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Custom 2000 Toyota Tacoma - Insurance Job

Getting Rear-Ended Isn't Always A Bad Thing!

Ernie Macias
Jan 1, 2007
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Photo 2/12   |   OWNER: Jon KnightRIDE: '00 Toyota Tacoma LOCATION: Chandler, Indiana
Jon Knight is no stranger to mini-truckin'. A few years back Jon was rolling an '83 S-10 that was fully shaved and slammed. "It was the only truck around here on air. We took the parts off of an old Air Ride Technologies demo truck that had manual valves. It was a pretty weak air system, but it was the only one around." Jon was rolling this for a few years 'til he decided that something new was in order. "I wanted to build something besides an S-10. I love the body lines on Tacomas. They flow so nicely, so that's what I chose." He picked up a 2000 Toyota Tacoma locally and got it 'bagged and laid out properly. Unfortunately for Jon, the insurance gods were or were not on his side, depending on how you look at things. You see, Jon was rear-ended shortly after. The result was a badly damaged mini and no money or parts to fix it.
In the wonderful world of mini-truckin' sometimes getting rear-ended means getting paid. So when Jon Knight was cruising down the street in his Tacoma and some dirtbag did a number on his truck, it was the beginning of a beautiful thing for him; the beginning of a new chapter in his life that brings him here today. The fact that Jon works at a body shop definitely helped make it a smooth process. He was able to get good compensation for his truck and with that he was able to repair his truck and purchase some much needed parts.
Photo 3/12   |   2000 Toyota Tacoma custom Dashboard
"I went to work and sent in an estimate for the repairs. Shortly thereafter the money came in and I fixed it pretty quickly. The best part is, with the leftover money I was able to pick up a few extras like a welder and some much needed tools." With this new arsenal of tools Jon was able to handcraft what you see here today. So to him and others it looks like a pretty good situation. Now, don't think it was all fun and games. As luck would have it, Jon did run into some bad luck as well. "When the truck was ready for paint, it fell off of some jackstands and ruined the roll pan, and it's left me on the side of the road with some busted air lines." That doesn't sound too bad if you ask us, though. It sounds like your typical run-of-the-mill, day-to-day life for most mini-truckers. Jon says the only regret he has was not having body-dropped it, but overall he's very happy with the build and so are we
The Lowdown
Rolling Attire
Wheels, front: 18x7 inch Foose Type S
Wheels, rear: 18x7 inch Foose Type S
Tires, front: 235/40Z18 Nitto Neo Gens
Tires, rear: 235/40Z18 Nitto Neo Gens

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Airbags (all four corners)
Rear suspension: Four-link over axle
Airbag/cylinder type and size: Front: Firestone 2,500lb; Rear: Firestone 2,600lb
Control arms: 2-inch DJM lower arms
Shocks: Pete & Jake's
Valves: Eight 1/2-inch Parkers
Compressor(s): Four Viair 450s
Air line: 1/2-inch
Air accessories: Alarm can control the air ride as well.
Frame mods: 8-inch C-notch, boxed frame. Jon says, "It's reinforced 'cause I drag it a lot."
Frame material: Steel (duh!)
Gas tank: Relocated to inside of bed
Brakes: Rear has been converted to disc brakes.
Misc: "I had to weld the rear of the truck with a stick welder. It freaking sucked!"
Performed by: Owner Jon Knight
City/state: Chandler, Indiana

Body Modifications
Shaved: Antenna, door handles, gas door, taillights, tailgate, third brake light
Frenched: License plate
Body-dropped: "I wish"
Front end: Smoothed and painted bumper
Back end: Used stock tailgate with a roll pan
Taillights: 10-inch LEDs
Misc: Hand-rolled fender tubes, notch cover, smooth bed floor, radius bed corners, and gas tank cover
Performed by: Owner Jon Knight
City/state: Chandler, Indiana

Brand and colors: PPG Global (custom-mixed by owner)
Style: Solid
Misc: Ghost Toyota emblem on gas tank cover
Performed by: Owner Jon Knight
City/state: Chandler, Indiana

Seats: Stock minus headrest
Material: Tweed
Dash: Smoothed and painted
Door panels: Tweed, and fiberglass custom-made speaker pods
Center console: Custom wood console with cupholders
Flooring: Tan carpet
Headliner: Tan
Gauges: Nu Image custom gauges
Misc: Colorado Customs Hancock steering wheel, custom "Oh Sh*t" handle
Performed by: Owner Jon Knight (except seats)
City/state: Chandler, Indiana

Head unit: Pioneer 8600mp
Mids & highs: All Memphis M-class
Amplifier for mids & highs: Autotec 475
Subwoofers: Four 12-inch Memphis M-class subs
Amplifier for subwoofers: Autotec 1500
Video: 7-inch monitor flush-mounted in dash
Custom fabrication: Fiberglass sub box and door panels
Performed by: Owner Jon Knight
City/state: Chandler, Indiana

Model/year: 22R # of cylinders: 4
Transmission: Auto
Intake: "Ebay special"
Battery: Optima Location: Engine bay
Inner fenders: Stock
Performed by: Owner Jon Knight
City/state: Chandler, Indiana

Special Thanks
To all his friends, Brian, William, Jay, Wrinkles, David, everybody who lent a hand, his truly understanding girlfriend (who really helped on the build), John Tripp (who passed away shortly after completing the interior), and Nathan at Street Sounds in Nashville, Tennessee


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