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Custom Truck Club Profile: AcrophobiA

The Fear Of Heights

MT Staff
Mar 1, 2007
Photographers: MT Staff
Photo 5/8   |   acrophobia Truck Club collage
As our first official club profile, it seemed fitting to choose our 2006 Club of the Year winner, AcrophobiA. Besides having one of the coolest minitruck club names, these guys have a million other things going for them. Since minitruck clubs are a huge part of our scene, we've finally got all of our ducks in a row. (We've been trying to do this for years!) So we decided to go behind the scenes to bring you club profiles from around the world. So here's a down-and-dirty look at our first club profile: AcrophobiA. And for the last time, no, it's not a fear of spiders!
What's It Take
Full Logo

Adjustable Suspension ('bags or juice).-Static drops are an exception, and are on a case-by-case basis
-Wheels must be 17 inches or larger
-At least three major body mods (interior and body-drop count as body mods)
-Absolutely no primer
-Flat paint that's not primer and will be judged in a case-by-case basis
-Interior must be clean and neat
-Truck must be kept clean, especially at meetings and shows
-Must be motivated to continue working on the vehicle
-Must attend meetings/shows/club events
Prospect (petition)
-17-inch wheels
-At least one major body mod
-Lowered (static drops are fine)
-Primer is OK, as long as it doesn't stay that way forever
-Plans to go further with your ride
-Most importantly: good attitude!
The above mentioned requirements are set for the vehicles. However, personality and attitude are the most important factors. Once introduced to everyone, feel free to mingle and to get acquainted with everyone. We are here for the same thing, which is the love of customizing our vehicles. The voting will be done solely by the chapter rep from your area. They may ask for help from their existing logo'd members. This is where getting to know all of the members in your area is an advantage.

After the chapter rep has voted you in, it will be passed onto the board members for a vote, which consists of a rep from each state. Again, majority wins. All of these rules may be amended, based on a case-by-case basis. Still, we keep it as close to these standards as possible. We have to do this because of the size of AcrophobiA and to keep the quality of rides up to par. No matter what you are tagged with, whether it's a member logo or a prospect logo, we are all considered part of the AcrophobiA family!
1. Good times: "One of the best moments was how many people came out and supported us from around the U.S. for Southeast Showdown. There were about 100-125 AA people who showed up to help with the SES 2006 Show in its second year as an AA-hosted show. It's nice to take some pride in the scene, but on the other side of the judge's sheet."
2. Go team! Participation is a key ingredient to cooking up a successful show, and the AcrophobiA crew is always there to support the scene.
3. How they roll: These are the kind of high-quality feature trucks that AcrophobiA has been turning out in the last few years. Keep your eyes peeled, because there's plenty more to come from this exciting club-and we here at Mini Truckin' will be the first to write about it.
Date founded: AcrophobiA was founded in 1998 by Dave Shulman in Florida
Reason for starting: Dave and Eddie wanted to start a new club that showcased hot new rides with a family attitude
Number of chapters: Currently, there are chapters in 25 states, including Hawaii. Also there's a chapter in Canada, and rumors of a chapter in Germany, as well as, current prospects in Australia.
Total number of members: About 200 to 225, including petitioning members
Web site:
Main contact: Thomas (Acro Rep), state reps can be found on the chapters page of the Web site
National meetings: Held at Southeast Showdown in Anderson, South Carolina.
Major accomplishments: Dave's F-150 cover truck, Bobby's orange S-10 Mini Truckin' June '04 cover, and Jimmy's Nissan on the April '03 cover. As of late, it seems almost every issue is showing the promise of AA with either feature trucks or show shots.
Major contributions: "We try not to act like jackasses in public too much. We contribute to way too many states by paying draggin' tickets and fines! There's your contribution, LOL!"
Bad times: "Two of the worst moments were the loss of our brothers. Losing members Danny Rowe (featured S-10 in MT June '02) in August of 2002, and this past June we lost Paul Bullis (featured Ranger in MT June '04). It's hard to deal with it sometimes, but we are a tight-knit group and we're a great support system and an even better family. We gave away a custom, Danny and Paul trophies at SES to best club and AA choice. We will continue to do this as the years go on in memory of our fallen brothers."
Club's most important characteristic: "Family! We hope to be a household name while not getting too big to lose our family way of being."


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