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  • 2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty - Wet Sounds Around Mb Sport And F-250 Combo

2005 Ford F-250 Super Duty - Wet Sounds Around Mb Sport And F-250 Combo

Mark Halvorsen
Oct 1, 2006
Photographers: Bob Carpenter
Photo 2/2   |   2005 Ford F250 Super Duty truck And Boat Combo
Those cannons you might hear blasting from the wakeboard tower of Wet Sounds' floating product showcase mark the debut of this somewhat new company. Wet Sounds is a speaker manufacturer that specializes in marine applications and has teamed with Mitek (makers of MTX, etc.) to distribute its model of wakeboard tower speakers. In addition to sponsoring various wakeboarding events, the company decided to build a boat and truck that it could use to market its wares - the result of which you see splashed across these pages.
Let's start with the truck. What we have is a 2005 Ford Super Duty. You may have noticed that the truck stands tall. This is thanks to the crew at Truck Toyz in McAllen, Texas, who installed a Rize Industries 8-inch lift kit incorporating its awesome four-link kit. Up front are a Rize dual-steering stabilizer that uses Donahoe Racing shocks and 2-1/2-inch spring spacers from Donahoe. The rear has Rize floating traction bars and dual shock kits, and Donahoe soft-ride springs and shocks. Truck Toyz also installed a custom CV driveshaft. All in all, what they ended up with was a 10-1/2-inch lift that clears 40-inch Toyo Mud Terrain tires rolling with MKW Off-Road M26 22x11-inch wheels. Stepping up would be a chore without the Amp Research Power Steps. While under the truck, you might notice that the underside was painted semi-gloss black and that all the pinch welds were blacked out. Kopriva Body Works in Houston handled that.
Speaking of Kopriva, Dave Kopriva repainted the front bumper and added a new billet grille and three-piece billet bumper inset and removed all the truck's moldings and factory decals. A set of IcedOutEmz 22" emblems resurrect some bling. Kopriva sprayed Rhino Tuff bedliner on the bed and the wheelwells to protect them from the rattle and rumble of the elements. The motorized tonneau from Pace Edwards slides open with the press of a button on a key fob to reveal the Rhino Tuff-protected bedliner.
Inside the truck is an audio and video system headed up by an Alpine CDA-9833 AM/FM/CD/MP3/XM Satellite source unit that feeds Arc Audio Chip Foose-series amplifiers and speakers. FD 6000 6-1/2-inch component speakers replace the factory drivers in the front doors, while FD 5725's reside in the back doors. The rear seats were moved forward to accommodate two 12-inch FD 12D4 subwoofers. And an FD4150 and an FD 1200.1 amplifier power the highs and lows, respectively, from their custom locations in what used to be the truck's load floor. A capacitor and fuse block also share the amp rack. An Autopage alarm protects limo-tinted windows (tread carefully in California, Tim) and the rest of the truck. The rear sliding window was replaced by a one-piece unit emblazoned with the Wet Sounds logo.
Of course, the truck comprises only half this presentation. Hitched to the back of the pickup is a 23-foot wakeboarding boat: a 2006 MB Sports B52 V23 team edition. But this is no run-of-the-mill runabout. MB Sports only makes a certain number of hulls each year in order to allow for enough time to customize each boat. Wet Sounds' model is white with a red pinstriped, black tribal puzzle graphic.
Inside, the boat is colored light and dark gray with a red pinstripe and black tribal accents. That's not the high point of the interior treatment, however. Obviously, Wet Sounds needed to make a point. So the company tapped Brent Davison of BD Audio Creations in Austin, Texas, to go crazy on the craft. Starting with Wet Sounds signature upgrade, the tower speakers, BD installed a pair of Wet Sounds PRO 485 wakeboard tower speakers that pack a total of four 8-inch midbass and two HLCD drivers into two gloss-black enclosures. Built to inspire your ride at 80 feet and beyond, they can also be removed and turned around easily to face forward to entertain partiers on the beach. A second set of speaker assemblies-in this case, PRO 80 speakers-are ready to be mounted to the tower to demo Wet Sounds' second (and only) tower speaker product at shows or to have one set of speakers firing forward and another backward for a spherical blast of sound.
Four of the six 12-inch subwoofers are mounted in a custom enclosure that sacrifices a seat location rather than cargo space in the holds. It is made of fiberglass and wrapped with the same vinyl MB Sports uses in the rest of the boat, and it doesn't bolt directly to the boat. Instead, it uses one of the Wet Sounds wakeboard tower clamps to secure it to the hull, making it easy to remove from the boat when need be and eliminating the need to drill into the boat to accommodate more traditional fasteners. Sharing the enclosure are a pair of 6-inch coaxials driving more mids and highs, while another pair is mounted in the forward factory speaker locations and another set was built into custom pods in the sides of the boat. The remaining two subwoofers are under the driver's console. Six Arc Audio Foose amplifiers power the boat's speakers: an FD 4150 for the PRO 485's and an FD 2100 for the PRO 80's; also, three FD 1200.1 amps for the subs and another for the coaxials. These amps are in a rack built under the passenger compartment (the driest location).
BD built a custom space in the passenger-side console for the new Kenwood Marine KTS-MP400MR AM/FM/CD/MP3/Sirius Satellite head unit, dual Arc Audio EQs, voltage meter, and a 6-inch coaxial. Then they rebuilt the driver's dash to match, adding a 6-inch coaxial, discarding the factory radio, and rearranging the gauges. A Kenwood remote allows the boat's driver to control the head unit in the passenger's side, and another remote in the stern area gives rear passengers some control as well. Kris at Wake Specialty installed one of his Spydr wire marine LED kits, endowing a red glow upon anyplace he could put an LED, which contrasts with the blue glow of the Ice Glow kit mounted in the factory cooler.
Powering the boat is a 375hp ZR6 6.0L V-8 boosted by an Edge programmer. The boat comes with a triple-up ballast system that adds an extra 2,500 pounds of ballast to ensure that the boat leans back low for a high wake. A custom boat also requires an upgraded trailer, which is what Wet Sounds got thanks to Extreme Custom Trailers in Riverside, California. Extreme built a dual-axle trailer with full LED lighting, stainless steel accents, disc brakes, and colors that match the boat's. It rolls on Extreme's 17-inch custom wheels that complement the wheels on the truck. Toyo Proxes 225/55R17 tires hold the wheels in their rubbery embrace.
Wet Sounds thanks all those who participated in this project: Eddie at Extreme Trailer, Travis at Rize Industries, Marty at Truck Toyz, Matias at Toyo, Chris at Arc Audio, Dave at Kopriva Bodyworks, Kevin at MKW Wheels, Bryce at Edge Products, Mark at Amp Research, Jodi over at Pace Edwards, Kris at Wake Specialty, Julie at Hog Performance, Klay at Avenger Stingerz, Tony at IcedOutEmz, and, of course, his wife and family.
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