck from a good friend of theirs and have been working on it with the boys ever since. They felt it would be a great learning experience for the boys as well as a great family project. It has taught the boys teamwork as well as the value of a dollar. Plus, they have learned a lot of basic automotive maintenance skills.
Tour Of The Tacoma
Brandon Perry of Charleston, WV, is busting out on his '96 Toyota Tacoma between tours in Iraq for the Navy. It's been three long years and the Navy is now behind him, so the big "F" word is hopefully in the future. Everything on Brandon's truck has been done thanks to tech articles in MT and his wife, who sewed his seats. And all of this in a one-car garage! It sports a 3-1/4-inch body drop, Slam bags, a Grant combo, suicide doors, and a complete shave job. Keep going, Brandon. We can't wait to see the Taco in person and get pictures with our own trigger finger.
Photo 6/12   |   ford Ranger front View
Bonified Ranger
Mike K. of Dearborn Heights, MI's dumped Ranger is a prime example of a killer mini on its way to the Promised Land. It sports a 4-inch body drop, CCE hydro's, and 16-inch Detata wheels. His future plans are for bigger wheels and sponsors. He would like to thank for his air intake, his dad for putting up with all his "ish" and Dave at Bonified Customs, who has done all of the work to the truck.
Photo 7/12   |   chevy S10 side View
Matt DeRyckere of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, has always been interested in the mini-truck scene. The truck he built was originally an S-10 but now it is...well, he doesn't know what to call it. He wanted the readers of Mini Truckin' to see what's going on in the Great White North.

Hey, we didn't name the truck. Dustin Park of Billings, MT, bestowed his '92 Toyota Pickup with that moniker. His mini rolls 18-inch Fujime Concept Psyche wheels, Firestone airbags, and 3/8-inch valves all the way around. The frame has been outfitted with a C-notch and his bed floor has been covered in Rhino Liner. The interior has been custom upholstered in black and white vinyl and is home to a host of stereo equipment. Plans are to suicide the doors, add a full roll pan/skin combo, add a bridge notch, and shave all unnecessary exterior decorations.
Photo 10/12   |   1999 Chevy S10 front Passengers Side View
Enough Is Enough
Gary Madan of Plainville, MA's '99 S-10 has been dropped thanks to 2-inch drop spindles and 3-inch dropped leaf springs, and it rolls 5-inch American Racing Wheels. The front gets its looks from Street Scene's Speed Grille and a Superior Customs air dam. When Gary's boss tried to dis his mini for being tiny, he told him that Bruce Lee once said, "Just enough is enough." After this, he remembered that Gary is a black belt and hasn't harassed him since.
Photo 11/12   |   1988 Chevy S10 drivers Side View
Wire Magic
James Knox of Huntington, PA, is the proud owner of this third-year custom '88 Chevy S-10. The lights have been changed in favor of clears. A T-Rex phantom billet grille has been added, as well as a 4-inch Cervini cowl hood, 15-inch wire wheels, and a fully adjustable air ride suspension. In the future James plans to upgrade to 18-inch rollers and body drop it. He would like to thank Hoover's Drag Shop. Keep up the good work, James.
Photo 12/12   |   1987 Dodge Dakota side View
Rockers For Sale
Leon Stollings of Grundy, VA, has done what few have with his '87 Dodge Dakota. The body of his Dakota sits lower to the ground thanks to a 5-1/2-inch body drop. The 17-inch Lexani Krystals look right at home with the fully shaved body and PPG yellow paint. Other mods include a suicide driver's door, Caddy lights, the top of the bed being molded shut, and a sunroof. The interior is full of Cheetah print and paint, which covers the smoothed-out cockpit. Keep the crowds thinking, Leon. We like to see uncommon mini's.


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