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2005 Ford F350 - So Fast, Its Rediculous

When The Plumbing's Done This Duo Comes Out Of The Garage

Feb 1, 2007
Photo 2/2   |   2005 Ford F350 side View
Toys upon glorious toys everywhere you look. Such is the entertaining lifestyle of the hard working and entrepreneurial types that wave the flag of the American way of life. With multiple trucks and boats in multiple places, we would have to list Bob Richey among those who make us drool with delight. The 2005 Ford F-350 and 2005 Eliminator Daytona 33 featured here are just what Bob uses to get his head straight after putting in long hours in the boardroom as owner and CEO of RCR Companies. This truck-and-boat pair call Lake Havasu City, Arizona, home. And, if you can believe it, the truck stays attached to the trailer 24/7. Picture that garage.
Beginning with the truck, Bob knew he was going to be pulling something big, so he ordered himself a 2005 Ford F-350 crew cab duallie 4x4. Fully optioned with everything from the 6.0L turbo diesel to the 4.10-geared axles and 15,000-pound trailering package, this truck was ordered for one purpose: to haul the boat. Of course, the factory Oxford White wasn't going to fly, so the truck was sent off to Mike Love's Custom Paint Specialties in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Once there, the stark white canvas was overlayed in multiple colored effects custom-blended utilizing PPG's hues. Buried under a sheen of clear, and riding on factory polished 17-inch wheels, the Blue Oval was looking the part of trailer pulling hero.
All dressed for the ball, the Ford's duty is to pull the sinister-looking 33-foot Eliminator Daytona to and from the water's edge. Outfitted in yellow, orange, and green fades, the Eliminator is by far the star of the show. And for good reason: Popping the hatch and peering into the engine compartment reveals a pair of big-block Chevy engines to die for. Dual Teague 900s are based on Merlin III splayed main blocks stuffed with nothing but the best. On top of each engine sits a 3.3L Whipple supercharger, MEFI3 computer controlled fuel injection system, and full MSD ignition. Pushing 900 ponies each through Teague Platinum XR drives and Mercruiser props, this boat can be pushed to nearly 150 mph. Almost enough to really clear one's head after a long week of corporate battling.
Nestled comfortably behind the canopies at speed, the captain and crew can listen to the jams of their choice thanks to a full sound system. Four sets of coaxial 6-1/2-inch Kicker speakers are spaced around the cockpit with another couple pairs in the cabin. Tribal flame billet speaker covers keep everything looking hot while the music plays. A pair of 12-inch Kicker Solo Baric square subwoofers is tucked neatly under the seat. Their plastic trim rings have been paint splashed to appear as if they were meant to be there. Kicker amplifiers create the power necessary to hear anything over the roar of the engines.
Making sure no amount of choppy water can upset the music, the boat is fully wired with a satellite radio and a portable digital music player. The outside of the Daytona features a myriad of colors with some serious fades and color blending. Crazy PPG colors run from bow to stern, and even down to the stern drive stand off boxes. Calling this machine eye catching is a serious understatement, especially with the Eliminator brand name emblazoned across each side of the boat like a waterway beacon.
We were taught by our mothers not to covet others' belongings, but how could we not be a little jealous of toys like these? Not to mention that this truck-and-boat package is only one of this owner's choices to play on the water with. Oh yes, jealousy runs deep in our hearts for more toys. Because without toys in our lives, what are we doing here?
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