Usual Suspects: A Guide To Common Body Mods

Harley Camilleri
Feb 1, 2007
Photographers: Truckin' Staff
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In our current day excursions around the country, we find that as we travel to and fro, the trick truck modifications are becoming harder and harder to spot. Call us jaded if you must, but as magazine editors we see so many trucks with so many modifications that it sometimes becomes necessary to pay extra attention to find that unique little something a truck owner created. Continuing with our "Mystery Machines" section, we've gathered a group of common tricks to disguise your rig among the sea of show trucks. A standout in today's flooded custom scene takes some major metal surgery and serious attention to detail. Over the next few pages we want to show you what we see the most of, and what is considered fairly normal as far as body modifications are concerned. Don't fret if these are the only mods currently on your truck, as they are worthy changes to your vehicle. Some are still quite necessary to achieve the infamous status of a Truckin' cover truck. Read on
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Chevy/GMC Front ClipsNo introduction is necessary for the Chevy and GMC front clip swap. At this point, the Cadillac Escalade swap is so common and dominating that talking about it almost seems moot. It's hard to argue with the Escalade's good looks though and, although quite overdone, it still garners attention. From the Bow Tie camp:
Photo 4/24   |   With kits to upgrade '88-'98 and '99-'06 trucks, the '02-'05 Escalade swap isn't hard to spot at any show.
Ford Front ClipsFord's F-series trucks are not as overdone with clip conversions. The Lincoln Navigator front end is the chosen nose surgery for some, but is done in nowhere near the same numbers as Caddy clips for the Bow Ties. From the Blue Ovals:
Dodge Front ClipsUnfortunately, the drivers flying the Mopar flag have little to choose from when thinking about pieces and parts to interchange on their noses. From the Dodge boys
Doors, Handles, And MirrorsNo matter what manufacturer your vehicle was born from, your choices for doors, handles, and mirrors are pretty much the same. Following no particular order, these are the most common mods:
Backing It InAgain, the common area for any truck or SUV brand is the tail end. Besides the bolt-on euro lights and manufacturer-specific roll pans, most of the scene consists of the same theme. Bringing up the rear:
In conclusion, these changes to your vehicle's skin will definitely create a whole new look, and your truck or SUV will have a great beginning to its life as a full-blown custom. Coming up with some rarely seen modifications is what keeps our industry in constant forward motion. We look forward to every year as some shows turn up some interesting ideas that propel others to think harder and dig deeper into the "wouldn't it be cool if" files. The year 2007 is upon us. What have you brought to light for the world to see?
The companies listed to the right can meet your body modification needs and are an invaluable resource when building a custom truck.


Street Scene Equipment
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Summit Racing
Akron, OH
Chaser Aerodynamics
Edgewood, MD 21040
Late Model Restoration Supply
Hewitt, TX 76643
Ankeyny, IA
Portland, OR 97214
Godfather Customs
Decatur, GA 30032
Stylin' Concepts
Sir Michael's
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
(714) 379-6800
Extreme Dimension
Hitech Products
Street Pros
Andy's Auto Sport



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