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Custom 1985 Chevrolet C10 Truck - Orange-Inal

An Old-School Chevy Gets A Fresh Squeeze

Kevin Aguilar
Dec 1, 2006
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
Photo 2/14   |   1985 Chevrolet C10 front Drivers Side View
Cory Scott's '85 Chevy C10 is different in an unusual way. It's a full custom truck that hasn't really strayed away from the original factory styling. In this age of shaved up and crazy painted trucks, it is odd to see a custom truck that remains similar to how it was first built. Since the truck is more than 20 years old, it is more likely to pull off such a feat.
Although he owns a paint and auto body shop called Kustom Werx, Cory decided to not go overboard with the paint. He has been around in the truck scene for quite some time and had his share of wild customs before this truck. Seeing that there are loads of crazy custom trucks out in the scene, he felt that a truck fixed up to OE specs could be surprisingly cool.
Ever since Cory was a kid, he has been a fan of these in-your-face, bold-style, square-body Chevy trucks. Unfortunately, he was never really able to go all out with one until now. After years of searching for a truck to customize, he found this one. It was through an internet search that Cory discovered it in Jacksonville, Illinois, going for $6,000. He called up the owner to set the deal and made the trek from Conroe, Texas, to pick up this new project.
Photo 3/14   |   1985 Chevrolet C10 interior
Once he made it back with his newly acquired truck, it was time to start fixing it up. The first thing to do was to order up some interior and exterior replacement pieces from the LMC Truck catalog. After the 22-inch Intro wheels were shipped, it was time to cut and 'bag the suspension. That involved a custom four-link in the rear and a 2-1/2-inch Z of the front clip to get her down hard up front.
Since Cory is a bodyman, it was only fitting that he at least rework the surface. It was rolled into the Kustom Werx shop and stripped down to the body panels. At that point, the firewall was shaved and a set of wheeltubs were welded in to smooth out the engine compartment. Then, Cory sanded the highs and filled the lows of all surfaces. Afterward, it was primed and painted Tangier Orange.
Photo 4/14   |   1985 Chevrolet C10 rear Passengers Side View
The next thing on the list was to swap in a bitchen motor to finish off the truck. Cory bought a '79 350 block and stroked it to a 383. The motor was then assembled with all the aftermarket goodies. After that, it was attached to a 700-R4 automatic tranny and planted in the C10.
With all the pieces together, the truck got its final touches done. All the OE parts were bolted on to leave the truck with a classic look. It has that clean restoration look with a nice powerplant and a mean new stance over 22s. With its bulky original looks, Cory Scott's Chevy is a nice ride that perfectly interweaves both the custom and factory looks.
Photo 5/14   |   1985 Chevrolet C10 rear End
The 411

Owner/hometown: Cory Scott / Conroe, Texas
Year/make/model: '85 Chevy C10
Engine/drivetrain: '79 Chevy 350 block bored 0.040 over and stroked to 383 / Powerhouse Rods and Pistons / steel crank / Comp Cams / Dart heads / Billet Specialties valve covers, billet air filter, and serpentine pulley system / Edelbrock 750-cfm carburetor / MSD ignition and distributor / Edelbrock intake manifold / Flex-a-lite electric fans / Flowmaster exhaust / Hedman headers / 700-R4 automatic transmission
Installers: Bill and Matt Steincamp of Hempstead, Texas
Wheels/tires: 22x10-inch Boyd Coddington Ronco / 555-series Nitto 285/35R22
Suspension: Two Viair 380 compressors / 450-psi GC valves / 3/8-inch copper hard lines / (Front) clip Z'd 2-1/2 inches / Barnyard Customs upper control arms chromed / DJM 2-inch drop spindles / custom upper 'bag mounts / 2,600-pound Firestone airbags / Monroe shocks / chromed sway bar / Borgeson steering system / (Rear) custom-built four-link / 2,600-pound Firestone airbags / Monroe shocks / gas tanks sectioned 3 inches
Fabricator: Cory Scott of Kustom Werx in Conroe
Photo 6/14   |   1985 Chevrolet C10 wheel Tubs And Notch
Chrome-Plating By: Daniel Brummette
Body Mods: Gaylords tonneau cover / all factory trim and badges / reworked body / A-Affordable spray-on bedliner by Steve Spoon
Bodyman: Cory Scott of Kustom Werx in Conroe
Custom Paint: PPG Tangier Orange
Painter: Cory Scott of Kustom Werx in Conroe
Photo 7/14   |   1985 Chevrolet C10 front Drivers Side View
Interior: Restored to OE specs / stock replacement parts from LMC Truck
Audio/video: Custom Autosound head unit / Pioneer 3-inch speakers up front and 4x10-inch speakers in rear
Installer: Cole Audio in Spring, Texas
Club: Negative Camber
The Buildup

1. Since Cory had the motor rebuilt, he didn't want any distractions when the hood was opened. He took out all the garbage from the firewall and shaved it clean.

2. Cory is a master in the auto body profession, and he used his skills to smooth down the body of his C10. Here, you can see the sanding that was done to take out the highs and filler used to even out the lows.

3. Even though the motor is nice and clean, it is hard to see its real beauty now that it is stored in the engine bay of the truck. Here is a photo of it after it was rebuilt and before it was mounted in.

4. The truck was completely dissembled for the rebuild. It was no overnight buildup. It took Cory one complete year to fix up the truck to how it currently looks.


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