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  • Custom 2003 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Lariat Truck - Dream Wagon

Custom 2003 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Lariat Truck - Dream Wagon

Making it All Come True

Kevin Aguilar
Oct 1, 2006
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
Photo 2/14   |   2003 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat Truck front Passengers Side View
Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Jonathan Rascoe, the proud owner of this clean Ford truck. When we first met him, he was attending the Spring Break Jam in South Padre, Texas. He was trying to beat the heat as he came out to show this pretty sweet F-150. We like to joke around a lot, and we instantly poked some fun at his name because it reminded us of Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles (ghetto fabulous grub in SoCal). He just laughed at us because he was already used to being the butt of many jokes because of his name.
Photo 3/14   |   2003 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat Truck custom Bed
That very weekend, we convinced him to roll his clean Blue Oval to a parking lot on the opposing side of the show. We knew he was cool at that point because we had our fun with him, and he still let us shoot his ride. After our awkward meeting and the photo shoot, Rascoe still hung out with us and had a great time. As we attended other shows held in the Texas area, we ended up seeing him everywhere we went.
Photo 4/14   |   2003 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat Truck front End View
As time rolled on, we realized there was more to him than just being a cool guy with a funny name. We found out that ever since Rascoe was in high school, it's been a dream of his to own a custom truck. Back in the day, he and his friends rolled a crew of lowered trucks. Rascoe was as cool as the next guy with his '98 Ford F-150 that was lowered over 17s. As he grew older, the truck did too, and in 2003, the Ford decided to blow its internal combustion workings.
Photo 5/14   |   2003 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat Truck rear Drivers Side View
Rascoe was then on the prowl for a new truck to roll down the hot streets of Texas. He stopped by the local Ford dealership and instantly found what he wanted. It was this F-150 SuperCrew Lariat, and the manager of the dealership was toting this bad boy around town. Rascoe hit him up about purchasing the truck from the dealer's lot, and the staff fumbled around on the bargaining table. He then got frustrated enough to just walk away from the sale associates and get some grub in his stomach. As he got his chow down, the sales people at the dealership called him up and told him they could work out a flat price of 28,000 dollars for the truck.
Photo 6/14   |   2003 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat Truck door Panel
Then, he made his way back to the dealership and drove the truck home that night. The very next day, he and his pals Jeffro and Roland installed a 2/4 DJM drop kit with 20-inch wheels. It was cool enough for him, and it remained his daily driver. Gradually, a sea of new trucks that came with factory built 20-inch wheels overshadowed his truck.
The decision was made to take the stand and customize the truck so that it would be nicer than all the other trucks on the street. Rascoe saved up some major cash and dropped off the F-150 at Tricked Out Truks for a 'bag job and 22s. Then, it was off to Kustom Werx for paint and a Pat Maxwell pinstriping job. A stop for some upholstery work and, bam, you have this super-clean Ford. After our rendezvous with Rascoe, we discovered that not only is his truck cool, but he is one cool guy to hang out with, as well. We guess after having a name like his you would have to be down for whatever.
Photo 10/14   |   2003 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat Truck proposal
"I would like to thank one person most of all for being there for me every step of the way for the past 4-1/2 years-my girlfriend April Sheffield. She has put up with me spending all those hours working on my truck, as well as me spending countless dollars on things that I needed for the truck. But, most of all, she has loved me through it all. Because of this, I would like to tell her that I love her with all my heart and I would be honored if she would be my bride. April, will you marry me?"
The 411
Owner/hometown: Jonathan Rascoe / Spring, Texas
Year/make/model: '03 Ford F-150 SuperCrew Lariat
Photo 11/14   |   2003 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat Truck engine Compartment
Engine/drivetrain: 5.4L Triton SOHC 24-valve V-8 / electronic four-speed automatic trans / AEM intake and air filter / Poweraid throttle-body spacer / Flowmaster muffler / narrowed aluminum driveshaft
Wheels/tires: 22-inch DNA Comet wheels / 265/35R22 Hankook Ventus ST tires
Suspension: 7-gallon nitrogen bottle in bed / 1/2-inch Hyvair valves / (Front) custom-made A-arms and spindles / Monroe shocks / double-convoluted Firestone airbags / (Rear) Ekstensive Metal Works two-link / custom rear step-notch / double-convoluted Firestone airbags
Fabricator: Chad Treijan of Trickin Out Truks in Houston, Texas
Body Mods: Harley-Davidson edition F-150 front bumper and headlights / Carriage Works billet grilles / shaved license plate lights and a hole for the hitch on the bumper / Street Scene smooth bedrail and tailgate caps / shaved tailgate, emblems, and antenna / Lightning LED third brake light / painted taillights
Custom Paint: PPG Samba-Green over Ford black
Bodywork/Paintwork: Kustom Werx in Conroe, Texas
Pinstriper: Pat Maxwell of Conroe, Texas
Interior: Smoothed and painted dash / '02 Lincoln Navigator console / factory gauges with chrome bezel / Billet A/C vents, column kit, seat levers, and switches on doors / OEM door panels with painted pieces and alligator upholstery / alligator upholstery on seats and headliner / custom-built subwoofer box under rear seats
Upholsterer: Junior's Upholstery in Conroe, Texas
Audio/video: Kenwood KVT-911DVD CD/DVD player head unit / Sound Stream Tarantula 6-1/2-inch mids / Sound Stream Tarantula 1-inch tweeters / two JL Audio 8-inch subwoofers / JL Audio 500-watt amp for subs / Diamond Audio 300-watt amp for mids
Installer: Cole Audio in Spring, Texas
Special Thanks: Family, friends, Jermaine, Max, Jeffro, Roland, Cory, and the crew from Kustom Werx, Chad from TOT, and of course, April


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