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Custom 1995 GMC 1500 - Eye Candy

When a clean daily driver isn't enough

Galen Armenta
Jun 1, 2007
Photographers: Galen Armenta
Photo 2/16   |   "I learned that I can build whatever I want." -Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz
Sometimes things happen in life that you never expect, and people end up going down roads that are off the beaten path. Building a customized show truck is something that Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz never expected to do. All he wanted was to drive a clean daily driver that carried a few personalized details. It wasn't until a neighbor got him to bring his truck to a local show that got him hooked. Up to this point, he thought he had a really nice truck, but when he didn't receive a trophy at his first show, it was on. He was going to make his '95 GMC 1500 a show-winner.
Getting this cruiser down on the ground was the first priority for Temo, and he wasted no time getting the Chevy's framerails planted on the pavement. Up front, he did this by way of DJM control arms and 2-inch drop spindles, supported by Firestone airbags. The rear received the slammed treatment with a custom-made four-link setup. A step-notch supports the Firestone airbags and was welded into the rear framerails to provide clearance for the rear axle. Complementing the pavement-scraping stance in classic style are Pro Wheel 22x10-inch custom billet wheels, wrapped in Pirelli 265/35ZR22 tires. After Temo completed the suspension alterations, it was on to doing what Temo does best, implementing some trick body modifications before the body was covered in a colorful candy shell.
Photo 3/16   |   1995 Gmc 1500 open Tonneau Cover
Temo picked up some sheetmetal and body filler, tuned up his welder, and was ready to get down to business on his truck. First off, a roll pan was fitted with a custom-made 5-foot-long LED taillight. The stock taillights were removed, tossed in the trash, and their openings were filled and smoothed. Deleting the stock tailgate handles and gas door finished off the tail end, nicely. The front end was treated to a complete Cadillac Escalade front clip, including the fenders, grille shell, bumper, hood, and headlights, as well as removal of the door handles and the third brake light. An over-the-rail tonneau cover tops the bed and finishes off the exterior mods. Now that the metal alterations were done, the truck was rolled into the paint booth and covered from nose to tail in DuPont base. Then, several coats of Brandy Wine candy paint was sprayed for an eye-catching look. Once the truck was cut and buffed, it brought the paint to life, and Temo's creation was starting to look like a show-worthy custom. To bring the whole ensemble together, a custom interior and a flashy engine compartment was a must.
Taking a look into the engine compartment reveals the same treatment of candy paint that flows evenly over the firewall, inside the fenders, and along the underside of the Caddy hood. Several engine accessories and brackets were removed and coated in the same hue for extra detail, while chrome valve covers, a chrome A/C compressor cover, and an air-cleaner provide additional eye candy. Decking out the engine compartment with gorgeous paint and polishing led Temo to address the stereo system and the inside confines.
Photo 4/16   |   With the wheelwells removed to make way for the massive rolling attire, Temo added round tubing for added structural support.
For a unique twist, Temo painted the dash to blend with the exterior paint and installed a billet steering wheel. Gauge bezels and A/C vents help give the interior a sense of flare. The seating arrangement consists of light-tan leather bucket seats and a custom-made center console, coated in the same Brandy Wine paint as the exterior. Temo built this trick center console that flows between the seats and up to just below the back window. Pulsating the cabin of Temo's ride is an Eclipse CD/DVD head unit, four 10-inch subwoofers in the center console, Alpine and Sony amplifiers, and Sony mids and separates, located in the doors.
Taking the simple approach, Temo has successfully turned out one impressive example of Chevy's timeless '88-'98 hauler. The truck is a standout, and since it was finished in a simple style with attention to detail, 10 years down the line, he could show it and never look out of place. Temo would like to thank his friends Jack Web, Jose and Roy Cerda, and Enrique Montez. He would also like to give a special thanks to Carlos Duarte and, last but never least, his lovely wife Leslie, who is extremely supportive and enthusiastic about his low-rolling accomplishment. In Temo's custom show-truck world, those other guys can keep their 72-color graphic paintjobs. He is going to keep rolling with impeccable taste and style in this sanitary pickup.
Photo 5/16   |   1995 Gmc 1500 rear Drivers Side View
THE 411

Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz / Artesia, California
'95 GMC Extended Cab 1500
5.7L V-8 / four-speed automatic transmission / painted and chrome engine parts, transmission, driveshaft, and rear axle / MagnaFlow stainless steel exhaust / two Optima YellowTop batteries
BY: Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz
FRONT & REAR: Pro Wheel 22x10-inch one-off directional billet / Pro Wheel Designs in Norwalk, California
FRONT & REAR: Pirelli 265/35ZR22 Scorpion
Photo 6/16   |   1995 Gmc 1500 painted Tanks
FRONT: DJM control arms / Firestone air springs / Gabriel shocks
REAR: Custom-made chrome four-link / Firestone air springs / step-notch
ACCESSORIES: GC three-way 5/8-inch air valves / 1/2-inch air line / two 5-gallon air tanks
CHASSIS: Modified for the 3-inch stock-floor body drop / smoothed and painted frame / custom-made bridge for rear airbags
BY: Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz
Shaved door and tailgate handles, gas door, taillights, and third brake light / molded roll pan with 5-foot LED taillight / Cadillac Escalade fenders, grille shell, bumper, hood, and headlights / over-the-rail tonneau cover
BY: Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz
Custom DuPont base / House of Kolor Brandy Wine Candy / PPG clear
BY: Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz
Photo 7/16   |   1995 Gmc 1500 interior Seats
Seats wrapped in light-tan leather / fiberglassed and painted dash, door panels, and center console / rear bucket seats / suede headliner / billet steering wheel, gauge cluster bezel, and A/C vents / tan wool carpet
BY: Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz
Eclipse CD/DVD head unit / Alpine amplifier for mids / Sony component speakers / four Sony 10-inch subwoofers / Sony amplifier for subs / Monster cable wiring / custom-made center console / sub enclosure
BY: Cuauhtemoc "Temo" Paz
No Sympathy
Jack Web / Jose and Roy Cerda / Enrique Montez / Carlos Duarte / Rudy from Pro Wheel / his lovely wife, Leslie



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