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Custom 1993 Toyota HiLux - Flat Out

Showing Off Down Under

Mike Alexander
Dec 1, 2007
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/7   |   Owner: Thomas TattonRide: '93 Toyota HiLux Extra CabHometown: Queensland, AustraliaClub: Severed Ties
When it comes to Australian minitrucks, it's hard for many of the veteran U.S. guys to imagine that the custom-truck scene down under only began about seven or eight years ago. While we were already body-dropping trucks, in the United States, they were still rollin' static-drops. But, when a few brave guys began to break all the rules and cut up their trucks-despite strict laws and restrictions-the minitruck bug quickly consumed the entire country. Looking to us for inspiration, Australian minitruckers have now gained international exposure for their full custom builds-like in Oct. '06, when Lincoln Doring'sToyota became the first Aussie truck to make the cover of Mini Truckin'
Once the Australian minitruckers began to build show trucks, it gave room to the daily drivers to also go a little crazier on their build ups to include interior work, paint, and more detail.
Photo 3/7   |   1993 Toyota Hilux rear Passenger Side View
Thomas Tatton was one of the many guys who got hooked at a young age on custom trucks. When Tom was only 14, he was out in Hawaii and spotted some custom minitrucks. While doing a little research, he picked up a Mini Truckin' magazine, and the rest is history!
Before building this Toyota as a driver, Tom built a 'bagged and body-dropped '83 Isuzu single cab, a dual cab Nissan Navara, and a 720 Nissan. So, Tom's been around the block a few times, which led him to start his own shop called Krucial Kustoms. With the help of some friends at Komited Kustoms on the frame and suspension, and a few interior pieces done by North Coast Custom Trim, Tom managed to paint and build the rest of his truck by himself using only his past knowledge and learning from mistakes.
Tom tinkered with his Toyota on and off for six years, until he was happy enough to drive it in style. Now that he's gotten all the crazy draggin' out of his system, Tom has even bigger plans for his truck. It's already back in the garage for a complete rebuild from the ground up. He assures us that he has tons of tricks up his sleeve, so we're anxious to see what he can come up with next!
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 18x8.5-inch Velocity
Tires (Front): 215/35R18
Tires (Rear): 235/40R18
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Airbags
Suspension (Front/Rear): 'Bags
Airbag type and size: (Front/Rear): 2500 Chassis Tech
Spindles: Belltech 2-inch drop spindles
Valves: Blitzluft
Compressors: Two Thomas 337's
Air line: 1/2-Inch
Frame mods: 10-inch stepnotch and four-link custom crossmember from bag to bag
Frame material: FBI Notch kit and four-link
Gas tank: 10-gallon fuel cell by Harwood
Detail work: Painted four-link and frame
Misc.: Custom chrome flame crossmember cover.
Performed by: Frame and suspension by Komited Kustoms
City/state: Queensland, Australia
Body Modifications
Shaved: Front corners, side indicators on guards, the whole front bar and indicators, wiper vents, wipers, hood pissers, antenna, door handles, rockguard holes, fuel filler, tailgate was welded shut, and tailgate handle.
Body-dropped: 3-1/2 inches
Front end: 4x4 sheetmetal, '97 HiLux 4x4 grille and front bar full smoothie
Taillights: Stock
Misc.: Custom roll pan, custom 5-inch cowl induction hood with integrated Severed Ties diamond on the back.
Performed by: All paint and panel done by owner at his shop 'Krucial Kustoms'
City/state: Queensland, Australia.
Photo 7/7   |   1993 Toyota Hilux custom Paint
Brand and colors: Protec, 1970 Lime Lite, Aus Charger
Pinstriping: One on each tank and flames by Scott Tomsett
Airbrushing: Candy apple flames
Performed by: Owner Thomas Tatton at Krucial Kustoms
City/state: Noosa, Queensland, Australia
Seats: Stock seats, shaven headrest
Material: Driftwood vinyl with embossed flames
Dash: Recovered in driftwood vinyl, shaven A/C vents, all plastics painted green
Door panels: Recovered in driftwood vinyl, with embossed flames
Center console: Flames embossed in driftwood vinyl
Flooring: Black carpet
Headliner: Black suede, no sun visors
Gauges: Two dual-needle airbag gauges and one PSI tank guage
Misc.: Shaven seatbelts, billet flame instrument panel, billet dagger forwipers,custom billet auto shifter, and billet cranks
Performed by: North Coast Custom trimdid the seats, dash, door cards, and hoodliner; and the owner did the rest.
City/state: Noosa, Queensland, Australia
Head unit: Alpine
Mids and highs: 3x4s, 7x10s Alpine
Amplifier for mids and highs: 700 watt, four- channel
Subwoofers: Two Jensen 10s
Custom fabrication: Small plate that subs and amp sit on
Misc.: "I don't really care about the stereo, I can't hear it when I'm draggin!"
Performed by: Owner Thomas Tatton
Intake: K&N air filter
Battery: Relocated to the rear tray
Inner fenders: Gone!
Detail work: Chromed air cleaner and brackets, other bits and pieces.
Performed by: Owner Thomas Tatton
Special Thanks From Owner:
Special thanks goes out to Kane at Komited Kustoms, for building a sick frame and suspension setup; and Cameron and North Coast Custom Trim, for an awesome job on the interior and trim. Also, to my Dad, for all the use of the workshop; and Lincoln and all of the boys in Severed Ties Down Under!


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