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1968 Chevy C10 - Two Trucks Track The Good Guys Top5-News

The Sport Truck Staff
Apr 9, 2007
Photo 2/2   |   1968 Chevy C10 line Up
10 Mostly Worthless Fact1.The core support grommets on '67 and '68 Chevy C10 pickups are different. The '67 model requires flat rubber squares, whereas the '68 model's bushings are round and are much thicker. Put the '68 parts on your '67 sheetmetal and you'll never line the doors up with the fenders.
2. You can't plow a cotton field with an elephant in North Carolina.
3. If the mass airflow sensor on your '95 Mitsubishi Macro Cab mini-truck ever breaks, then you'll have to fork out $572 to the dealership to buy a new one. The next time you see Galen at a show, ask him how he knows this.
4. If you are unfortunate enough to own an '00 Chevy S-10 and need to replace that nifty flex-fuel filter that Chevy installed between the fuel tank and injectors, it'll cost five times that of a standard fuel filter. Poor Kevin.
5. The California Vehicle Code number for altering the suspension of your truck is 24008. That's what the cop will write on that yellow slip of paper that is going to make your life a living hell trying to get the ticket signed off.
6. You can visit the world's tallest thermometer off Interstate 15 in Baker, California. But, you can also see the world's most mediocre rubberband ball on our copy editor's desk.
7. This issue went on sale February 20, 2007. The next issue will hit the newsstands on March 20. If you leave for the store now, you'll get there way too early to buy it.
8. The cylinder deactivation system on new Chevy pickups that increases the fuel economy of the LS engine also makes the exhaust sound like an old Kawasaki 440 Jet Ski, if you install a chambered aftermarket muffler. As soon as you let off the gas and the computer starts dropping cylinders, your truck will go from sounding like a throaty beast to a zippy clown car.
9.Themes for this month's edition of Sport Truck that didn't make the cut: bodaciously beautiful Bow Ties, sliced-apple super-sake customs, and midgets with trucks. As you can see, we put down the crack pipe before going to print.
10. The title of the 1997 Jack Nicholson film, As Good As It Gets, translates into Chinese as "Mr. Cat Poop."
Say What?The staff speaks, and you listen. It's just that simple. This month, we ask the tough questions:
1. Driving home from a losing day in traffic court or driving Miss Daisy?2. Trailer queen or trailer park?3. Mr. T or Mr. Mister?
Mike:1. I don't like to lose in traffic court. Put it off 3 times, and then the cop won't show up when I'm finally forced to appear, and bingo I win!
2. At some point in life, we all end up on or in the trailer. It's how you hook up that trailer that matters. Mine's got leopard print curtains, so you know I keep mine tight.
3. Mr. T's cereal sucked, so I'm going with the band. Hey, at least I can use their CD as a Frisbee when I'm bored.
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