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Custom 1992 Chevrolet C3500 Dualie - Mrs. Dima

Because Dualies Run In The Family

Courtney Hallowell
May 1, 2007
Photographers: Galen Armenta, Kevin Aguilar
Photo 2/12   |   Although the truck didn't really look anything like it does today, Cynthia could see the truck's potential.
Ever since the first time that cynthia diaz laid eyes on a slammed dualie, she knew that one day she would own one. but, she wouldn't be satisfied with any old lowered dualie rockin' puny 16-1/2-inch wheels and a static drop. cynthia was shooting for something a little more extreme-like the trucks she was used to seeing at her husband's shop. for those who don't know, cynthia's husband is alfredo diaz, the owner of dima wheels, the company that makes those really trick 22- and 24-inch dualie wheels
After showing an interest in having her own truck, alfredo surprised his wife one day when he brought home this '92 chevrolet dualie. although the truck didn't really look anything like it does today, cynthia could see the truck's potential. and thanks to mark over at slaughter house, it didn't take long for the truck to realize some of that potential. mark started off by swapping out the factory rear axle with a narrower unit from a gm cab and chassis, and building a set of custom front hangers to mount the custom two-link. mark also step-notched the frame, built custom airbag mounts and shock mounts, and mounted the air storage tanks, a pair of thomas 337 air compressors, and a set of gc 250 valves under the bed. up front, the factory spindles were replaced with a pair of belltech drop spindles, and a set of firestone 26c air springs was installed in place of the factory coil springs. custom outboard shock mounts were welded into place, and a pair of gabriel shocks was bolted into place.
With all of the fabrication work and part swapping out of the way, mark plumbed the air system with copper tubing, wired up the switches, and installed the firestone dual-needle gauge. once the new air-ride suspension was completed, six new dima aztec 22-inch dualie wheels, wrapped in 265/35r22 kumho tires, were bolted to the corners.
As soon as the air suspension was complete, the truck was shipped off to galvan designs for some body mods and a slick new paintjob. up front, the factory chevy front clip was swapped out for a Cadillac Escalade front end. a little further back, the door handles were shaved, a power sunroof was installed, and the antenna was frenched into the rear cab corner. at the rear of the truck, the factory taillights were shaved and replaced with a set of cadillac taillights and a tailgate skin/roll pan combo with a license plate box welded into place. inside the bed, a set of larger wheeltubs and a raised section of floor above the step-notch were added, before the new wood bed floor was added, and a new snuglid bedcover was installed. after the truck was block-sanded to perfection, the diamond white pearl ppg basecoat was sprayed over every square inch of the truck, and an ice-blue tribal band and magenta flames were laid over the white base color. before the final coat of clear was applied, some very tasteful pinstriping was added to the hood, and a cadillac emblem was airbrushed onto the back of the truck.
The truck's interior has been given the same amount of attention as the rest of the truck, with custom one-off parts and a ton of upgrades. it started with stripping the armrests off of the door panels, replacing the factory front seats with a pair of mercedes-benz buckets, and installing an alpine audio/video system, thanks to the crew at innovative sounds. then, the dash and all of the interior panels were wrapped in gray tweed, and many of the interior trim pieces were painted white to match the truck's exterior. meanwhile, the front and rear seats were wrapped in gray leather with snakeskin inserts. the finishing interior touches, such as a custom billet steering wheel that was cut at dima to match the aztec wheels, a billet shifter, and a set of gauges in a custom a-pillar pod, really bring the truck's exterior style inside the truck.
Under the hood, the factory 5.7l powerplant has been fit with a high-output alternator, to keep the dual batteries fully charged, a high-flow air cleaner, and a custom high-flow exhaust system. you will also find a set of custom inner fenders, dual battery trays, and a warmed-over 700-r4 transmission.
Since its completion, cynthia has been using her truck to help promote dima wheels at shows all over the united states while raking in the trophies. cynthia would like to thank mark from slaughter house, steve from innovative sounds, the crew at galvan designs, and the members of ground zero for all of their help in completing the truck. and a very special thanks goes out to her husband, alfredo, for getting her involved in his hobby and helping to put together this badass hauler.
Photo 6/12   |   1992 Chevrolet C3500 front Drivers Side View
The 411

Cynthia Diaz / Houston, Texas
'92 Chevy c3500
5.7l chevrolet / 700-r4 transmission
By: factory
Front & Rear: 22x8.5-inch dima aztec with 10-inch backspacing
Front & Rear: 265/35r22 kumho
Front: belltech drop spindles / firestone 26c air springs / outboard shock mounts with gabriel shocks
Rear: gm cab and chassis rearend / custom front hangers / two-link / 12-inch step-notch / custom airbag mounts / custom shock mounts
Accessories: thomas 337 air compressors / gc 250 valves / plumbed in copper tubing
By: Mark at Slaughter House, in Houston
Body Mods:
frenched antenna / cadillac taillights / frenched license plate / escalade front clip / shaved door handles / sunroof
By: galvan designs, in Houston
Custom Paint:
ppg diamond white pearl
By: Galvan designs
mercedes-benz buckets / snakeskin and tweed upholstery / dima aztec steering wheel
By: arjona upholstery, in pasadena, texas
alpine in-dash cd head unit
By: Steve at Innovative Sounds, in Houston
Ground Zero


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