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  • Custom 1965 Chevrolet Truck - October 2007 Busted Knuckles

Custom 1965 Chevrolet Truck - October 2007 Busted Knuckles

Life Lessons: Chris Governo Learns a Valuable Lesson in Patience Building His '65 Chevy

Galen Armenta
Oct 1, 2007
Photographers: Kevin Aguilar
Photo 2/7   |   1965 Chevrolet Truck front Drivers Side View
All vintage truck-lovers eventually tackle the subject of the future of our hobby and how many young people are involved with older trucks. Since classic trucks are more affordable and easier to work on than some late-models, they often allow a custom truck enthusiast to build auto equity with a lower entry fee. A little coaching from experienced friends and relatives is all these next-generation truck nuts need to prove they're ready to carry on their own love affairs with vintage vehicles.
Photo 3/7   |   1965 Chevrolet Truck rear Suspension
Chris got his start like most of us by getting thrown out of class for reading custom truck magazines and studying every tech article he could. During his high-school years, he worked at Starbucks and would spend every extra dollar he had buying parts for his truck. Every time he acquired parts, he found himself in the garage working late into the night in order to have his truck back together by Monday morning, so he could go to school.
Photo 4/7   |   1965 Chevrolet Truck custom Interior
Chris found that customizing his truck the way he wanted required more knowledge and better fabrication skills. He ended up at GO-EZ Customs, where owner Art Gomez started Chris on the path to finishing his quest. Chris started hanging out at the shop on a regular basis, asking more questions and watching Art and lead fabricator Jeremy build custom suspensions. Before long, Chris was working alongside Art and Jeremy, learning the ins and outs of fabricating. As Chris' skills began to develop, he felt more confident about cutting into his truck. He spent a lot of time and money fixing the mistakes he made, learning by trial and error. He told us that if he had the chance to do it again he would have asked more questions in the beginning to make sure he did it right the first time.
You can clearly see we've found what may be one of the lowest '60s C/Ks to ever be featured in Sport Truck. And when we say low, we're not just talking airbags and a heavily modified frame. No, sir, take a close look and you'll see that Chris' '65 Chevy is literally laying its doors on the ground, and he has no problems rolling it just inches off the deck. Chris would like to thank Art and Jeremy for the knowledge that he has acquired over the last two years, turning his visions into reality.



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