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Custom 1988 Mazda b2200 - Seven Year Itch

It's About Time

Mike Alexander
Jan 1, 2010
Contributors: Josh Fleetwood
Photographers: Josh Fleetwood
Photo 2/9   |   OWNER: Michael BrottRIDE: '88 Mazda b2200 LOCATION: St. Joseph, MOCLUB: Negative Camber
Michael Brott got his start in the minitruckin' world way back in 1992, when he picked up his very first Mazda. At that time, it was just another '86 b2000 that had the torsion bars cranked all of the way in the front, and a set of blocks in the rear. But it didn't take long for him to start changing it up. Michael went completely though the entire truck: 'bags, body, paint, interior, and even a small-block Chevy underneath the hood. He took his truck to Heat Wave in '98 were he became a member of Negative Camber; but two weeks before the trip, he had picked up the truck you see before you now-only not in this nice of shape.
When Michael returned from Texas, he began his new project by taking it to Dave Jackman's to work on the chassis. Mike called upon his friend to help him start cutting on his truck, as he had done a few before. When they started, Mike sat in the cab holding a Sawzall for about an hour, trying to work up the nerve to cut into the floor boards. As soon as he worked up the nerve and decided it was nothing that a welder couldn't fix, he got to work. By the time it was all said and done, Dave had taken care of the bed and finished up the rear 'bag setup. When they rolled it out of the shop, it was back to Michael's house in St. Joseph Missouri to smooth out the frame and made it ready for the silver basecoat.
In the spring of 1999, Michael sold his regular cab Mazda and put the money from that to good use by having all of the hinges and nick knacks on the '88 2.2L chromed or painted. Next, he added a set of 17x7.5 Enkei Spiders with 205/40 Yokohama tires, along with many other things. After finding the b2600i hood and 4x4 sheetmetal, Michael started the body work. When he got the body as straight as possible, it was time for paint. For this, he enlisted the help of another friend, Mark Page, of Page's Body Shop. Mark and Michael sprayed the bright Atomic Blue basecoat and then it was back to the Mike's pad one more time, where he would spend the next three days blocking and buffing the truck from the top of the cab to the rockers.
Photo 3/9   |   1988 Mazda B2200 front Air Bag
With everything coming together, it was time to turn to the interior, where Brandon Brewka, of Dream Gear Mobile Audio, was called in to design and build the dash, door pods, console and sub box, and once again, back to Michael's for paint. Next, all of the tweed, vinyl, and Plexiglas was laid out by Michael, Greg Simmons, and Doug Lundy. When that was done, Michael installed an Alpine head unit and the Bazooka speakers. Michael spent the last seven years building his Mazda. While most people would have cut corners to get a project done earlier or just given up, Michael persevered because he had the itch to get it done, and done right.
Michael would like to thank his Family, Kelly, Mark Page, Brandon Brewka, Tim Sheeham (for helping drill the 80 holes per break rotor) Greg Simmons, Doug Lundy, Dave Jackman, Clay Ide, Derek Tircuit with Bazooka, Petros Kaniaris from Tsunami, and everyone else along the way who helped out over the last seven years.

Rolling Attire
Wheels: Enkei Spider 17x7.5-inch
Backspace: 5.25 inches
Tires: Yokohama 205/40ZR17

Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Airbag type: (Front): 2500-pound Firestones
(Rear): 2600-pound Firestones
Spindles: 2-inch drop spindles
Shocks: Chrome Pro Shocks
Valves: Air Ride Technologies Big Red ?-inch
Compressors: Two VIAIR 460s
Air Accessories: Air Ride Tech digital gauges
Frame mods: bridge kit, chrome Pete & Jake's 4-link
Gas tank: Relocated RCI fuel cell
Brakes: 4-wheel disc brakes with 80 holes drilled in each rotor
Detail work: Frame smoothed and painted
Misc.: '85 Ford Ranger rearend
Performed By: Dave Jackman and Michael Brott
City/state: Kansas City, MO

Body Modifications
Shaved: Antenna, emblems, gas door, door handles, tailgate, taillights, and roll pan
Body-dropped: 3 inches
Front end: Lowered the motor 1 inch, to clear the hood
Taillights: Cadillac
Misc.: Sliding ragtop
Performed by: Dave Jackman and Michael Brott
City/state: Kansas City, MO

Color: Bright Atlantic Metallic Pearlcoat
Performed by: All bodywork by Michael Brott, paint by Michael Brott and Mark Page

Seats: Racing buckets from Jegs
Material: Recovered by Elrod's upholstery in gray tweed and gray Vinyl
Dash: One-off fiberglass smoothed and painted
Door panels: Fiberglass and tweed vinyl
Center console: Fiberglass and subwoofer enclosure
Flooring: Carpet
Headliner: Tweed
Gauges: White face Auto Meter
Performed by: All fiberglass work performed by Brandon Brewka from Dream Gear Mobile Audio, paint by Michael Brott

Head unit: Alpine RXA701 5.1 Surround Processor
Mids and highs: Bazooka seven sets of 6-1/2-inch components
Amplifier for mids and highs: Two Bazooka 2150HC amps
Subwoofers: Four Bazooka 12-inch subs
Amplifier for subwoofers: Bazooka BA1900-D
Wiring/accessories: Tsunami
Video: 10-inch monitor molded in dash, and two 7s in the doors
Performed by: Brandon Brewka
City/state: St. Joseph, MO

Header/Exhaust: Pacesetter Header, high temperature powdercoat
Driveshaft: Modified to fit a Ford Ranger rearend
Rearend type: Ford Ranger rearend
Battery: Two blue top Optimas
Location: Relocated to bed
Inner fenders: Trailer fenders and smoothed sides
Detail Work: Motor and transmission painted to match, chrome accessories
Performed by: Michael Brott
City/state: St Joseph, MO

Special Thanks (from owner):
Mark Page from Page's Body Shop, Dave Jackman, Kelly, my re-drill partner Tim Sheehan,Clay Ide, Brandon Brewka from Dream Gear Mobile Audio, Greg Simmons, Doug Lundy, Petros Kaniaris from Tsunami, Derek Tircuit from Bazooka, and my family for all of their support.


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