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  • 2008 Ford Super Duty - A Show & Drag, The Mooneyes' Way - Front Page - News & Fun Stuff

2008 Ford Super Duty - A Show & Drag, The Mooneyes' Way - Front Page - News & Fun Stuff

Kevin Aguilar
Jun 26, 2007
Photographers: Ernie Macias
Photo 2/2   |   2008 Ford Super Duty front View
What was once a simple Christmas cruise at the SoCal-based Mooneyes store is no more. Instead, a full show on December 9, 2006, was held 17 miles away at Irwindale Speedway. The apparent change is due to the uprising of Rat-style vehicles and the crowds of people who are into the nostalgic scene. Previous Christmas shows were held at a local sheriff's facility parking lot, but if you were there you'd know how space was very limited for the meet. Because each passing event expanded greatly, the Mooneyes staff decided to go big time and throw a full-on show.
The change of venue opened up many more activities, in addition to the show-'n'-shine. The big deal was the addition of drag racing down Irwindale's eighth-mile track, which drew a large group of nostalgic race vehicles. Then, there were the usual rockin' band performances with the likes of the Hot Rod Trio and Dead Beat Daddies. And what would a show be without a spectacular display of ladies on stage for a competition? Instead of your traditional bikini contest, the Mooneyes show hosted a pinup challenge, which meant that all of the beautiful women showcased more of a vintage attire and hair-do.
The old-school-themed show drew an estimated 1,000 attendees to the new venue. It also made for one of the biggest events Irwindale Speedway has ever held. With that said, no one knows how much bigger the event can get. This may very well be only the beginning of a growing tradition. For information on future events, visit
The staff speaks and you listen. It's that simple. This month's question is:
Galen:In a perfect world, I would have both-with a body-drop, bitches! But, for now, I am going to sit here, wait for the perfect world, and hold my breath at the same time...still holding...still waiting...I'm seeing spots...whoa, the colors...getting harder to type...why are the letters running around on my keyboard like a soccer game gone wrong? Mike:
Both, because I'm greedy it comes to my truck and want to drive low and fast. Although, the new small-blocks are pretty rad, so maybe I don't need a big-block. That GM lSX aluminum small-block is supposed to be strong enough for 1,000 hp. Hmm...
Kevin:If money wasn't an issue, I would go with both. Of course, gas prices are a lot higher than they used to be, and a big fuel-sucking motor is not friendly to thy wallet. I drive what I own, and for everyday use, a big block would be impractical. It's all about style for me, and airbags will definitely get you there.
Andy:That's a tough one. let's see, 'bags are nice as long as they stay air-tight and don't sag or blow out. A nice big-block is built for speed, and you know it can per form well. So, I have to say I'd take both-in the right proportions, of course!
Calin:I'm not into 'bags, so those are definitely out. With the way gas prices are going, I wouldn't want a big-block. It would be a big tease-yeah, it would be fun to drive, but if you can't fill it up, what is the point? So, my answer to this question is neither.
It's back. Join the magazine staffs of Truckin', Sport Truck, Mini Truckin', Diesel Power, and 8-lug Diesel Truck for the 3rd Annual Havasu Havoc Truck Show, taking place April 28-29, 2007, at beautiful lake Havasu, Arizona. Sponsored by general Motors, Mercruiser, Nitto Tires, Ultra Wheel, Air Zenith, Discount Tire, and, this super-exciting event will take place at the beautiful london Bridge Resort on the main channel of the lake. Cash and prizes will be awarded in numerous classes, as well as brand-new classes for classic trucks, Rhinos, golf carts, and best matching boats. This multi-faceted event promises the wildest bikini action, an aerial freestyle motocross team, plus live music throughout the weekend. Also, on Friday, April 27, please join us in the State 2 State Cruise. For more information and to enter, please visit any one of the following websites:,, www.,, or e-mail Also, please check the websites daily for new up-to-date information regarding this show, as well as the Havoc Kentucky event, scheduled for August 11-12, 2007, in Bowling green, Kentucky.
10 Mostly Worthless Facts1. California Vehicle Code 24008 states that it is unlawful to operate any passenger or commercial vehicle with a frame lower than the lowermost portion of your vehicle's wheels. With that said, your tire size is the only limit to how low you can go. Just make sure to watch out for speed bumps.
2. Star Wars creator George Lucas' first film was named THX 1138. In his second film, American Graffiti, character John Milner drove a five-window '32 Ford with the license plate "THX 138". Later, THX became the name of Lucas' sound company. Also, 1138 showed up as the cell block number that Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and prisoner Chewbacca were trying to find, in order to save Princess Leia in Star Wars: Episode IV.
3. The Dodge Ram SRT10 is the world's fastest production pickup. At the DaimlerChrysler proving grounds in Chelsea, Michigan, driver Brendan Gaughan drove the truck to a top speed of 158.587 mph.
4. In 1911, Ray Harroun won the first 500-mile race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a six-cylinder Marmon Wasp. Harroun convinced Indianapolis officials to let him use a rearview mirror to see other vehicles, instead of using a riding mechanic to do the same. It is believed that he built and installed the first rearview mirror to ever be used on an automobile.
5. The most expensive Hot Wheels die-cast car was sold to Bruce Pascal. He purchased the rare '69 hot-pink concept of the "Beach Bomb" for $70,000.
6. The '08 Ford F-series Super Duty was named the Texas Truck of the Year for 2006 by the Texas Auto Writers Association.
7. Innovative pinstriper Kenneth Howard, aka Von Dutch, was raised in the city of Compton, California, and later worked in George Barris' Lynwood, California, shop. Talk about original gangsta!
8. The longest ramp jump in a limousine was measured at a total of 103 feet. Michael Hughes in his 6,600-pound stretched Lincoln Town Car accomplished this at Perris Auto Speedway in Perris, California.
9. This issue of Sport Truck was produced in February '07.
10. The '07 Chevy Silverado LTZ has a heated window washer fluid system as standard factory-installed equipment.
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