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  • There Can Be Only One - Ernie Macias Named New Editor For Mini Truckin'

There Can Be Only One - Ernie Macias Named New Editor For Mini Truckin'

Dec 1, 2006
Photo 2/2   |   0612mt Z Draggin Thru
Drive * Drag * SparkAight, well, I'm sure everyone's been dying to know who will be the next associate editor taking over where Chad and I left off (and some of you may already know). But let me first start off by saying that, yes, Chad will be missed! We worked so well together that he really freed me up to focus on the magazine and get it where it is today. But have no fear. He's doing well, and the show must go on. It absolutely amazed me how many people wanted to come work for my slave-driving butt, helping me put together the magazine month after month. It was refreshing to know how many people love this publication that we wrack our brains with night after night, ensuring that it maintains the highest level of mini-trucker enthusiasm.
Now, I've worked in various forms of management over the years, but nothing has ever been as challenging as trying to find the perfect person who would give his heart and soul to a cause that doesn't exactly pump your wallet full of dough. We started with the normal sifting of resumes and calling the "usual suspects." As some of you are aware (and many are not), a full-time gig on a magazine is no walk in the park. Even though you see us out and about loving our job, there are thousands of weekends away from home (on a salary paycheck; you do the math), which, of course, is a great part of the job, but it can get exhausting quickly. But that's all you see. After that, we go back to the office and work hard to pump out a magazine full of the coolest stuff around every four weeks! But aside from all the trials and tribulations you have to endure, including the constant straining deadlines, this job was more sought after than the rarest Pokmon at a Sunday school day care. It really made me look back to what got me hunting a job in this field, and I had to once again remember what it was like to be the "new kid on the block." The more I thought about it, the more I remembered how excited and how thankful I was when I finally got my shot. So that put even more pressure on me to make the right decision, because this opening could make someone's dream come true, but it would also devastate all others who pursued it.
With no further ado, those who recognize him from this picture will know that our choice for the newb here on MT is none other than Ernie Macias. You might have heard that name around from the likes of founding No Regrets or from Lowlife Video, but we snatched him up as a die-hard part of the mini-truckin' world and knew that he would fit right in here at MT headquarters. He cleans up good enough to appease the corporate side of the business, but more importantly, he shares my extreme dedication to the entire mini-truckin' culture. I've known Ernie for quite a few years now and ever since I met him he's always been down for the cause, and I know for a fact that he's going to do a great job here busting out the magazine with me month after month.
Ernie's already traveled to quite a few shows, but be ready to see him everywhere. He is now officially the new Feature Editor for your favorite magazine and will be doing a majority of the writing. So if you see him, make sure to say what's up and let him know how he's doing. And, hey, if he looks thirsty, offer him a beer. Because, like Ernie said, quoting his favorite movie, "There can be only one Highlander!"
We'll definitely make a great team and things will be back to normal around here in no time. Aw, who am I kidding? Nothing's ever normal around here. I've clocked 56,000 miles this year. LOL! I'm actually looking forward to relaxing after this show season and getting back to work on the rides. So just know that with Ernie doing the traveling and with me at the reins, MT is safe and doing great. Thanks again for all your support. Please Drag Thru!
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