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2007 Ford Expedition - Masterpiece

Street Scene Equipment Dials It Up A Notch

Harley Camilleri
Mar 1, 2007
Photographers: Wesley Allison
Photo 2/10   |   2007 Ford Expedition right Side View
Trying to keep pace with the steadily growing customizing scene is like trying to harness the power of a tidal wave. It is a huge undertaking, as the surge keeps coming and drowns everything in its wake, while wiping the slow and weak away. Holding steadfast against odds like these takes a company on the leading edge of the rush, surfing the wave, and ripping it up. Street Scene Equipment in Costa Mesa, California, is such a company. Openly committed to serving the needs of the market, Street Scene keeps a varied catalog of cool, custom parts on hand for even the newest vehicle releases. Facing another SEMA show, the team rode the wave all of the way to the new '07 Ford Expedition and its unique styling.
Photo 3/10   |   For something different, L&G painted this red panel over the hood's black background before adding the silver tribal-style striping. This was mated with the side panels' graphics, which delivers a new-era hot-rod look that's hard to beat.
Putting the project into First gear, Street Scene coupled with Ford to acquire a brand, spanking-new Expedition that was loaded with all of the extras. Slipping the shifter into Second gear, Rinaldi Designs set up a few drawings to give some conceptual views of the possibilities with the angular new Ford. As far as the '07 body, the amount of angles have been dramatically increased, and the Rinaldi concept drawings perfectly nailed the look. So, Street Scene went back to the lab again. Inside the fully secured and locked confines, its mad scientists came up with a complete body kit based on the renderings. Walking around the Expo gives one a visual tour of the new, front-bumper cover, rear-valance lip, trailer hitch plug, side skirts in place of the running boards, smooth wiper cowl, and the racy fender vents, all installed by L&G Enterprises, San Dimas, California. Street Scene also made up a pair of billet tow hooks for the front bumper. The holes in the main and bumper grilles are filled with the company's signature Speed Grilles, done in black chrome. L&G Enterprises rolled the SUV into its spacious spray booth and grabbed a few hues from House of Kolor's fine line. Squirting the body of the Ford in Black over Blue-Blood (red). A stylistic change was made by adding a swoopy-yet aggressive-graphic scheme to the body sides, and a red panel over the black hood which was set off with righteous pinstripe graphics. This is a hot rod for a new era.
Photo 4/10   |   2007 Ford Expedition dash
With the gears turning full speed, attention was turned to the stance. It takes a perfect stance to make a custom of this size look the part, and this SUV is sporting the right rake. The factory soft riding suspension was swapped for a more sport-like ride by slipping a Ground Force lowering kit beneath the behemoth. Gianelle Spezia-6 wheels make the space under the lowered fenders appear filled, thanks to 24 inches of chromed aluminum. Nitto rubber wraps the Spezias in a high-speed traction aid, known as the 420S sized 295/35R24. The stance was set, now a little extra horsepower was needed to make things more entertaining while driving down the road. A throaty rumble emanates from the 5.4L V-8, thanks to a MagnaFlow after-cat stainless exhaust system, which was polished to a full show shine.
Photo 5/10   |   Under the Ground Force suspension drop, the 24-inch Gianelle wheels and Nitto 420S tires appear to be designed just for the wheelwells of the Expedition.
A boring interior is a surefire way to make a weak presence in the marketplace, although the Street Scene Equipment Ford shows well. Not too flashy, yet still eye-catching enough to hold your attention, 714 Motorsports made great use of the space. The door panels and seats were unceremoniously removed, then given a red and black leather coating before being replaced into the interior. Phoenix Imaging Hydrographics laid faux-wood down the center of the dash and onto the painted center console, extending all of the way down to the floor and around the rear of the console. Also, all four doors' pull handle backgrounds were given the wood treatment by Phoenix to blend with the center of the truck. You can't go anywhere these days without finding TVs and sound systems in vehicles and this Expedition is no exception. Audio Innovations of Glendora, California, issued a one-way ticket to entertainment for driver and crew alike. A Pioneer AVIC-D1 fully optioned head unit fit snugly into the OE opening in the dash and is only the beginning of the fun. Both front-seat headrests were stuffed with Rosen screens for rear seat passengers to view the Pioneer's DVD capabilities. Blasting sound from all around are Polk Audio speakers in all of the stock locations with a beat box filling the rear cargo area. The sub enclosure is sporting a trio of Polk Audio 12-inch bass pounders in an Audio Innovations-built box that floats over the two Polk Audio amplifiers powering the whole system. Kinetik Batteries store enough voltage to make the party last as long as the guests would like.
Photo 6/10   |   2007 Ford Expedition billet Tow Hook
On the floor of the SEMA Show, Street Scene Equipment Ford Expedition was a hit and showgoers were roaming around it trying to find all of the little details. With the completion of this project, Street Scene has once again shown its ability to adapt and overcome the obstacles thrown up from vehicle manufacturers. Sleek lines built into its body kit, a spot-on stance, the right colors and graphics, and an interior designed for cleanliness, all gave Street Scene and its friends chosen spots on the charts and they are leading the pack.


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