What is your definition of custom?
Wheels and tires. Custom paint. A couple of subs. Is that all? If so, that is cool with me. Everyone has their own style, their own idea of what is cool; that is one of the things that makes custom trucks and cars so much fun. I thought I had a firm grasp on what was cool, until I ran across this insane HUMMER H2 built by RealWheels. There are literally more gadgets, gizmos, and trick stuff on this H2 than you can grasp in one fell swoop. Check out the full feature, titled "Mindfreak," on page 76, and if you've already looked at it, read it again and I guarantee you'll see something you missed the first time. After seeing that bad boy, I'm back to the drawing board. With SEMA just a week away, I'm sure I'll be blown away again.