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Asphalt Junkie - Editorial

Back On Track

Aug 1, 2006
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Well, I'm about to start a new subchapter of my life, or you could say, reopen what I've been dying to get on. My Chevy has been dragged, driven (17,000 miles in 9 months), pimped, and SOLD!!! Some of you may be wondering why I sold my Chevy. There are many good reasons. The main reason is so I can focus on my real passion, which is my Nissan. For too long my Nissan has been sitting, collecting dust and waiting for that dare-to-be-great situation.
Now that the door to my mind has been reopened and re-enthused, Bob Grant and I are having the long conversations again that once occupied our nights during the beginning of the Pathfinder's initial build. I haven't been this excited in some time. The gears are turning and the ideas are flowing. With a little extra change in my pocket, I have come to ask myself the question "How will I be able to finish the truck this time without hitting a huge speed bump (aka the brick wall)?" I think I have the answer: Start with a strong plan and don't stray from it.
We all want to have the dopest, sickest, cleanest, lowest, brightest mini with the hugest wheels possible. I wondered some time ago, is this possible? The conclusion I've come to know all too well is that unless you are god-awful rich and bored as all hell, someone will always be right on your coattails trying to deny you your more than 60 seconds of fame. When I first brought my frame out all tricked out it was the talk of the show; now it is remembered but is not what it once was. My sheetmetal interior was absurd at first, but now it's just another sheetmetal interior. The engine was the most talked about aspect, but it is now dwarfed by some of the mini's I have seen. So, what am I to do? Start over, add that much more, or just finish it and be somewhat happy? Will I ever be happy? Will I ever be content? These are the questions that are running through my head.
After a lot of deliberation I've decided that I love my truck the way it is and I'll love the way it's going to be. If I ever want to finish it I have to do just that, finish it. I figure it's better to have a sick mini that is done than a ridiculous mini that will never be finished. I just want a conclusion to the seven-year struggle that is my Pathfinder.
How many of the sickest "under construction" mini's in the past have just disappeared and never been seen again? In my personal opinion, too many. My truck will not be added to this list of sick what-could-have-been's or do-you-remember-that's. Some people may agree with me and some may not. Some mini owners will say that a mini is never done, which is fine, but to me this mini has to be finished. There are too many people who have busted their ass, spent their weekends, got yelled at by their woman, or wasted their leisure time for me not to respect their sacrifice by showing them a done vehicle. Hopefully, next month I will have progress stories and ramblings of a road trip up north to Grant Kustoms, where things just take a left turn out of nowhere. Until next month, pray for the poor crippled children in Afghanistan and my Pathfinder. (I think I need it more.)
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