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1995 Chevy S10 Blazer - Con Artist

This S-10 Blazer Is A Candy - Coated Deceiver

Harley Camilleri
Sep 1, 2007
Photographers: Harley Camilleri
Photo 2/12   |   It took a BMW X5 hood and headlights, mixed with an M3 bumper and hood grilles to take this S-10 Blazer from normal to stunner. The two-tone candy paint sure helped, too.
The idea of swapping front-end body components from one vehicle to another is not new. Vehicle customizers have been doing it since the dawn of time, with their cutting torches and welders. What separates the men from the boys is the creativity and vision which some craftsmen utilize to meld together the looks and parts of two entirely different vehicles into one unified theme. Take for instance, Jesus Martinez and his '95 Chevy S-10 Blazer. He sought the power of the German giant BMW for his inspiration, then put it all together sitting over 22-inch wheels in candy-layered glory.
What came away from the body shop is one Sik Blazer, and he got help from some talented artisans. The Blazer is sitting low, tucking a healthy amount of chrome and rubber, all thanks to an adjustable suspension. Barnyard Kustoms in Norwalk, California, assembled the suspension with drop spindles up front and a mono-leaf out back. Firestone airbags control the suspension height and are fed from three Viair 450 compressors and two 3-gallon air tanks. A 10-switch box actuates the 1/2-inch Parker valves and airline, which allows Jesus to bang the S-10 through all kinds of moves. Twenty-two-inch Strada wheels riding on 255/35R22 Nitto Tire rubber keeps the Chevy looking mean on the streets. According to the owner, 24s are in the future, as well as even more suspension work.
Although still factory underneath the hood, the 4.3L V-6 is hidden behind a meld of SUV personalities. Autoxplosions in Gardena, California, is responsible for the serious metal mash up, which allows the BMW X5/M3 clip to look near factory. Autoxplosion took 5 parts of Chevrolet, then added 1 part of a narrowed-to-fit BMW X5 hood, 1 part M3 hood grilles, 1 part M3 bumper, 1 part X5 headlights, and 1 part M3 mirrors. Stirred accordingly, it all added up to a perfect 10. Not that the multiple personalities stopped there, either; the S-10 is also sporting Cadillac Deville taillights and Lambo-doors. After completely shaving the SUV devoid of handles, adding a roll pan to the rear, and then molding the body kit smooth, the whole kit and caboodle was lathered in two tones of House of Kolor Kandy Red. Additional flair stems from a Danny D. painted candy-covered silver-leaf graphic. Also, orange pinstriping adds class to the silver leaf, with a couple of added swoops slid across each mirror for good measure.
Photo 6/12   |   Groceries and soccer games are a thing of the past for this mini Chevy SUV. Speakers and amplifiers are the only things being carried in the cargo hold, these days. Watch out for your ears...Suede, paint, and snakeskin covered every inch of the Blazer's interior, except for the carpet. DV8 Styles, Channel Islands Autobody, and Angels Custom Interior collaborated to make it perfect.
Just as much work, if not more, was done inside where the work was split between three shops. DV8 Styles in Downey, California, built a center console on the floor and slid a Pioneer head unit into position. In the rear cargo area, DV8 built a huge by large subwoofer enclosure that holds three Kicker solo-baric subs, powered by one Kicker 1400x1 amplifier mounted in the sub box. One additional 1000x4 amp was mounted in the rear lower gate in a fully fiberglassed surround. Channel Island Autobody built and painted the dash allowing space for not one, not two, but three LCD screens. A 17-inch screen was mounted in the top of the dash for airplanes to see as they fly over, meanwhile the other two 15-inch monitors were faced clearly towards the passenger. DV8 wired up the screens and for good measure added two more smaller monitors in the sun visors. Angels Custom Interior in Paramount, California, took over from there and laid the seats, the door panels, and the headliner in black and red suede with red snakeskin trim and stripes. Everything sits over a red carpet base.
Jesus has been a member of the Swift Car Club for four years and shows his Blazer regularly, while accumulating trophies wherever he goes. According to Jesus, he has more than 20 trophies in his collection, thanks to the SUV's killer lines and detailed paint and interior. With sponsors like DV8 Styles, Nitto Tire, Strada Wheels, Barnyard Kustoms, and Swift Car Club, it would be hard not to succeed. It takes more than friends, though, so Jesus' family gets a nod of approval, too. Next time you see a BMW SUV in your rearview mirror, take a closer look, because it may very well be one Sik Blazer.



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