1999 Ford F-350 Tribute Truck - Standin' Proud

A Super Duty Tribute To Our Troops

Nov 16, 2006
Photographers: David Kennedy
Photo 2/15   |   1999 Ford F350 4x4 front Passenger Side View
This Operation Iraqi Freedom tribute truck is "Standin' Proud" atop a Kelderman Air Ride suspension kit. It features airbrushed murals along with the names of every soldier killed during the conflict in Iraq.
This '99 Ford F-350 is not just a pretty show truck that sits on a stage, it's also a rolling tribute to the soldiers we have lost during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Super Duty is owned by Matt Jones of Stewardson, Illinois, and can be seen smoking all four tires simultaneously when the crowds of admirers give him enough room to drop the hammer on his 7.3L Power Stroke engine.
Matt has always been a patriot and wanted to build a show truck with a stars-and-stripes theme, but it needed to have more meaning behind the design than a typical blinged-out show rig sprayed with red, white, and blue. When the fighting started during Operation Iraqi Freedom, it was decided this Ford would serve Super Duty by becoming a canvas for the names of soldiers who die during this conflict. Airbrush specialist Mickey Harris was brought in to paint the murals along with a list of the names of every U.S. soldier lost during the war. Matt and his friend Larry Vonderhiede handled the rest of the painting, including the work on the undercarriage, which Matt says was the hardest section to prep and paint.
Photo 9/15   |   1999 Ford F350 4x4 motor
Not Just For Show
Unlike some show trucks, this Super Duty can smoke all the tires and blast down the dragstrip. That diesel power is available because of a number of upgrades including Scheid diesel injectors that flow 30 percent more than the stock squirters, a 1/2-inch fuel line and high-pressure lift pump keep the fuel moving, an AFE Stage 2 cold-air intake, an upgraded turbo compressor wheel, a 4-inch Silverline exhaust, and a six-stage TS Performance controller for the TS programmed ECM. If that wasn't enough, there's also a two-stage nitrous system and a custom water/methanol injection kit.
To make the truck go after the show, plenty of diesel power upgrades were thrown at the 7.3L Power Stroke engine under the hood. Larger injectors are fed by fuel-delivery upgrades while a cold-air kit leads to a turbo packed with an aftermarket compressor wheel. Engine programming upgrades work with large injections of nitrous and water/methanol. The transmission has been built to handle the power, and the transfer case was mounted so the driveshafts would not bind even when the giant air suspension lift is extended.
Matt says he could not have completed this project on his own, and he'd like to thank his brother Chris (who helps run their JTS truck shop), Kirt Bible, Doug Quast, Larry Vonderhiede, Mickey Harris, Dust and Sons Auto Parts, Higgs Welding, Extreme Sound, Oasis Compressors, MTX; Kenwood, TS Performance, and Scheid Diesel.



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