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  • 1999 Chevrolet S-10 & 1988 Dodge D-50 - January 2007 - Construction Zone Special 2

1999 Chevrolet S-10 & 1988 Dodge D-50 - January 2007 - Construction Zone Special 2

Bag'd-X & Driverway Werks Strikes Again

Mike Alexander
Sep 24, 2009
Photographers: MT Staff
Welcome to yet another primered appearance of the Construction Zone. We hope that by seeing more unfinished rides in the raw you'll come up with some new ideas of your own to complete the ride that's collecting cobwebs in your garage. If you have a ride that's not quite done but makes you want to shave, suicide, or chop something every month, then snap some photos of your own. Send them to us here at Mini Truckin' c/o Construction Zone, 2400 E. Katella Ave., 7th Floor, Anaheim, CA 92806.
In case you guys weren't aware by now, Under Construction is absolutely my favorite thing in the whole world. Yeah, it might be the fact that I can never seem to finish one crazy-ass project before I start another, or it might just be that I'm allergic to paint. (You'll notice that I'm mentioned in a lot of the owners' stories, because people have taken it as fun to pick on my disorder.) But either way, mini-truckers are notorious for building some of the craziest "almost finished" rides. That is why Mini Truckin' magazine is the only truck magazine dedicated to its readers in their time of need. Yes, we have primered rides on the cover; and yes, we also put together a special section just for you! It's our big Construction Zone Special, sporting 14 of some of the coolest not-quite-ready-for-paint minis out there. Check out what we came up with!
Wheels/Tires: BAD Outlaw 22x8.5-inch up front and 22x10-inch deep dish outback
Photo 5/8   |   1999 Chevrolet S10 custom Wheel
Suspension/Chassis: Custom frame and arms all built by DB Rodz & Minis, Wilwood 13-inch rotors, Slam 'bags, KYB shocks, steel braided lines; everything's been smoothed, deburred, and painted

Body Modifications: 4-inch body drop, 3-inch chop-top, front fender pie-cut to clear the 22s, rear fenders cut and raised to clear 22s, F-350 front bumper sectioned to fit, shaved everything, molded front clip to fenders, bodywork by Scott Branum

Engine: 5.7L '96 Corvette V-8, Lunati cam, Street and Performance pulleys and brackets

Interior: Sheetmetal and billet, maybe some leather

Special Thanks: Rebecca, Frank, and Sarah; Lanny, Anthony, Scott, Tommy, Buddah, Bill, and all friends and family; also, to Mike Alexander for the competition (It's all in good fun.)

Future Plans: Paint, interior, drive it

Project Completion Date: Who knows? Maybe before Mike's!
Driveway Werks Strikes Again
Wheels/Tires: 19-inch Foose Speedsters wrapped in 215/35ZR19 Falken rubber

Suspension/Chassis: Firestone 'bags, custom suspension setup built by Driveway Werks, Toyota rearend swap with discs, tubular control arms, Pete & Jake's four-link

Body Modifications: Custom roof rack, shaved bed cabs, stretched bedsides 2 inches, cut rockers, sheetmetal bed and dash, Trenz billet grilles, molded front fenderwells, CanDo taillights, fillers, and roll pan

Miscellaneous: Mitsubishi turbo from a Starion, Neon DW sign in back window

Special Thanks: Elizabeth, Chris Dyer, Chris Wheeler, Carl Leach, Cowboy, John Knight, Kyle Lee, Lee's Collision, Steve at CanDo, and Toni Danza (hmmm)

Future Plans: Paint and all the goodies



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