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Custom 2000 Chevrolet Blazer - Chevrolaid

Rhymes With Lemonade, But This Blazer Is No Lemon!

Ernie Macias
Jan 1, 2008
Photographers: Ernie Macias
Photo 2/11   |   Owner: Daniel SantosRide: '00 S-10 BlazerHometown: Las Vegas, NVClub: Severed Ties
If you've never had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Santos, the owner of this Blazer, then we recommend you jump on a plane, go to Vegas, and pester him for a bit. He's a hardcore minitrucker, who got bitten by the minitruckin' bug early on in his life. As a matter of fact, he said he got bit at the age of 16. Ever since that time, Daniel knew he wanted two things out of his life. One was to build a really cool truck to roll to shows and cruise with friends and the other was to join Severed Ties, which was the club he first fell in love with when he was 16..
Well, a Honda Prelude and thousands upon thousands of dollars later, and here he is today. Daniel is reppin' hard for Severed Ties, Las Vegas Chapter, and he's doing it in his '00 Chevy Blazer. The road to where he is today was not an easy one. But when's the last time any minitrucker has said it was an easy path to building an exceptional ride? Daniel's story is no different than most of us.
He decided to build a Blazer, then jumped on it full-steam ahead. He built the truck in whatever order he felt like he wanted, without a plan. "Three face lifts later and I finally got the one I liked!" exclaimed Daniel. That's just one of the many things that had to be redone.
We also have to mention that this was Daniel's second attempt at a Blazer, since the first one was destroyed in a car accident. The worst part of the build for Daniel was hopping from shop to shop until he finally got it built the way he wanted.
If he had to do it all over again, he says he would have laid out a detailed plan. I know, I know, we've all heard that before. It's apparently a minitrucker's life story. However, the good news is Daniel's Blazer is finally done and cruising the Vegas strip as often as it can. On its maiden voyage, it's the first place Daniel took it and dragged just long enough to scare the crap out of the drunken crazies walking the strip at nightfall. So, the next time you're in Vegas, keep an eye out for this killer Escalade-clipped Blazer dragging by.
Photo 9/11   |   2000 Chevrolet Blazer front Drivers Side View
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels (Front/Rear): 20-inch Kruz/Daat K22s
Tires (Front): 245/35ZR20 Toyo Proxes T1-S
Tires (Rear): 295/30R22 Toyo Proxes S/T
Chassis Modifications
Suspension type: Air
Suspension (Front): Custom 'bag mounts
Suspension (Rear): Air, two-linked, custom rear frame and tubbed for 22s
Airbags: (Front): 2500s Firestone (Rear):2600s Contitech
Spindles/springs: 2-inch Belltech drop spindles
Valves: Eight SMC Valves w/ ARO solenoids
Compressors: Two green OBI-G Air-Zenith compressors
Air line: 3/8-inch air line
Air accessories: Custom-made compressor rack powdercoated and sprayed to match the body
Frame mods: Custom frame from the firewall back, two-link, and C-notched
Frame material: 2/3-inch box tubing
Brakes: Hydro brake booster
Detail work: Tubbed for 22s in the rear
Misc.: Line-X sprayed throughout the interior
Performed by: Bobby "James" McCurdy at Eddies Custom
City/state: Las Vegas, NV
Photo 10/11   |   2000 Chevrolet Blazer rear Drivers Side View
Body Modifications
Shaved: Doors, taillights, third brake light, hood squirters, antenna, tailgate, hatch release, luggage rack, all emblems, front and back wipers ... just about everything but the gas door
Frenched: Two 6-inch LEDs molded into tailskin
Body-dropped: Hell, yeah! 4-1/4-inch stock-floor body-drop
Sectioned: 'Caddy Escalade front clip, sectioned to fit properly
Front end: '01 'Caddy Escalade front bumper, grille, hood, and fenders with all lights
Back end: Grant Kustoms tailskin rollpan combo molded rear end
Taillights: Shaved and replaced with two 6-inch LEDs clear coated over
Suicide doors: Not yet, but maybe someday ... I ain't done!
Exterior bolt-ons: Trenz Billet grille and accessories, Stylin' Concepts wiper cowl, Street Scene sport mirrors, custom chrome license-plate rack
Performed by: Bobby "James" McCurdy at Eddie's Customs and Paul Barnes also at Eddie's and at Ten Ten Custom Paint
City/state: Las Vegas, NV
Brand and colors: House of Kolor Lime Time and DuPont White with Ice Blue Pearl Flake
Style: Two-tone paint scheme broken up by chrome illusion airbrush
Pinstriping: On rear done by Joel Stevenson at Ten Ten Custom Paint
Airbrushing: Chrome Illusion done by Mike Henry at Ten Ten Custom Paint
Misc.: Airbrushed 3D 'Caddy emblem on the hood, done by Joel Stevenson at Ten Ten
Performed by: Paul Barnes at Ten Ten Custom Paint
City/state: Las Vegas, NV
Seats: Chopped stock buckets
Material: Pretty much all suede
Dash: Painted to match body and suede
Door panels: Two-tone with suede
Center console: Custom-fiberglassed center console wrapped in suede
Flooring: Dynomated and covered with tan carpet
Headliner: 40 x 70 sliding rag top
Gauges: APC white face gauges, a Trenz chrome gauge cover and accessories
Misc.: Custom BAD Severed Ties billet steering wheel and Severed Ties rear-view mirror, custom fiberglass sub enclosures, amp rack, and compressor rack
Performed by: Tommy Harmer at Burley Motorsports and Paul Barnes
City/state: Las Vegas, NV
Photo 11/11   |   2000 Chevrolet Blazer owner
Head unit: Alpine CVA-1005
Mids and highs: Dub-Mag audio by Audiobahn components
Amplifier for mids and highs: 600-watt dub 6002
Subwoofers: Two 12-inch and 10-inch Dub-Mag audio by Audiobahn Subs
Amps for subwoofers: Two 1,800-watt dub 1800D
Wiring/accessories: Audiobahn wiring kit and accessories
Video: Alpine DVA-5205, Audiobahn TV tuner, two 7 1/2-inch monitors
Custom fabrication: Whole rear end fiberglassed for sub enclosures and amp rack
Misc.: Ax 303P Audiobahn crossover, Alpine six-disc changer, Audiobahn 10-disc DVD change, and remote bass controls
Performed by: Tommy Harmer at Burley Motorsports
City/state: Las Vegas, NV
Intake: Custom-modified with cone K&N filter
Header/exhaust: Dual-chamber Flowmaster exhaust
Battery: Optima BlueTop
Location: Sunken in rear of interior
Inner fenders: Removed to clear them twankies! But Danny said he should put some in.
Detail work: Shaved firewall, tubbed for 20s, and a Vintage Air kit A/C
Misc.: Chrome and painted pieces throughout, including chrome core support fuse box, which was relocated under dash and Vintage Air kit A/C
Performed by: Vince Lologo
City/state: Las Vegas, NV
Special Thanks From Owner:
My family and friends for all of their support throughout the years. Bobby "James" McCurdy, Paul Barnes, Tommy Harmer of Burley Motorsports, and Vince Lologo for all their countless hours of hard work poured into this bad bitch. My sponsors Kruz-Daat Wheels, Toyo Tires, Audiobahn, Trenz, and especially Paul Chen at Air-Zenith. Of course, thanks to my club, world-famous Severed Ties. And thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Jenn for all her love, support, rides when the whip was down, and her pushes to spend more money on it! Jenn, thanks for being down to ride.


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