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1976 Chevrolet Luv - Luv Toy

NT Kustomz Shows Us Some So Cal Luv

Ernie Macias
Apr 1, 2007
Photographers: Ernie Macias
When I shot Lukasz's truck, I had the privilege of hanging out at his house for a bit. While I was there, I got to see where the truck was entirely built by him and his friends. After seeing the garage and the yard around it, it's easy to see why his truck is so hot-rod inspired. There must have been twenty cars in his back yard, and all of it was early tin. I'm talking about cool Corvettes, a Mustang or two, but more importantly, an assortment of Model A's and early Chevy's. And yet, Lukasz is a hardcore minitrucker to the core.
This Chevy Luv isn't his first venture into minitrucks, Lukasz has already had a few in the past. Although this truck is, by far, his best build to date. A few years ago, Lukasz met Mike Alexander and swore to him he would have the baddest Luv to ever grace our cover, and that he wasn't going to let anything stop him. So, true to his word, he got to work on what would be a non-stop action packed build. In order to accomplish his goal, Lukasz started out with a Toyota. Then, he hung his Luv body on it, body-dropped the snot out of it, and slammed a bitchin' motor into it. He drove it like that for a bit, but ended up running into some problems.
With about 50 days remaining until SEMA, Lukasz and his friends decided to build the truck correctly, and get it ready. A lot of people doubted it could be done, but after many sleepless nights, eventually they got it there in time. Within those 50 days, they had the body off for a complete overhaul. We're talking about crazy body work, powdercoating of the frame, and a ton of engine work was done, with the help of Mike Stafford and LC Engineering. The entire interior was laid out with tuck and roll pleats, and to continue the awesome hot-rod theme, some cool pinstripping was added.
After many sleepless nights, the truck finally made it to SEMA where Lukasz found out he would get the cover he so much desired. But, did this mean that he could finally relax? Nope, because being the perfectionist that he is, Lukasz and the NT Kustomz crew added some last-minute flair to get the truck ready for us. Keep an eye out for more from NT Kustomz in the future, because Lukasz told us he's got plenty planned for us.
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front): 18x8 Boyd Coddington
Wheels (Rear): 20x10 Boyd Coddington
Backspace (Front): 6-inches
Backspace (Rear): 4.5-inches
Tires (Front): 215/35R18
Tires (Rear): 215/30R20
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Front suspension: Z'd and narrowed Toyota front clip
Rear suspension: A triangulated four-link
Airbag/cylinder type and size: (Front): 2500 Contitech (Rear): 2600 Contitech
Control arms: Custom arms with S-10 ball joints
Shocks: Toxic
Valves: Chrome 1/2-inch AirLifts
Compressors: Two Air Zenith compressors
Air line: Parker 1/2-inch stainless-steel lines
Frame material: 3x3 1/4-inch thick stock floor, 3x2 1/4-inch thick back half
Gas tank: Custom 15-gallon aluminum fuel cell by Stafford Fabrications
Brakes: Toyota up front, Ford 9-inch in the rear, and a '85 Chevy Sprint booster
Detail work: Powdercoated
Misc.: Chevy Luv body over a Toyota frame
Performed by: Lukasz Granicy
City/state: Lancaster, California
Body Modifications
Shaved: fender markers, door handles, key locks, cab vents, bed seams by taillights, bed hooks, tailgate logo, bed markers, antenna, cowl vents and wiper hole, stock mirrors, emblems, tailgate latches.
Body-dropped: Body-dropped past the rocker
Front end: '72 Chevy Luv valance, '80 Chevy Luv headlights, 2-1/2 inch cowl
Back end: shaved tailgate
Exterior bolt-ons: Hot Rod mirrors
Performed By: Lukasz Granicy and family
City/state: Lancaster, California
Brand and colors: PPG Black and three coats of Clear
Style: Old Skool
Pinstriping: Bob Coslett
Performed by: Dave Little from Little Designs
City/state: Lancaster, California
Seats: Toyota benchseat cut down 3 inches with headrests removed
Material: Leather
Dash: '57 Chevy truck dash narrowed, relocated the dash cluster
Door panels: Wrapped old-school style, all white with red piping
Flooring: Red carpet
Gauges: Dakota Digital
Performed by: Phase III
City/state: Lancaster, California
Displacement: 2.6L
Model/Year: '89 Toyota
Number of cylinders: 4
Head type: LC Engineering
Ported/polished: Yes
Camshaft: LC Engineering
Supercharger: Eaton M-62
Boost: 18 Pounds
Transmission: '95 Toyota five-speed
Intake: Custom from Stafford Fabrication
Header/exhaust: Stafford Fabrication
Ignition: MSD
Rearend type: Ford 9-inch by Currie
Battery: Optima Red Top
Location: Custom mounted in the frame
Inner fenders: floating rear fenders
Performed by: NT Kustomz
City/state: Lancaster, California
Special Thanks (from owner):
My dad Frank Granicy, Kiah, Mike Stafford, Joe Gunsso, Steve Extreme Powder coating, Paul from Air Zenith, Jeff Daggs, Mark Mitchell, Dave Little, Jason Thorbecke, Justin and Ed Lightfoot, Sheldon and Wes Bush, Carl Kolling, Ivan, Rob Hargrave, Carlos Arias, LASD Racing, Mike Shundo, Chad Lucas for getting me in Under Construction, Travis Self, Goose, Jack Johnson, Ernie Macias, and all of the rest of my friends and family.


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