DIB Customs - Doing It Bigger

Building Trucks With Southern Hospitality

Ernie Macias
Jul 1, 2007
Photographers: Ernie Macias
Photo 2/30   |   dib Custom Truck Shop shop Truck
When we think of big wheels and little trucks, one of the first places that comes to mind is DIB Customs from Southern Louisiana. Duck, and the rest of the crew at DIB, like to do it "Bayou style." Big wheels, big paint, and big attitude is how they like it. And hell, that's how a lot of people like it. The goal at DIB is simple: Crank out top-notch trucks to compete for Truck of the Year, year after year.
They specialize on anything they can get their hands on, including fullsizes, minis, paint, hydros, 'bags-you name it. Duck is a painter by trade, so paintjobs are no problem for him. One of their first major jobs was a Chevy Avalanche that graced some covers, and it was painted by Duck and the crew at DIB. DIB also had some sister companies that helped them get the job done, including Nu Era Bed Liners, Innovative Customs, and Fredbear Design.
So, next time you want to stuff some '24s in a Nissan Hardbody, you might want to give the guys at DIB a call. You never know, you may end up down the Bayou wrestling 'gators while your truck is 'dropped.
Originally From: "The Bayou" Houma, Louisiana, born and raised.
Photo 3/30   |   Jamey was throwing down some welds on the Ernie Killer frame.
Previous Jobs: Currently, Duck is a painter by trade, but he started by washing cars at a Car Dealer. He used to be a "Whoody."
How long have you been working on cars? Duck's been messing with cars since about age 12. However, he bought his first minitruck when he was 15 years old, a Nissan Hardbody, and it was in the infamous Texas Heatwave Cover for January of 1999. It was the Orange Nissan in the front.
Number of employees: Currently, there are six employees. Zack (Nu Era Bedliners), Jamey (Fredbear Design), Travis, Duck, Whoody, and Josh.
Number of vehicles owned: Duck currently owns four vehicles. First, his '05 dualie, which was a very extensive project. Second, is his '41 Chevy hot rod. Third, his new toy is a '56 Cadillac, and last is the daily, an '06 Chevy Crew Cab.
First feature vehicle built: '98 dualie, which was a cover truck in 2001. The first mini was the '87 Hardbody, which was doored in the late '90s and was actually finished. It was also juiced and in the group cover. The first DIB project to make a magazine and cover was the Avalanche project. But it was actually the DIB Nissan that really put the shop on the map. The Nissan was the November 2006 cover for Mini Truckin'.
Next big project: '05 dualie, Mazda B-Series on '22s, Mitsubishi Mighty Max on '22s (the Ernie Killer), and a Ford Ranger on '22s.



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