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Custom 1996 Toyota Hi Lux - Surgery

It Takes a Surgeon's Hand to Craft Something This Smooth

Ernie Macias
Nov 1, 2009
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 5/9   |   OWNER: Atsushi MoriRIDE: '96 Toyota Hi LuxLOCATION: Toyota, Aichi, Japan
When it comes to trucks, you can find everything in Japan. Every style of minitrucks to grace our pages can be found by walking around at any given show. If you're looking for old-skool, you can definitely find it. If you're looking for new-skool, big body-drop and blinged-out wheels, then you can find that, too. You may be wondering, in a sea of minitrucks, how can someone stand apart from the competition? Building something off the wall crazy does help. But how do you do this and still keep it clean and majestic?
Photo 6/9   |   1996 Toyota Hilux interior Center Console
The answers to these questions are located in today's pages of Mini Truckin', right before your very eyes. The truck you see pictured, belongs to Atsushi Mori of Toyota City, Japan. When we laid eyes on this truck, it didn't remind us of home, like most would have expected. It reminded us of heaven, minitruckin' heaven! It stood out so much that we picked it as the Mini Truckin' Editor's Choice award at the Truck Master's Show, in Tokyo, this year. The truck has the right looks, the right stance, and the right attitude. When you first approach this truck, you can't help but notice this thing is freakin' hammered to the ground. Then you realize that, its being severely chopped is an added bonus. But, before you can even take a look at the back, you notice that some incredible attention has been paid to the interior of the truck, also. The flow is amazing, as if it was crafted by a surgeon, every piece had been cut to perfection and sewn on.
Once you pick up your jaw from the floor, and make your way to the back, one can only admire the beauty of the satin finish on the paint. When you get to the back, you notice an incredible detail to body work has been taken in the back of the bed, which leads to the tailgate. Here, an incredible mural had been added by Atsushi to represent his club. Great pride was taken in this truck and it's apparent in every detail. We hope you enjoy this truck as much as we do.

Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 17x7 Budnik Pentacle
Tires (Front/Rear): 205/40R17

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Rear suspension: Custom-built four-link
Airbag/cylinder type and size: (Front): Firestone 255c
(Rear): Firestone 255c
Shocks: Toxic
Valves: Eight SMCs
Compressor: Thomas
Air line: 3/8
Frame mods: Step-notched
Performed by: K's Bodyworks
City/state: Toyota City, Japan

Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, gas door, tailgate, taillights, and wiper cowl
Body-dropped: 4 inches
Chopped: 3 inches, with a rag top
Front end: '01 Tacoma front
Back end: Fully skinned
Taillights: Cadillac
Performed by: K's Bodyworks
City/state: Toyota City, Japan

Brand and colors: Suede Blue Metallic and Matt Black
Style: Two tone
Pinstriping: Silver
Airbrushing: Club logo on the tailgateby FUDEMAE
Performed by: K's Bodyworks
City/state: Toyota City, Japan

Seats: '86 Toyota Hi Lux
Material: Vinyl leather
Dash: Custom-made and fully painted, all steel
Door panels: Fully shaved, custom-made arm rests, and power windows with hidden switches behind the arm rests
Center console: Custom made and wraps up to dash
Headliner: Rag top
Gauges: Dakota Digital in the center of the dash
Misc.: Custom-made shift gate and a custom-made shift knob by FUDEMAE
Performed by: K's Bodyworks
City/state: Toyota City, Japan

Misc.: "I need no music because sound of motor is only music for me."
Performed by: K's Bodyworks, Toyota City, Japan

Special Thanks (by owner):
Outer Limits and K's Bodyworks


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