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Custom 2004 Chevrolet Silverado - Fallen Angel

Becca's Amazing Grace

Dan Ward
Dec 18, 2006
Photographers: Dan Ward, Harley Camilleri
Typically we start out a story talking about how cool a truck is or how cool the build process was and the hurdles the owner and builders had to jump through to get it to feature status. We don't usually start off a story talking about how one person's life completely changed during the ownership of a truck, but that's what happened in this case. Oftentimes words like determination, commitment, and faith are not used in custom truck building-only implied. In the case of Justin London and this insane '04 Chevy Silverado, each of those words must be used when talking about a truck he named Becca.
Becca is also the name of his late girlfriend, Rebecca Hill of Palestine, Texas. Becca was beginning to enjoy the custom truck scene that Justin was so devoted to, and her interest went from spectator to participant. She picked up this Chevy truck in 2004 with aspirations of creating a totally trick ride, a ride that would compete with Justin's 'bagged S-10 at the time.
One afternoon when riding in Justin's Corvette, the couple was involved in a car accident that took Becca's life. She was 3 months pregnant with a girl they were going to name Kylie.
The tragic accident left Justin with a huge void to fill. After collecting himself, the thought of Becca's truck filled his mind. After buying the truck from Becca's mom, Justin had a truck that could serve as a rolling memorial to his girlfriend.
Two years and thousands of dollars later, Justin completed a truck he thought Becca would have been proud of. He felt a huge relief.
Like any truck build, it wasn't easy. But, with the help of several talented people, the project was finished.
Starting with the suspension, Justin and his buddies-Markus, Timmy, and John Boy-installed the Slam Specialties airbags between the custom A-arms up front, with nitrogen feeding the rubber bellows. It was always Becca's dream to have a truck that was as low as possible. In order to build a truck that would lay out uniquely, Justin delivered the truck to Russell McClendon of Palestine, Texas, for a custom back-half. Tracking down an IRS from a '95 Ford Thunderbird, the rear suspension was welded to the custom 2x3-inch box tubing that comprised the custom frame.
Slam Specialties 'bags wedged in between the rear arms allow the back end to lie on the Texas asphalt. Cutting into the standard cab and welding in the floor 3 inches higher put the now body-dropped rockers on the ground. Detail work-the painted rear end, stainless brake lines, and powder coating-ensures that the suspension looks as good as it performs. Stuffing each fender are huge Diamo 24-karat wheels measuring 24x10 inches, with Kumho 305/35R24 tires supplying the protection.
Moving to the modified body, Justin and Becca's mom talked about Becca's favorite body styles and decided on the Escalade front end. Bolting on the '04 Cadillac grille, headlights, and hood, Patrick Read, of Galveston, Texas, cut the original Chevy fenders to accommodate the new design. Wanting to provide the truck with a unique look, Patrick cut an '04 Dodge Ram front bumper and grafted it into place. While massaging the body, Patrick shaved the door handles, third brake light, taillights, tailgate handle, and added a Sir Michael's roll pan. Inside the bed, a full sheetmetal inner wall was built and ground smooth. Patrick was again called on to apply the PPG paint on the Silverado. He mixed Sports Blue, Custom Orange, Pure Pearl White, and Purple to go on the body. The two-tone paint is broken up by the wispy-orange-and-blue graphic that also flows seamlessly inside the bed. Orange graphics also appear on the blue Cadillac hood. This simple, eye-catching paint scheme draws you to the truck for a closer look.
Photo 14/14   |   24x10 Diamo 24-karat chrome wheels tuck hard, with Kumho 305/35R24 tires protecting the hoops.
Upon further inspection inside the truck, you'd see an interior that barely looks like a Chevy interior. The only things left from the original setup are the seats, which were recovered in bone white Enduratex with gator inserts by Troy Wacha, owner of Badass Interiors, in Palestine. Bronze shag carpet replaces the stock material and a bone white Enduratex headliner with graphics looks down on the full sheetmetal dash. The dash was built incorporating a custom floating metal console that houses the air gauge. Triple gauges supply engine vitals and are mounted on the left side of the dash. Painted with blue graphics, the dash and console perfectly match the exterior. Bone white Enduratex covers the door panels with gator inserts. The B.A.D. Rockstar billet steering wheel is also wrapped in gator leather with white Enduratex. Billet window cranks and billet pedals finish off the interior.
Becca originally purchased the truck with the V-6, but now a Vortec ZZ4 350ci V-8 calls the custom framerails home. Chris Carter and J&B Auto are responsible for the swap that uses ported and polished aluminum heads, a polished Edlebrock Air Gap intake, a COMP cam, an MSD ignition, custom Carter-built headers, and Flowmaster mufflers to power the Bow Tie. Replacing the electronic transmission, the crew swapped in a B&M 700-R4 with a B&M shift-kit and a B&M 2,800-stall converter. Supplying fuel to the carbureted mill is a 10-gallon fuel cell mounted between the rear framerails. No longer straining to smoke the rear tires, the healthy V-8 can roast the 24s with a stomp of the throttle.
Front to back and top to bottom, Justin built a truck that anyone would be proud to own, especially an enthusiast like Becca. His hope was to be on the cover of his favorite truck mag. After seeing the truck and hearing the story behind it, how could we not oblige him? Becca, we hope you're smiling down on us.


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