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Project STK TRUK - Mind Of Macias

What I've Been Up To In 486 Words

Ernie Macias
Jul 1, 2007
Photo 2/2   |   0707mt Z Mind Of Macias
Besides the usual insanity at work, I've been pretty freakin' busy lately. I've decided to take on a few projects while I'm still adjusting to life at Mini Truckin'. I have been selling Cadillacs like a used-car salesman to make room for the minis that will soon be coming into the house. Project STK TRUK turned into a bigger build than I had anticipated. It dawned on me, recently, that going from 18-inch wheels to 20-inch wheels was a little more work than I had expected. But, you know what they say, go big or go home.
I knew I wanted to get this truck built as quickly as possible. Basically, I wanted to shoot it out to print as fast as I could, so you readers had something new to check out every issue. Also, I had wanted to try and cover the entire build in as few issues as possible. What this meant was I had to jump around on the truck, from corner to corner, to cover as much ground as possible. But, to make things more interesting, I decided I wanted to try and debut the truck at the Forbidden Fantasy '07 show.
As I sit here and write this today, I still have about three weeks to go before the show, and the truck is not 'bagged, or body-dropped.
Only time will tell if I make it or not. Why the rush for the show? Well, I guess I like things complicated. And, I really want my club to compete for the lowest club at the event.
To add to the mix of things, my good friend, Mike Venegas, finally got his call from Max over at Bio Kustumz. Max said that the time had come to build his Tacoma-we will cover more on this in issues to come. So, what does this have to do with me? Well, since Mike lives in Arizona, I told him he could stay with me while he built the truck. I wanted to be involved with his build, even if it meant just standing around and watching.
Essentially, that led to more frequent visits to Bio Kustumz to hang out and watch the action. The build on his truck was also being covered by the mag, so picture taking would be in order, which meant I wouldn't be completely useless in the build. In the long run, time at Bio Kustumz meant less time at home, which meant less time on project STK TRUK.
I was beginning to wonder, would I lose my mind?
Not really.
Besides, who doesn't like to hang out, drink some cold brews and churn out some body-dropped minis? I know I do. Be sure to keep an eye out for more on both projects as they come closer to completion, and to see if I finally lose it by trying to juggle so much at the same time.
- OF


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