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Oct 1, 2007
Photo 2/2   |   nitemare F150 Sport Truck front View
Roush is at it again, building upon the success of its mod motor Mustang program by producing a hot-rod sport truck. The standard cab Nitemare F-150 has plenty of features to get you excited, too. Besides the fact that the company is only producing 100 of these bad boys, the three-valve, 5.4L Triton V-8 has been boosted to 445 hp via a supercharger. Reportedly putting 500 lb-ft of torque to the crankshaft, the F-150 also boasts a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. A 3.73-gear limited-slip rearend puts the power to the pavement.
A sport suspension system lowers the truck 2 inches in the front and 3 in the rear, and includes Roush-spec front coil springs, rear leaf springs, front sway bar,and specially valved shocks. The Nitemare only comes in black but does have enough exterior mods to make up for the lack of color choices. A chin spoiler and black aluminum billet grille are some of the more noticeable items. The list of options includes a rear wing, a hoodscoop, locking lug nuts, and a GPS navigation system.
The Styleside 4x2 truck will set you back $41,750, and on paper this seems like a pretty good deal, except for that pesky 105-mph speed limiter. For more information, see your local Roush dealer, visit,or call (800) 59-ROUSH (597-6874).
Sport Truck's MuscleSport Truck staffer Galen Armenta just picked up a new ride and is already well on his way to turning it from a plain-Jane Chevy Colorado into a righteous ride. Taking styling cues from vintage Chevy musclecars, this truck will receive a two-tone champagne and black paintjob, reminiscent of an old Smokey Yunick Chevelle, with a rear bumper that mimics one of a '69 Camaro. Eye Kandy Designs already whipped up a rendering to show off the lowered stance the Belltech suspension, MB Wheels, and Hankook tires provided. The rolling stock came from Discount Tires Direct. Stopping power is going to be improved dramatically via Stainless Steel brakes. The front end of the midsize sport truck will receive parts from Street Scene and Goodmark. With 3.73 cogs in the rearend, a four-speed in the middle, and a 242hp Inline five-cylinder engine under the hood, the Colorado already moves well, but Galen also has a bit of boost planned to make the drive more lively. Diff Works is going to narrow the rear end 2 inches per side to tuck the rubber and add a posi-traction unit. Look for a killer interior and Polk audio system from Auto Accessory Warehouse, as well as an appearance at the SEMA Show in November.
Cash For New ShoesToyo Tires announces its '07 Grab the cash sales event for select Open country A/T and Open country M/T tires for pickups and SUVs. consumers will receive $25 back per tire, as much as $125, with a mail-in rebate when they purchase as many as five qualifying tires from an authorized Toyo Tires retailer. Purchases must be made between May 15 and September 30, 2007.
Toyo's computer-designed and -developed Open country tires are popular for today's trucks, providing an aggressive look, a smooth ride, and improved overall performance.
The mail-in rebate form, complete rules, list of authorized dealers, and qualifying Open country tires are available now at click on the Grab the cash banner. While there, explore Toyo's full line of Open country radial tires for light rucks and SUVs, and search for a Toyo dealer near you.
10 Most Worthless Facts1. Ford's new 6.4L Power Stroke diesel features high-pressure common-rail fuelinjection and sequential turbochargers to deliver impressive power while still meeting today's emission standards.
2. In 1977, Dodge released the Warlock, a factory customized D100 or W100 chassis with a 6-1/2-foot cargo box. It was available with a 225-cid slant-six all the way up to an optional 440-cid V-8. Colors offered include bright red, medium green, sunfire metallic, and black sunfire metallic.
3. According to the Standard catalog of Light-Duty Trucks, the '59 El Camino is not a car nor is it a pickup. It's referred to as a sedan-pickup, because it combines the front sheetmetal of a car and the cargo box of a truck
4. Ford introduced a panel truck body, based on a truck platform until 1961. It was replaced with the Econoline pickup that was produced until 1967.
5. Kevin finally got his truck painted. He can stop riding his bike to work now, unless he's afraid of chipping that fresh paintjob. Life is rough when your daily driver is flamed and laid out on dubs.
6. In 1967, Chevy built a whopping 43,910 Fleetside shortbed C10 pickups, and if it weren't for most of them being used as landscaping, construction, or farm vehicles, the price of a clean one wouldn't be so ridiculous.
7. It is entirely possible to lay frame on a Chevy S-10 with 20-inch wheels and keep your air conditioning, if those wheels are 8-1/2 inches wide with 5 inches of backspacing-oh, and if you creatively modify the A/C blower motor on the passenger-side firewall.
8. Beverly Shears are great sheetmetal cutting tools that mount to a table top. The manually operated shear easily slices through 16- to 22-gauge sheetmetal by simply inserting the metal into the shear and then pulling down on the vertically mounted handle.
9. Cumulatively, the staff spent approximately two weeks hanging out in custom and body shops, photographing the tech stories for this body mod-themed issue.
10. Were it not for chicken wings and donuts, we'd be too tired to finish the job.
Bigfoot Takes It Back To Old-School With FirestoneBigfoot has ditched its current paint scheme for the old-school blue and a new addition, the Firestone shield emblem, in a move that takes the Ford monster truck back to its roots.
In addition to the well-known Firestone shield, the new look also combines the classic Bigfoot blue and the traditional Firestone red, as well as the logo. is an informative website, created by Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire (BFNT) to make tire and automotive safety information easily accessible to motorists via the internet.
"This new paint scheme is a fantastic way to solidify the bond between Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire and Bigfoot. The return to the traditional Bigfoot blue and incorporating the Firestone shield is a fresh spin on a classic theme," says BFNT Brand Marketing Sponsorship/events Manager John Robinson.
Since 1991, Team Bigfoot has been using Firestone tires exclusively on its fleet of monster trucks. "The Firestone shield denotes 100-plus years of quality and value in the tire business," says Jim kramer, vice president of operations for Bigfoot 4x4 incorporated. "We are proud to display it on the new Firestone Bigfoot truck."
In addition to running on Firestone brand tires since 1991, Team Bigfoot has used Firestone-themed monster truck bodies, starting with the introduction of the Firestone Wilderness Bigfoot truck in 1997.
Aside from the Firestone Bigfoot race vehicle, Bigfoot also maintains a dedicated Firestone Bigfoot display truck that visits Firestone's retail stores and dealers throughout the year to promote the Bigfoot/Firestone relationship. In 2006 alone, the Bigfoot fleet displayed 378 times at various Firestone retail locations.
Bigfoot 4x4 was founded by Bob chandler, who created the first monster truck, christening it "Bigfoot" in the mid-1970s. Through the years, it has remained perhaps the best-known of all the monster trucks.
Say What?
The staff speaks and you listen. It's that simple. This month's question is:Calin: i guess it would have to be using a torch to lower my '71 chev y Blazer for the weekend. i had new lowering springs on order, but they were n't coming in till Monday. instead of waiting, i heated up the coils until the Blazer dropped. it rode like crap, and the tires rubbed, but it was the lowest truck in my neighborhood for that particular weekend in 1986.
Mike: Lemme see. it's got to be a tie between the time i added a booster/equalizer to the coustic 380 amplifier in my camaro because i wanted a louder stereo, or the time i was too broke to buy front shocks for my Toyota after 'baggin' it. The head unit and amplifier got barbecued-yeah, no fuses, either-as soon as iturned on the booster. The Toyota headed for the sky every time i ran over railroad tracks or an elevated bridge at more than 50 mph. Both mods were dumb and dangerous, but what can i say? It was high school, and all i cared about was chick s and how my ride sounded and looked. Not much has changed since then.
Andy: The dumbest mod on my truck was not done by me but rather Daimlerchrysler. you see, the company installed from the factory these awesome ball joints that were destined to fail within the first five years of owning my truck. The best part is that after receiving from the factory an extended warranty on ball joints, Daimlerchrysler chose to dishonor its warranty and failed to reimburse me for having to replace the so-called "custom parts.' Awesome.
Kevin: I think it was pretty lame that i did crazy flamed window tint when my truck had no exterior mods or graphics. i'm not saying that custom tint cannot be cool; it's just that my truck had nothing going for it when i did it. it was a cheap way to spruce up the truck while I could not afford to do any serious mods. Soon enough, it all came to an end when the cHP ordered me to strip my windshield and side windows of the obnoxious tinted flames.
Galen: i would have to say it was when i had an old roommate weld my fenders to the cab on my '95 Mitsu. The truck was my daily driver at the time, and I really didn't have the time to work on it myself. it was mostly shaved up already, with the exception of the front fender corner lights. The reason this was dumb is the fact that the truck wasn't body-dropped yet, and i had plans to body-drop it later when i had more time. if I would have thought about it, i would have been content with just shaving the corners lights, instead of welding the fenders to the cab. Now i had to try and cut off the fenders without destroying them in order to do the body drop. Ok, that 's it. i don't want to talk about this anymore; i'm all depressed again. i gotta call my shrink. Thanks, Mike.i'll make sure that the doctors send you the bill. And i was doing so much better. Damn!
Snugtop Goes Off-Road Racing
SnugTop, an industry-leading manufacturer of truck caps and tonneau covers, has signed on as an Associate Sponsor of the Monster energy Pro-2 cORR truck of Wide Open Motorsports, driven by credentialed veteran Jerry Welchel.
Announcing the sponsorship, SnugTop President Hartmut W. Schroeder says, "We have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Todd clement and his Wide Open Motorsports operation, and when they expanded the scope of their racing to include stadium competition, it was an easy decision to lend our support."
The '07 Lucas Oil cORR (championship Off-Road Racing) stadium series includes events in Los Angeles, Dallas, San Diego, and Las Vegas-all prime markets for SnugTop. Additionally, the seven-race series will be televised on NBc Sports and the Speed channel.
Schroeder adds, "This sponsorship goes a lot deeper than just having a SnugTop decal on a race truck. We will be developing a number of programs and special promotions that will center on cORR race venues and our local dealers. We look forward to getting involved in what is clearly the most exciting form of motorsports that trucks can compete in. it's a win-win situation for everyone."
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