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Custom 1994 Ford Ranger - On Fire

"While We're There!"

Mike Alexander
Dec 1, 2009
Photographers: John Jackson
Photo 2/11   |   Owner: Kevin PittRide: '94 Ford RangerHometown: Woodbridge, Va
We've all been there before, at one time or another. You're in your garage, working on your truck, yanking that blown motor out and getting ready to swap in a small-block. Then while you're there, you decide to clean up the frame and build new tubular control arms, and because you're going to build new arms, why not just build a new frame? Well, that my friends is the inevitable snowball effect that has now become known as "Mike Alexander Syndrome." Yes, it's true. I can't seem to finish a truck. Okay, I get it. But it just seems that the "while we're there" excuse isn't working for me anymore. The story of this Ranger hit home for me because after years of my own personal battle trying to build the perfect mini, I'm finally looking down the final stretch and about to round third and make the mad dash for home plate. But enough about me, back to this badass Ranger that sits before you.
Kevin Pettit's story is very similar to this, as he too fell victim to the "while we're there" philosophy. Kevin started off by turbo-charging the factory 2.3L with more than 200,000 miles. That obviously didn't last long, so he pulled the motor, took it to a machine shop, and then had it built to hold the boost. While the motor was in the machine shop, he decided to 'bag the truck to lay it out on 20s. When the motor was back in and the truck had a more respectable stance once again, then the motor became a big headache. It was constantly blowing head gaskets, breaking driveshafts, and demolishing clutches, and Kevin refused to turn the boost down. He said, "It was fast as hell and fun when it was running right." However, he finally got tired of the 2.3L cleaning out his wallet and went out and found a 289 V-8 and a C4 transmission. Then, he called upon a friend from way back in middle school, Kris Abrahamson, to help build the V-8 to run and sound mean as hell-which he knows he should have done from the beginning. Since he had to do some minor frame modifications in the front to accommodate the V-8, he decided it was a good time for a stock-floor body-drop, a four-link, and a wild tubular 'bag setup, which his buddy Jeremy Stanley built.
After a year of the truck just sitting, he finally decided to stop working on other peoples' rides and finish his own. (If only I could stop working on the mag for like six months and finish something, haha.) So, with a lot of help from Patrick Kennedy, Kevin finished the bodywork, smoothed the inside of the bed, and got all the interior parts ready to paint. Next, he called upon his boss over at Razor Custom Paint, Kenny Dean, nicknamed Von Dean, to layout the sick flame job you see now.
So after six long, hard years, Kevin was able to achieve the ultimate satisfaction of draggin' a beautifully finished mini down the highway. Congrats on the amazing Ranger, Kevin, and a special congrats for having the dedication and determination to follow through on such a big project. We can't wait to see what's next.
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 20x10 Limited Alloys painted black
Tires: 245/35R20 Nitto NT 555
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Front suspension: Custom tubular 'bag mounts
Control arms: DJM Dream Beams
Rear suspension: Custom tubular frame sec-tion
Airbag: 2600s Universal Air
Shocks: Nitro Drop Shocks
Valves: 10mm SMC
Compressor: Viair 450C
Air line: 1/2-inch Line
Frame mods: Custom from behind front sus-pension back
Frame material: 3/16-inch 2x3-inch box tub-ing and 3/16-inch 1-1/8-inch OD pipe
Gas tank: Jegs 15-gallon aluminum fuel cell
Detail work: Custom "Petittbilt" logos water-jet cut from 3/16-inch plate, incorporated into the rear 'bag setup
Performed by: Frame and front 'bag mounts built by Owner Kevin Pitt and Patrick Kennedy of Woodbridge, VA. Rear 'bag setup, built by Jeremy Stanley of Fayetteville, NC, and Kevin Petitt.
Body Modifications
Shaved: All handles, emblems, gas door, third brake light, antenna, roll pan, and fire-wall
Frenched: front and rear license plates
Body-dropped: 3-1/2-inch stock-floor
Taillights: '06 Ranger
Misc.: Hoodscoops are from a '96 Mustang Cobra SVT
Performed by: Kevin Petitt, with the help of Patrick Kennedy of Woodbridge, VA
Brand and colors: House of Kolor Black Base, with many layers of HOK Kandies to create flames, topped off with HOK Clearcoat.
Style: True fire
Pinstriping: Clean simple center piece on the tailgate
Airbrushing: Skulls throughout, flames, and a mural on the hood
Performed by: Airbrushing and pinstriping performed by Kenny Dean, who is the owner of Razor Custom Paint in Fredericksburg, VA. All bodywork, prep, base, and clear was performed by Kevin Petitt.
Seats: Stock Ranger Buckets covered in black tweed with red stitching
Dash: Stock Ranger dash smoothed and painted flaked-out Kandy Apple Red
Door panels: Stock Ranger panels smoothed and painted flaked-out Kandy Apple Red
Flooring: Black carpet
Headliner: Stock covered in tweed to match the seats
Gauges: Cyberdyne Digital Red Gauges placed into the factory gauge cluster so they can only be seen when turned on
Misc.: 32-ichn Lokar shifter
Performed by: Seats and headliner covered by Underwood's Upholstery in Fredericksburg, VA. All smoothing and painting of interior was performed by Kevin Petitt. Gauges by Patrick Kennedy.
Head unit: Pioneer
Mids and highs: Orion 5-1/4-inch C series component set in front and Orion C series 6x9s in rear
Amplifier for mids and highs: Orion five-channel 700-watt amp powers all speakers and sub
Subwoofers: 12-inch Orion C2 series
Amplifier for subwoofers: Orion
Wiring/accessories: All Orion
Custom fabrication: Custom-built speaker enclosure and amp rack behind front seats
Performed by: Patrick Kennedy and Kevin Petitt
City/state: Woodbridge, VA
Engine/PerformanceDisplacement: 289ci
Model/year: '67
Number of cylinders: 8
Head type: Stock
Internals: Bored .030 over using Speed Pro hypereutic pistons and eagle rods
Camshaft: 285/293 Lunati Voodoo cam
Fuel delivery: Holley electric fuel pump in the fuel cell
Transmission: C4 with a shift kit
Rear-end type: Stock Ranger 7.5 with 3.83 gears
Header/exhaust: Hooker headers and cus-tom exhaust built by Kevin Petitt
Ignition: Petronics
Driveshaft: Custom-built by Jamie's Driveshaft Fredericksburg, VA
Battery: Deep-cycle
Location: Under the bed floor
Performed by: All engine and transmission work performed by Kris Abrahamson of Melice's Automotive Woodbridge, VA
Special Thanks From Owner:
To Patrick Kennedy, Kenny Dean, Kris Abrahamson, Jeremy Stanley, and Joe Besceglia of Pro Trucks for not ripping the paint off my wheels while mounting the tires. Last but not least, to my parents who sup-ported me throughout the whole build and put up with the late nights raising hell in the garage running the compressor, Sawzall, and grinder. I could not have done it without their support.



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