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Cummins vs. Duramax vs. Power Stroke

Extreme Diesel Showdown In Central California

Jul 6, 2007
Photographers: David Kennedy, Trevor Reed
Photo 2/24   |   1995 Ford F350 side Left
Smoke and dirt flew for three days during the BorgWarner Airwerks Extreme Diesel Showdown, presented by Diesel Engine Parts Outlet. Turbo-powered trucks from as far away as British Columbia invaded California's central valley for a dyno competition, dirt drag racing, sled pulling, and the Tulare Ag Center, which was full of diesel vendors and show trucks. By Saturday night, it seemed like every truck passing down the strip had big chrome stacks pumping out the whine of twin turbos.
Dyno Power
It all started at Roger Vogt's Dynolab, where more than 30 trucks strapped in for a chance to win cash and prizes. Smoke poured out of the dyno booth as multiple turbos, fat injectors, and modified fuel pumps were used to wring horsepower and torque out of Cummins, Duramax, and Power Stroke trucks.
To even the playing field, a qualifying round was used to split the trucks into two brackets: closest to 400 hp and unlimited horsepower. That way, drivers with lightly modified rigs who are new to the diesel cult could compete without getting blown-out by trucks that already have $20,000 in upgrades.
In the 400hp class, David Noble made 381 hp with his white, '01 Chevy dualie. Marc Tarrango got 382 hp out of his F-350 with the 7.3L Power Stroke, and Adam Ross used an Industrial Injection turbo and big injectors to score 385 hp in his '99 Ram dualie. In the Unlimited class, Diesel Power Challenge West competitor Doug Lindsay went easy on his new engine, but still scored 608 hp using just #2 diesel. Gary Riley made 734 hp in a '98 Dodge Ram 2500 while blowing a thick cloud of smoke from a big exhaust stack. Richard Brown had one of the few common-rail Cummins trucks in the competition and used dual CP3 injection pumps to fuel his '03 Ram to an impressive 832 hp. While technology is cool, Chris Werner used an old-fashioned 12-valve swapped in to his orange and blue '01 Ram to win the Unlimited class with 862 hp.
Diesel Drags
The dirt drag racing was wild, with two- and four-wheel-drive trucks fighting for traction on an eighth-mile of loose soil. Pickups were fishtailing halfway down the track and spewing dirt clods and black smoke as drivers reached highway speeds before crossing the finish line. A weigh-in and tech inspection separated the trucks into Street, Super Street, Modified, and Unlimited classes. Richard "Mad Dog" Madsen had more than 1,100 hp bursting from the Cummins in his '95 Ford F-350, but he overpowered the track and could only get enough traction for Third Place. Richard Brown had a better grip on the track and pushed his 832hp, common-rail Dodge Ram into Second Place. First Place in the Unlimited class went to Cory Calvin in his '06 Ram 2500.
Sled Pulls
After the tractors were done showing off, a field of mostly street-legal daily drivers took turns fighting The Terminator. A few trucks lost their battles and limped home with injuries such as a broken tie rod, dislodged intercooler boots (the fans loved every pop), a burst transmission line, and even a bent connecting rod inside the block of a nitrous-huffing Power Stroke. When the smoke and dust cleared, Joel Gooch eased his 24-valve, twin-turbo Dodge 206 feet down the track for Third Place in the Modified class. Bryan Kinney broke his Power Stroke engine while fighting the sled out to 224.06 feet but ended up taking Second Place. Clint Cannon secured First Place by using his '02 Chevy Duramax to pull more than 234 feet.
Be There Next Year
With hundreds of high-power diesel trucks on hand for the first BorgWarner Airwerks Extreme Diesel Showdown, you can expect diesel nuts to spread the word and make the next one even bigger. Keep your eyes open for the next Extreme Diesel Showdown and events like it in your area-there's no better way to spend a weekend than by taking your family (and the family truck) out for a weekend at the track.
White Out!It's not surprising that a lot of farm work trucks end up becoming projects built for competition. Many are ordered with the least amount of options possible, which keeps the curb weights and prices low. Here is a group of white trucks that hooked up to the sled and raced down the Tulare Ag Center racetrack.
Sled Pull Results
1. Clint Cannon 234.01 ft.
2. Bryan Kinney 224.06 ft.
3. Joel Gooch 206.00 ft.
1. Nick D'Amico 208.09 ft.
2. John Brasil 194.01 ft.
3. Matt Lewis 187.06 ft.
1. Rui Esteves 186.05 ft.
2. Nathan Nottnagel 147.00 ft.
3. Josh Pearl 142.08 ft.
1. Matt Crow 366.05 ft.
2. Tim Perry 349.02 ft.
3. Jeff Perry 265.03 ft.
Dirt Drag Results
Modified Class
1. Cory Calvin
2. Richard Brown
3. Richard Madsen
Super Street Class
1. Adam Ross
2. Rick Young
3. Nick Vasquez
Street Class
1. Brad Freeman
2. Herman Sihota
3. Rui Esteves
2WD Class
1. Howard Anderson
2. John Hoffman
3. Mike Smith
Dyno Results
1. Chris Werner 862 hp
2. Richard Brown 832 hp
3. Gary Riley 734 hp
1. Adam Ross 385 hp
2. Marc Tarango 382 hp
3. Dennis Rosennthal 381 hp
Smoker Tractor Pulls
Some of the most spectacular actioN DURING the weekend occurred when the 2,000hp smoker tractors hooked up to The Terminator, the same sled used in the first Diesel Power Challenge. Each of the earth-movers performed wheelstands as they tugged the sled away from the starting line and fought for traction with their giant rear tires. One tractor had so much torque that it sheared one of the giant aluminum wheels off at the hub, which made the crowd go wild.
White Out!
It's not surprising that a lot of farm work trucks end up becoming projects built for competition. Many are ordered with the least amount of options possible, which keeps the curb weights and prices low. Here is a group of white trucks that hooked up to the sled and raced down the Tulare Ag Center racetrack.
Photo 24/24   |   truck towing


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