Custom Hummer H2 SUT - Special Agent

Ready for Any Urban Jungle

Dan Ward
Dec 18, 2006
Photographers: Dan Ward
Your mission, should you chose to accept it: Create a HUMMER H2 SUT rolling flagship for Giovanna Wheels Hummer-specific 25-inch Sette wheels that will not only complement the rugged yet elegant design, but will also conquer any urban jungle. The usual suspects include Pirelli tires, McGaughy's lowering kit, Defenderworx billet, and Kenwood audio/video. To perform your task, arrive at Montage Motoring in Santa Ana, California, by 0900 hours and begin the transformation. If you or anyone from your team is compromised, we will disavow any knowledge of your existence.
With the sun barely rising over the mountains, we arrived at Montage Motoring in Santa Ana, California, and noticed a brand new all-black Hummer H2 SUT parked in the service bay. Up on the lift, the stock suspension was modified by a McGaughy's 2/3 lowering kit incorporating new replacement drop spindles for the ability to evade the enemy. Supplying more power to get out of any sticky situation, a Montage-designed after cat exhaust was bolted up, providing authority when exiting.
Eluding any unwanted visitors is also accomplished by several key body modifications. The factory Hummer body has been accented with a d'Luxgerous brand body kit from Japan and includes the new front bumper and fender flares. Providing the ruggedness needed to break through any defense barrier, a Defenderworx tube grille, billet hood latches, side vents, and tow hooks also add blinding good looks. Delta Tech HID headlights illuminate the jungle with ultra-bright light. If extra lighting is required, a flip of a toggle switch engages the InProCarWear foglights and LED sidemarkers.
With suede, leather, and camo on the inside, the interior accoutrements are nicer than a typical Humvee. Montage handled the stitching and also installed the Defenderworx billet grenade shifter (pull the pin if needed), billet A-pillar grab handles (for ultimate off-roading), and sill plates. If extra time is needed, just take a look at the custom Bulgari clock built into the dash for up-to-the-second synchronization. You'll receive transmission updates from the Kenwood 7-inch in-dash DVD and Nav unit. Special perimeter scanning is provided by the back-up camera mounted in the license plate frame. Multiple-monitor viewing is available thanks to two 8-inch Visualogic headrest screens. In addition, a Kenwood audio sub and two Kenwood amps are mounted underneath the rear seats. Sound Innovation, in Los Alamitos, California, was entrusted to install the audio and video portion of the build.
To complete the Special Agent vehicle for its initial tour of duty, the final piece of the puzzle was the installation of 25x12-inch Giovanna Sette wheels with the only load-rated Hummer tire, the Pirelli 315/40R25. Chrome on one side and black painted covers on the other provide a disguise if needed, and make getting away a stylish adventure.



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