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  • Custom 1985 Toyota Pickup Truck - Crash, Fix, Crash Again...

Custom 1985 Toyota Pickup Truck - Crash, Fix, Crash Again...

. . . Fix Again, Crash One More Time, Fix Again . . . And Hope the Cycle is Broken!

Joe Greeves
Jan 1, 2007
Photographers: Joe Greeves
Photo 2/10   |   1985 Toyota Pickup front Passenger Side View
Joe McCumber's dad, Larry, had very good luck with his old '85 Toyota. He bought it off the lot in 1985, drove it for 140,000 miles, then gave it to his son. Joe immediately removed the nine-window camper shell and back bumper, and added a set of 14-inch Sawblade wheels to the otherwise red truck with brown interior. Those were hot items back when Joe was 16 and still in high school, but as you can see, times have changed. Joe kept adding to his daily driver, until it was wrecked. After the accident, Joe fixed it and added more custom touches. The truck was hit again, rebuilt, and customized-and then hit again. The truck has been involved in six accidents-not Joe's fault-and every body panel on the truck has been replaced or modified in some way. However, all of that is in the past, and now the "bad luck truck" is enjoying its new karma, accident-free for quite some time.
Photo 3/10   |   1985 Toyota Pickup rear View
Custom changes began with the new 4WD front clip, phantom grille, and chrome bumper with valance. Joe wanted ultra-smooth body lines, so the cowl was filled and everything on the body shaved to include the door handles, gas door, wipers, windshield washers, and third brake light on the cab. The tailgate was welded shut, and Cadillac lights were installed, thanks to the new FBI kit. The truck rolls smoothly on 19-inch Foose Looso 5s, wrapped by Nitto Neogen 215/35ZR19s.
Suspension changes include a new Alter Images crossmember, a 6-inch step notch added to the frame to accommodate the new four-link rear suspension, and AIM Industries 2-inch drop spindles. In order to put the altitude under the driver's control, twin Viair 380 compressors energize the pair of 5-gallon tanks using 1/2-inch lines and Hell Bent valves, all located below the bed. Even though it is not body-dropped, the truck will lay frame with the 19-inch wheels, and Joe is planning a stock floor body-drop in the near future. The bedwork included replacing the original fenderwells with sheetmetal tubs, connected by a large sheetmetal arch over the rear axle. After spraying the bed with Line-X, an aluminum 15-gallon fuel cell was bolted in place. Tommy Floyd at Visible Changes in Florence, South Carolina, did the bodywork and the paint.
Photo 4/10   |   1985 Toyota Pickup engine
Under the hood, the truck has a brand-new replacement four-cylinder motor running a 32/36 Weber carburetor with a K&N filter, a Crane Fireball ignition, and a ceramic-coated Street & Performance header that feeds into a Flowmaster muffler. Dress-up items include a chrome valve cover and billet accessories. For a custom touch, a sheetmetal engine cover gave the truck a unique look.
The all-tweed interior began with a set of BMW 318i seats that flank the owner-built center console, holding the Air Lift 200-psi gauges for the air suspension, as well as the Concept 7-inch monitor. Also, a billet steering wheel and rearview mirror, custom door panels, and upholstered headliner add to the interior style. The stereo uses 6x9 Infinity speakers behind the seats, along with mids and highs in the dash. A Memphis high-current amp was positioned behind the passenger seat. Norton Stereo in Florence, South Carolina, orchestrated the sounds.
Over the past five years, the truck has had several paintjobs to include three reds, one black, and the current favorite, House of Kolor Platinum Silver, sprayed by Tommy Floyd, of Effingham, South Carolina. Now that it's complete, Joe has chosen a safer path for the truck, keeping it out of potentially harmful traffic and participating in the custom show scene. Joe enjoys making the rounds with his fellow club members from South Carolina's well-known Pebble Pushers CC.
THE 411

Joe McCumber / Florence, South Carolina

'85 Toyota Pickup Extra Cab

New reconditioned motor with 32/36 Weber carburetor / Crane ignition / Street & Performance header / Flowmaster muffler

Foose 19-inch Looso 5s / Nitto Neogen 215/35ZR19s

Hell Bent Customs 1/2-inch valves / two 5-gallon tanks / two Viair 380 compressors / four-link / 2,500- and 2,600-pound 'bags / AIM Industries 2-inch drop spindles / Air Lift gauges

Tommy Floyd at Visible Changes, in Effingham, South Carolina

JBM bumper / phantom grille / Cadillac taillights / FBI rear clip / California Concepts Sprint tonneau cover

Front corners / hood / wipers / vents / antenna / side mirrors / doors / gas lid / body lines / tailgate skin

House of Kolor Platinum Silver

Full tweed / BMW seats / billet steering wheel / rearview mirror / window cranks / pedal kit / console

Don Wolfe of Don's Trim Shop, in Effingham

6x9 Infinity speakers / Memphis amplifier / 7-inch Concept in-dash monitor

Norton Stereo


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