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Custom Lincoln Navigator - Graveyaro

Teeming With Skeletons

Aug 1, 2006
Photo 2/2   |   custom Lincoln Navigator left Side View
Living in Las Vegas can do things to a guy, especially a custom truck builder. All those flashing lights and glitzy asinos can dull the senses and easily overshadow even a wild custom, so the bar is set particularly high if you want to build a vehicle that's going to stand out. Brooke Tobias took that challenge head-on, and the result is this extravagant Navigator that's not only got an incredible amount of bodywork to make it perfect for this issue; it's got an insane interior to make it worthy of being a feature based on its audio and video equipment alone.
Brooke had big plans for his next custom and he needed a big canvas, so a truck was out of the question. The answer was an SUV, and not just any SUV. Brooke chose a Navigator, the biggest, baddest luxury SUV Lincoln ever built. With a vast interior for audio and acres of sheetmetal for custom airbrushing the Navigator was an easy decision. The tough decision would be just how to make this SUV stand out among the flamboyant displays on the strip.
The first step was getting the body prepped for its several coats of House of Kolor Pagan Gold and Red Oxide paint. Ten Ten Custom Paint in Las Vegas began by stripping the body of unnecessary hardware like the door handles, rear latch, and taillights, which were relocated behind the rear window. Next came the Erebuni Shogun ground effects that were molded into the rear quarter panels. Finally, the most striking body mod was undertaken as the rear doors got the suicide treatment, while the fronts now open vertically. With the ground effects in place, JJ Warren plumbed 2,600 Firestone 'bags on all four corners to get the right stance. Air Zenith supplied two 200-psi Fast Air compressors to fill the 'bags at the flick of a switch.
Henry at Ten Ten Custom Paint was the man who was tasked with airbrushing tribal accents, graveyard scenes, and skulls throughout the Navigator. The detail is incredible and, as you can see, Henry didn't stop with the exterior, as the airbrushing continues over the radical fiberglass spinal column, sub enclosure, amp rack, and smoothed dash. Wrapping up the interior surfaces are butterscotch and maroon leather by Friend's Upholstery in Henderson, Nevada. Not just the seats, but the floorboards and headliner got the leather treatment, too. Carpet just doesn't compare.
Heading up the entertainment is a Valor ADA-700W all-in-one head unit that combines a 7-inch widescreen DVD monitor with CD/MP3/AM/FM audio. Six other 7-inch monitors are scattered throughout the cab, along with two 10.2-inch and two 15-inch Valor monitors to play DVDs for the crowds of people this Navigator tends to draw. If the truck's looks alone aren't enough to gather attention, Brooke can call on over 3,000 watts of stereo to turn heads. Powered by three 750-watt Zapco amps, six 10-inch and two 8-inch Alumapro subs serve up the bass from the fiberglass center console and rear sub enclosure built by Roy Griffith at Fiberglass Innovations. Six Alumapro ALC 6.2s provide mids and highs, and are powered by three 360-watt Zapco amps. All of those amps are in full display where the rear seat used to reside, in a fiberglass ribcage also built by Roy.
Having built several custom cars and a Dodge truck, Brooke knew that he'd need help from friends to get his project off the ground. He's quick to thank his wife Susan, Joel, Shannon and Shoan from Ten Ten, and Roy Griffith. Brooke also wants to thank sponsors Air Zenith, D'Vinci Wheels, Zapco, Alumapro, Daxx's Wiring, Toyo Tires, and Valor Multimedia.
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