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Custom 1997 Nissan D21 - Turtle Head

Not The Kind You're Thinking

Ernie Macias
Dec 1, 2007
Photographers: Mike Alexander
Photo 2/11   |   Owner: Masahiro MochimaruRide: '97 Nissan D21Hometown: Omitama City, JapanClub: Crunk
Imagine being in another country and getting your hands on a Mini Truckin' magazine and realizing that trucks have uses other than hauling produce. This is what Aniki, as he's called by his friends, noticed one day. This lit a fire under Aniki, about 10 years ago, which has led him back to the pages of MT.
Along the way, Aniki has learned a lot in his ventures. Being in the minitruck community, he had an opportunity to meet many really cool minitruckers in his area and throughout Japan. To Aniki, this is one of the best reasons for being so involved in the minitruck community. Along the way, he made enough friends to start his own club, Crunk. Together, they enjoy going to cruise nights, shows, and having drag sessions. Even in a country where not a lot of people really enjoy the sport as a lifestyle, Aniki and his buddies know they're living it to the fullest.
Photo 3/11   |   1997 Nissan D21 custom Detail
"My biggest dream was to be featured in the United States," exclaimed Aniki. He's no stranger to the lifestyle we live for here in America, either. Besides reading Mini Truckin' magazine, Aniki is a big fan of Lowlife Video. He wondered if people in the magazines and the videos will think his truck is cool. As a matter of fact, he wanted people to let him know. Obviously, not too many of us will get a chance to run into Aniki, but I think we can all agree that he's done an awesome job of building this crazy green Nissan.
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 18x8 Boyd Coddington
Tires (Front/Rear): 215/35R18 Yokohama S-Drive
Photo 10/11   |   1997 Nissan D21 custom Front End
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Rear suspension: Custom four-link with canti-lever style shocks
Airbag size: (Front/Rear): Firestone 255c
Spindles/springs: Dropped spindles
Shocks: Mooneyes
Valves: SMC 3/8-Inch
Compressors: Two Viair 450C
Air line: 3/8-inch
Air accessories: Custom-made 7-gallon air tank
Frame mods: Custom-made back half
Frame material: 2x2 square tubing
Gas tank: ATL 30
Performed by: Jointz
City/state: Obata, Ibaragi, Japan
Body Modifications
Shaved: Front corners, taillights, door handles, gas door, tailgate, wiper cowl, and squirters
Body-dropped: 2.5-inches
Back end: Fully shaved
Exterior bolt-ons: Arlen Ness mirrors
Performed by: Rock Up Auto Body Customs
City/state: Ishioka, Ibaragi, Japan
Brand and colors: RM Green Pearl, custom mixed by the owner Masahiro Mochimaru
Style: Single color
Performed by: Rock Up Auto Body Customs
City/state: Ishioka, Ibaragi, Japan
Photo 11/11   |   1997 Nissan D21 rear Drivers Side View
Seats: Nissan Skyline GTR
Material: Leather
Dash: Custom-made based on a Nissan 180SX (same as US 240SX)
Door panels: Smoothed and painted
Center console: Custom-made air switch on skull
Misc.: Colorado Custom steering wheel, FBI rear-view mirror and door handle, Billet Specialties window crank handle
Performed by: Rock Up Auto Body Customs
City/state: Ishioka, Ibaragi, Japan
Head unit: Alpine
Mids and highs: Alpine three-way speakers
Amplifier for mids and highs: Rockford
Misc.: Viper security system
Performed by: Jointz
City/state: Obata, Ibaragi, Japan
Displacement: NA20, 2000cc
Model/year: '97
Number of cylinders: Four
Head type: OHC
Ported/polished: Yes
Camshaft: Custom grind for high lift
Transmission: Five-speed with a floor shifter from a Nissan Skyline
Intake: 44 Solex, custom-built intake manifold
Header/exhaust: Custom-made stainless exhaust manifold, Banzai Muffler
Driveshaft: Shortened 2 inches to change out the transmission
Battery: Optima
Inner fenders: Smoothed and painted
Performed by: Jointz and Tadashi Aomori
City/state: Obata, Ibaragi, Japan
Special Thanks By Owner:
Jointz, Rock Up Auto Body Customs, TAP!, Custom Signs, 47 boys, Mito City, my brother, Tadashi Aomori, all minitruckers, and Customs shops in Ibaragi.



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